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Review S24 EP31: Night and Day, You are the Ones!


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Nov 2, 2016
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The episode has aired on Teletoon in Canada. Please keep future events in spoiler tags.
Cast -

Sarah Natochenny - Ash Ketchum
Zeno Robinson - Goh
Cherami Leigh - Chloe, Grookey
Rodger Parsons - Narrator
Ray Chase - Professor Cerise
Casey Mongillo - Chrysa
Tara Jayne Sands - Chloe's Rotom Phone

Additional Voices -

Lucien Dodge
Dorah Fine
Billy Kametz - Ren
Max Mittelman
Lori Phillips (Lori Gardner)
Bill Rogers
Erica Schroeder - Eevee
Curious to hear what the dub names are, especially for the Princess
Chloe's lookalike is named Soleil (whose dub voice I quite enjoyed), and her Grandmother's name is Helia. The two brothers in the painting were Sorin (the liege) and Luno (the betrayer). The ninja boy is named Ilunas.

Lucien Dodge also marks his return to the main anime after over 8 years.
I'm assuming Lori Phillips voices Umbreon in this episode. Since she also voiced Gladion's Umbreon. I wonder if she also voices Espeon?
I'm giving alot of kudos to Cherami Leigh who's pulled off the tones between Chloe (Koharu) and her counterpart, Soleil (Haruhi). Though I have complaints for the dub as to WHY they've picked the name and say that the name Soleil sounds similar to how Chloe's name sounded, for I still fail to see nor hear HOW they sounded similar.
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