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Review S25 EP21: The Homecoming Crown!


wants to take a nap
Dec 13, 2012
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The episode is available on the iTunes Store in Australia. Please keep future events in spoiler tags.
Australia again? But, Canada.... someone get that cast list now!
I'm definitely curious to see if Haven Paschall is in the credits or not
Voice Characterization -

Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
Cherami Leigh
Rodger Parsons
Ray Chase

Additional Voices -

Bobbi Hartley
Laurie Hymes
Emily Jenness (Emily Bauer)
Eddy Lee
Xander Mobus
Haven Paschall
Erica Schroeder
Also, for anyone curious, a certain music track from the games that is first heard in this episode when Lillie is playing it on the piano is kept every time it's played! This is the first time it's been heard in international dubs of the anime as it was replaced every time it played in those dubs back in SM.
You'd have to make an iTunes account, set your region to Australia, then provide a valid Australian address and credit card (I can't tell you where to find those for obvious reasons).
Oh, okay. That latter part sounds a little complicated/sketchy to me though. With that in mind, I think I'll just wait for Canada to air the episode instead. Thanks for your help anyways though! :D
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