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Review S25 EP22: Helping the Hometown Hero!


wants to take a nap
Dec 13, 2012
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The episode is available on the iTunes Store in Australia. Please keep future events in spoiler tags.
Voice Characterization -

Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
Cherami Leigh
Rodger Parsons
Casey Mongillo

Additional Voices -

Ryan Andes
Sam Black
Roger Callagy (Rob Morrison)
Emily Cramer
Stephen Fu
Abe Goldfarb
Bobbi Hartley
Kyle Hebert
Melissa Hope (Melissa Schoenberg)
Laurie Hymes
Emily Jenness (Emily Bauer)
Barrett Leddy
Eddy Lee
Jeremy Levy
Mike Liscio
Xander Mobus
Lisa Ortiz
Haven Paschall
H.D. Quinn (Tyler Bunch)
Rosie Reyes (Rohana Kenin)
Carly Robins
Bill Rogers
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Sean Schemmel (uncredited)
Erica Schroeder
Marc Swint
Kaiji Tang
Marc Thompson
Philip Thompson (Aaron Phillips)
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Quite the stacked list this one! Gonna assume because of all the characters in this episode.
Loving hearing Goldfarb as Kukui and Schroeder as Tapu Koko in this clip

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