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Review S25 EP51: Ash and Latios

It sounds like Latios was only dubbed in the Who’s That Pokemon segment.
Was Latias dubbed over? Curious.
I thought they dubbed her voice entirely even in earlier series?
From what I can recall, 4Kids/TAJ kept Latias voice the same as in Japanese in M05 (Megumi Hayashibara) in late Johto of OS but gave Latias’ Japanese VA to Latios in the English dub so in the original English run it never got dubbed over but got synonymously portrayed instead, but in TPCi’s XY, both were dubbed over supposedly according to what BigDocFan thought earlier.
Surprised no one pointed that out.
I'm glad: it never happened in decades, until now, here. One of the handful of things I liked about the English dub more than the Japanese Version overall, was not every episode title ending with a "!" back in the day. The puns have always sucked, sure, but it was usually reserved for actually important events.
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