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Review S25 EP48: The Same Moon, Now and Forever!


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Nov 2, 2016
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Pikachu's last episode to himself has aired on Cartoon Network in Canada.
Please keep all spoilers in spoiler tags.

Voice Characterization -

Sarah Natochenny
Michele Knotz
James Carter Cathcart
Rodger Parsons

Additional Voices -

Edward Bosco
Lisa Ortiz
Bill Rogers
Erica Schroeder
Marc Thompson
Mick Wingert
Such a boring episode, why waste our time with a filler episode that includes extended flashback sequences
Mick Wingert again. He was in JN136 now here. Good episode. Gave me SM020 vibes with how far Ash and Pikachu have come and both ironically revolving around the Moon, that's a nice touch.
They actually used I Choose You for the looking at the moon scene, albeit an instrumental version - kinda wish it was the vocal version but I'm more than happy to take that, loved it! Also this episode marks the SECOND time RSE title screen has been kept in the dub (4kids always replaced it)

Overall this episode is a sweet one!
It was dumb of me to think a "the time has come" song remix would've happened for the dub...
Episodes like this are why I was a little underwhelmed by Aim To Be A Pokemon Master.
Tracks kept: 3/14 (21%)

  • XYM06/Battle Trainer
  • So Nerve-Wracking
  • 2002-2005(AG)-M39 (RSE Title Card screen, indeed was always replaced in the 4Kids Era, though they did a better job by far than this in terms of how much they retained on average)

Tradeoff is 4Kids kept another theme a few times, that was replaced here & TPCi hasn't much outside of ironically MoMP, from the GSC days: 1999-2001-M07 26ばんどうろ (Route 26).

All the scenes from EP001-AG001 flashbacks don't have any real weight or meaning in the depth for me in the dub, for obvious reasons, as none were from Sarah Natochenny's Ash technically speaking, personally (she didn't start voicing him until AG146 in English, to clarify, even if she IS the "modern" English Ash since then per se).
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