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Review S25 EP49: Ride, Lapras, Ride!

I've actually always liked JCC's Meowth voice, you can tell he loved voicing that cat! Obviously Maddie Blaustein is the best but for me JCC would be a close second (her and JCC were also apparently friends irl too!)
for me it's Blaustein > JCC > Nathan Price > Whoever the new VA is.
They were not “friends” after he stabbed her in the back.

And if you don’t believe me, she alluded to it on the serebii forums back then.
Fair enough! I think it's actually Kayzie Rogers who she was friends with, to clarify (TPCi era Max, Amy Birnbaum's successor from the 4Kids Era; Wobbuffet from OS Johto-XY, 4Kids Johto- TPCi DP Totodile & Cyndaquil, Axew, etc.)!

(I do wish JCC the best of luck on his recovery from cancer, even if I have had my strong disagreements with him in the past as you know: James Carter | CaringBridge. This is very sad, he doesn't deserve this- no matter how one feels on his work, it's just a show at the end of the day).
She apparently taught Cathcart in acting school or something. You can find the old thread on the serebii forums. She doesn’t say who his name is but she’s talking about “new Meowth”
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