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REVIEW: S21 EP32: A Battle Hand-Off!


Braixen! Use Flamethrower on Team Rocket!
Nov 18, 2017
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Either team rocket or Ash, acerola and nanu read the wtp segment.

And the WTP segment it's... umm... Mimikins or Pikachu

EDIT: it's Krookodile
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Working to help with dub related content
Apr 2, 2017
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Who's That Pokemon!?:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyNDBuXIH7k

Cast List:
Sarah Natochenny
Laurie Hymes
Jessica Paquet
Rosie Reyes
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Marc Swint
Rodger Parsons

Roger Callagy
Carter Cathcart
Abe Goldfarb
Emily Jenness
Lauren Kammerling
Michele Knotz
Michael Liscio Jr.
Michael McMillan
Lisa Ortiz
Erica Schroeder
Billy Bob Thompson


Cake and bunnies pls
Aug 12, 2017
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I found this episode really good actually. They found a use for the supermarket and I like how they incorporated Team Rocket into it. I’m really surprised that Jessie has a powerful Pokémon intentionally. Mimikyu was really good and I love how all of Team Rocket performed the Z-Move. However, to me, when Pikachu learned Electroweb I found it very underwhelming. Normally things like this (especially for Pikachu) deserve its own episode like Iron Tail did. Other than that it was a good episode which showcased a good battle and good personalities.



Glamorous Technician
Dec 30, 2015
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A Pikachu versus Mimikyu episode... HYPED!! :love:

Wow, Team Rocket looks all cheery to use the Z-Move, it seems... :cool: Yeah, I'll have to agree with Matori here... Jessie's confidence is applauding.

Uh oh... that look on Bewear's face bothers me! o_O

Hmm... Something's wrong with Electro Ball now? Poor Ash can't get a break with his Pokémon and their troubles. :LOL:

Damn, Nanu still being the troll, sending Team Rocket to the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart (I love the place so much BTW :love:).

So, Nanu wants Ash to battle Team Rocket. Hmm... that's an interesting premise! (y)

LOL Mimikyu being a scary troll... Also, Poipole playing with the shopping carts was pretty cute.

So Bewear finally comes across the truth, huh. Damn, that scream was scary... Team Rocket, you are in big trouble, I'd say! :oops:

Yay, Ash's classmates! FINALLY! :LOL: Also, Lana, I'm being sure there's not more of you under that rag! :ROFLMAO:

The battle itself was pretty intense. Mimikyu is a strong opponent, as has already been developed; it definitely kept Pikachu on his toes. (y)Though I still wish Jessie was the one giving commands to Mimikyu rather than it acting on its own, but whatever... :whistle:

AHH, IT'S BEWEAR!!! o_O Wow, I'm glad AND surprised it listened to Mimikyu and let it complete its battle. Hmm... so Bewear is not a complete snub after all! (y)

And lo finally! Let's Snuggle Forever... :cool: It was cute seeing Mimikyu telling Jessie the name of the move. (y)Team Rocket's reaction to the Z-Move though... It was priceless. :LOL:

So, Pikachu learned Electroweb?! That's amazing! Great to see Pikachu learning a new move since the BW series. :cool:(y)

Pikashunium Z...? That's one way to end the battle with a bang... Though I'm still bothered by its rather random appearance, but eh, I'll let it pass!

Hey, that's major destruction to the Megamart!... Reported. :eek::whistle:

"Pop goes the Bewear" :ROFLMAO:

Alright, so Nanu versus Ash is up next. Great!

All in all, this was a well-written, definite entertainer to watch. It was awesome seeing Jessie and Mimikyu use their Z-Move. I'll give this a 9.5/10. (y)