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Review S23 EP02: Legend? Go! Friends? Go!

A Happy Politoed
Sep 16, 2010
Reaction score
Was wondering if anyone could confirm if close captions revealed the move that Yamper used on Ash?
My Blue Sweetheart
Feb 11, 2010
Reaction score
How do you put a "go" pun in the title twice and not have Goh read any of the title card? Weird.

Anyway, this episode did a much better job of establishing what's to come in this series than the previous one, which feels more like a prequel than anything else. We are introduced to Professor Cerise and Ash and Goh get their new "jobs" as research fellows at the newly opened lab.

Once again, Chloe and Goh sound great, as does Professor Cerise. The expanded voice talent in this series is really paying off so far; it's refreshing to hear some new voices mixed in with the ones we're familiar with. I have to say that while I was initially unsure of Goh's voice when I first saw the trailer, it suits him perfectly. Really hits the nice mix of goofy and haughty that Goh is. The one thing I didn't like was how many times Goh repeated the same line about his future being in the palm of his hand. I can't remember if that was something in the original Japanese (it's been months since I watched the sub of this episode) but it was kind of overkill here. I think he said it three times in like...10 minutes.

I did love a lot of the moments between Ash and Goh, though. Even if the latter can be a little grating sometimes, their relationship really does work well. The exchange where Ash says Goh is weird, so Goh counters that Ash is weirder, leading to Ash cheering "that means I win!" was hilarious. I'm really glad to see the quips and one liners that popped up in SM are here to stay.

Nice dub episode! Now that I'm going to move to watching one episode a week, I'll be interested to see how the dub progresses over the course of the series.