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Review S25 EP40: In the Palms of our Hands!


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Nov 2, 2016
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The final part of the Project Mew two parter and the farewell for Danika, Quillon, Amaranth (we hardly know anything about you lot... literally) and Goh's bud Horace has been made available on iTunes in Australia just hours before it airs on Cartoon Network in Canada.

Please keep any spoilers in spoiler tags.

Voice Characterizations -

Sarah Natochenny
Zeno Robinson
James Carter Cathcart
Michele Knotz
Cherami Leigh
Rodger Parsons
Casey Mongillo

Additional Voices -

Emily Jenness (Emily Bauer)
Anjali Kunapaneni
Barrett Leddy
Max Mittelman
H.D. Quinn (Tyler Bunch)
Bill Rogers
Erica Schroeder
J. Michael Tatum
Billy Bob Thompson
Marc Thompson
Jenny Yokobori
I'm at least glad this plot was given an conclusion, that much praise I can give but, yeah there was no way to follow-up Ash vs Leon with something like this. The dub tried at least. 5/10.
Sarah Natochenny - Ash
Zeno Robinson - Goh
James Carter Cathcart - Gary, Rattata, Shieldon
Michele Knotz - Mime Jr., Gardevoir
Cherami Leigh - Grookey
Rodger Parsons - Narrator
Casey Mongillo - Cinderace

Emily Jenness - Lileep:unsure:, Cradily:unsure:
Anjali Kunapaneni - Danika
Barrett Leddy - ???
Max Mittelman - Quillon
H.D. Quinn - Tyrunt, Tyrantrum
Bill Rogers - Weavile, Urshifu, Electivire, Honchkrow, Cranidos, Roggenrola, Carbink
Erica Schroeder - Azumarill:unsure:, Virizion, Rotom Phone
J. Michael Tatum - Professor Amaranth
Billy Bob Thompson - Blastoise, Jellicent, Anorith:unsure:
Marc Thompson - Bastiodon, Armaldo :unsure:
Jenny Yokobori - Horace
Nothing heard from Zubat, Rampardos (yes, Mew too! get it?) retains original, and Roggenrola sounds like Quilava's.
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