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Review S21 EP06: Mission: Total Recall!

Apr 15, 2013
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Okay, I haven't been on here in like forever, so first, I like the fancy new look. And I know, really late, but hey, procrastination is one one of my problems.

I honestly didn't like this episode very much. Mostly because the plot was so weak and full of holes. Lots of holes. I mean, I wanted to like it, I get what it was supposed to be in concept, but what was delivered didn't exactly match.

For one, there's Lillie's trauma. In the episodes before, I never really got the impression that what happened was truly... traumatic, even accounting for her age, and certainly not enough to cause a complete mental block of all things. She was grabbed and floated around but I never got the feeling of fear. Or I suppose it might have also been because Gladion's emotionless voice robbed the story of any emotional weight. The stuff in this episode didn't really help either.

Then there's the battle in the motel. How did Gladion lose? He had dark types, and Faba had psychic types. How did psychic attacks work on them? I know the games and anime can differ sometimes, but that was just weird.

Speaking of Gladion, let's get into the really big plot holes. From the dialogue and everything, it appears that he never said anything to his mother about what happened to Lillie. ... What?

And then there's Lusamine. My knowledge of the games is limited, but I do know a few things. I know she was a cold villain in the original Sun and Moon, and got redeemed or something in the Ultra versions. And I see they went more for the latter. I get that she's the super busy, out of touch mom.

But let's get into the plot. She says Faba told her that he was working on, quote "a mysterious project." That's just... stupid. It's unbelievably stupid. You can't just say that to your boss and expect to get away with it. Except, for some reason, Lusamine decided to be stupid and let that explanation slide. You know for being as busy as she is, she's suddenly become an horrible boss.

And then there's the other thing about her. From the dialogue, it seems like when Lillie was traumatized, Lusamine did NOTHING about it, didn't even investigate what happened. And that is OOC. The anime hasn't shown Lusamine very much, and we've seen that she's very busy and super out of touch with her kids.

But the one thing the anime made very clear with her character in this show is this: Despite how busy she is, she adores her children. So for her to seemingly have done nothing when her youngest baby clearly got traumatized enough to not be able to touch Pokemon makes utterly no sense.

So yeah, it was bad. The whole plot is based on idiotic and out of character actions, on Lusamine being a stupid, not to mention a terrible mom and boss, and Gladion being an idiot and not telling his mom the truth. If Lusamine had been evil to start, her non-action would have possibly worked. But here, it failed.

And don't tell me "It's a kid's show." That's not an excuse for bad and dumb writing like this. And kids are smarter than people give them credit for. If this had been paced out a bit better and written better to fill in plot holes, it would have been so much better. Then again, the start of this season have had writing problems already, like the total lack of introduction for Solgaleo and Lunala in order to just rush this entire arc through.

Sorry for the long rant, but I just needed to get this out of my system.
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Aug 25, 2013
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Then there's the battle in the motel. How did Gladion lose? He had dark types, and Faba had psychic types. How did psychic attacks work on them? I know the games and anime can differ sometimes, but that was just weird.
The move Mircale Eye allows Psychic moves to hit Dark Pokemon.
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Dec 30, 2015
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Aww... Lillie! Poor kiddo.

Well, it wasn't Ash's fault actually, Gladion. That lashing is misdirected. ABORT MISSION!

Faba is such a creepy guy. Interesting but creepy. And this is precisely why I like him so much!

Nice seeing Miracle Eye in the anime.

Nice try, Lillie. I'm sure you'll be able to touch Snowy soon enough.

Litten versus Lycanroc was unnecessary (?!)

I so wanted Mallow to tag along with Lillie and Ash in the episode. Just a fanboy wishing for stuff. :D

Hmm... and here I thought one needed to be in physical contact with Nebby for it to be teleported with it. o_O

Lillie's childhood was awesome for sure. (y)

Team Rocket being gentle?! YES! :X3:

Lusamine's expression at Gladion's mentioning of Ultra Beasts... I got goosebumps! :eek:

Hypnosis OP? Geez!

Nebby's Teleport out of the Hypnosis was pretty clever. (y)

Oh, so, Type: Null finally evolves(?) into Silvally. That's great! Good to see it in the anime.

So, Faba is the root cause of Lillie's problem after all. :rolleyes: Glad the latter was solved by the end of the episode.

Liked how Lillie apologized to Silvally for having bad conceptions about it.

I am sure Faba would have been fired after all this. :rolleyes:

This was great episode for sure. Nice character interactions. I'll give this an easy 10/10.