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REVIEW: S21 EP02: Now You See Them, Now You Don't!

Always happy to help
Sep 16, 2010
Reaction score
Do we have a list of credited Voice Actors for this episode?
Always happy to help
Sep 16, 2010
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Noticing Scottie Ray is present here and in SM039 so I suspect he voices Oranguru but can't confirm it
Well-Known Member
Nov 2, 2016
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Scottie Ray is back in town... for probably just this one episode in terms of the Nebby arc anyway.
Always happy to help
Sep 16, 2010
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Confirmed Roles:
Sarah Natochenny: Ash
Laurie Hymes: Lillie
Jessica Paquet: Mallow
Rosie Reyes: Lana
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld: Sophocles, Steenee
Marc Swint: Kiawe
Kate Bristol: Togedemaru
Roger Callagy: Rowlet, Rotomdex
Carter Cathcart: James, Meowth
Abe Goldfarb: Professor Kukui
Emily Jenness: Snowy
Michele Knotz: Jessie, Jigglypuff
Michael Liscio Jr.: Komala
Lisa Ortiz: Litten
Haven Paschall
Scottie Ray
Erica Schreoder: Wobbuffet
Eileen Stevens: Popplio
Billy Bob Thompson: Mimikyu
Marc Thompson: Turtonator

Possible roles:
Haven Paschall: Nebby
Scottie Ray: Oranguru
Michael Liscio Jr.: Lycanroc
New Member
Mar 10, 2018
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As a big Jigglypuff fan I'm pretty sad about it's new voice, it sounds really weird, expecially when it's singing. Maybe I will get used to it, but Nebby's super cute voice will always be my favourite.
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Always happy to help
Sep 16, 2010
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Have to laugh at Oranguru, he sees customers come to its place, offers them a drink only for them to disappear

Oranguru: Was it something I said?
Apr 2, 2017
Reaction score
Don't worry. Soon enough, Meowth will be sticking around so long that it'll say he's had enough.
Unregistered User
Aug 25, 2013
Reaction score
Lille has pretty cute PJs. Linda cute she runs a diary but it would be easy to steal and learn all her secrets lol. Unless she's writing it in insertrandomlanguagehere.

Still only feeding Nebbykunchan sweets. Gonna be a fatty.

Nebby crawling on the floor. Okay, that's cute. cat vs dog eating fight was pretty cute too.

So Nebby is a troll. Also, that was Teleport.

Poor Team Rocket, making no money. Least we know it's Giovanni's - probably stolen - money they waste. He should know better.

James should know that Koffing has no pre-evo lol.

Pikachu only third choice. Harsh.

Sopchles cheating lol. Kiawe's is pretty good.

Sopchles getting to Clemont levels of random inventions.

Mimikyu lol. Jessie's would be proud.

Sopchles just made a Baby Digimon.

Lol, I guess they just went to Kanto.

Kiawe nearly rip lol. Ash you should know Teleport! and lol, Kiawe knowing a move.

Guess Lille only like certain Pokemon. Also Kiawe went overboard on his figure lol.

Ash sucks at feeding. You think they'd learn to not do faces after the second one.

I just remembered Jiggly went with them lol from Kanto lol.

I need a Nebby. Never take the bus again.

Lol, Meowth best thief. and Nebby happy to play with them lol

So Bewear controls Nebby!? probably controls the UB too. Bewear gonna end the world.

Pretty funny episode.
21 years...... Still here!
Jan 29, 2016
Reaction score
Alright Day 2 of the marathon is here and it be a filler episode. At least the concept for it is interesting this time: Teleportation all around Alola and hey, TR finally shows up this season. They clearly want Nebby from Ash but that ain't happening. So Jigglypuff really is going to be a thing this season huh? Interesting. Man, everyone must've been mad having to deal with Nebby's BS throughout this episode and heck I even felt bad for Team rocket, no money at all? No wonder Giovanni usually mad with them. Bewear, this man can't control himself at all now can he? He tried to control Nebby and probably anything else. He is literally a God, wonder how Arceus would feel. This was a pretty funny episode and I will so give this an 8/10 just nothing but funny and good vibes here.
Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
This episode was okay. Litten constantly competing with the rock mutt was kind of funny. Rowlet as usual was repulsive, ignoring Nebby for no reason.

The clay lesson was actually pretty funny. I thought it was cute and hilarious that Lana politely asked Popplio to make a balloon, but then expected him to hold that pose the entire time. Sophocles's attempt to get by with a clay bloc suggesting it was Charjabug was humorous as well. I also liked Lillie's fat Vulpix and Ash's clay Mimikyu.

I had to smack my head at Ash not only not knowing what Teleport was, but thinking it was Kiawe doing it and not Nebby. C'mon Ash o_O

I did like the mention Harper and Sarah when Lana decided to make faces to calm Nebby. But I must wonder what that face Lillie made looked like :eek:.

The rest of the episode was pretty dull imo. I'd give it a 5/10. 1st half good, 2nd half meh.
Active Member
Nov 6, 2014
Reaction score
This episode was a lot more filler-y than the last one, but still was pretty fun regardless. I would recommend it to a fan who’s looking for a few good laughs. The standouts for me:
  • Ash really should know better not to leave his canine and feline Pokémon home alone. That was a fight waiting to happen.
  • TR logic at its finest. Nebby is the pre-evolved form of Koffing. I wonder if they think Arbok evolves into Seviper too?
  • Those sculpting sequences were so funny because they’re so true. I would’ve phoned it in too if I were them.
  • Jigglypuff’s TPCi voice sounds fine most of the time, but really off when it’s singing. I can’t put my finger on the reason, though.
  • OK, I might actually have to give TR some credit here. Even though they were pretty bumbling earlier, their plan to distract Ash with the solar flare was honestly really clever. Bonus points for being supposedly a reference to Jessie and James’s Japanese namesakes.
My Blue Sweetheart
Feb 11, 2010
Reaction score
This episode was really cute! Nothing too serious going on, other than learning that Nebby can use teleport, but I really feel like SM does a great job of handling these laid back, fun episodes. They might not have a big impact on the overarching plot, but they sure are fun to watch!

The clay exercise at the beginning was really random, but really fun. Kiawe having an insane amount of clay and offering to share it with Mallow was great. I busted up at Sophocles leaving the brick of clay completely untouched and declaring it as Charjabug, and an unimpressed Professor Kukui telling him "try again." Those are the real classic classroom experiences that I feel like everyone watching can relate to and appreciate.

Team Rocket actually felt like a really nice addition to this episode. First of all, I really like that they brought up they never made it to HQ in Kanto and only got into more trouble for it. I love the continuity! Also, their strong belief that Nebby is "Proto Koffing" is really funny. And I actually felt really bad for them in the beginning when Ash was the only one interested in their malasadas and Professor Kukui told him no! TR and Ash don't get along, and poor Ash is the only one who wants to (unknowingly) help them out. It's sweet in a strange way.

Speaking of continuity, I love that they brought Oranguru and his bar back. It was a short appearance, but still really fun nonetheless. The teleportation scenes overall were really fun, and I like how they evolved over the course of the episode.

What I want to know is where exactly is "Jigglypuff's place"?? It looked like a recording studio to me...maybe Jigglypuff finally found herself a recording contract in Alola :LOL:
Glamorous Technician
Dec 30, 2015
Reaction score
So, it's Lillie narrating the episode instead. That's interesting.

Hmm... Not sure what to feel about that Litten and Lycanroc duel in the beginning. Those two should definitely try to sort things out. Also, Rowlet, I thought you liked playing with Nebby. :(

Honey malasadas? I would want some! (y):X3: Also, seriously? None of the kids are even interested to try out the malasadas. :eek: Kids these days...

Protokoffing? Now that's a stretch.

That clay activity seemed fun. Lol'd at Sophocles declaring the untouched brick as Charabug. You need to know better Sophocles; it's missing its spikes.

Yeah, Popplio, you should have made an air balloon instead.

Nebby's teleportation tantrums were quite funny. :D Nice to see Jigglypuff again. And, how did volcano embers affect only Kiawe's hair and not his entire body? :rolleyes:

So, Nebby has mind reading powers as well. That's noteworthy at least. (y)

Poor Lillie! :eek:

Talk about a co-incidence, Jessie.

A fair-and-square fight? I know where this is going. Then again, Ash should have known better.

Come on, Jessie, let Mimikyu have its moment of truth...

I cried when Nebby teleported Team Rocket to Bewear. That was just pure hilarious.

Wonder if Nebby did teleport the group back to the ground safely.

This was definitely one of the more funnier episodes in the series, and I loved watching it. It was good to learn some more about Nebby's personality as well. A 10/10 is what I'd like to give, for its lightheartedness and humor elements.