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Salut tout le monde! (Hey there, everyone!)


I'll save you, Arvie.
Aug 19, 2023
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Nice to meet you, everyone! My name's Kimberly, and I'm a magical hero content creator! Also a Trainer like many of you here! I'm currently in junior high, but geez chemistry is so hard T~T!! I've known about Pokémon ever since I was small! I've recently finished Scarlet and am currently playing Let's Go Eevee, but for some reason I failed to finish Sun... Anyways, my favorite Pokémon are Eevee and Sprigatito, and my favorite characters is Nemona (BEST RIVALS FOR LIFE) and Arven (that guy I really love so dearly in Paldea). I'm a huge fan of magical girls as you can tell, loving to dream about myself as one!

Speaking of magical girls, I'm actually one myself in many series I'm working on!

As the Warrior of Light, I'm here to spread harmony to the world, and make sure everything stays peaceful. I hope you'll enjoy having me here!
Hello and welcome to the forums, Kimberly!

I chose Scarlet and Let’s Go Eevee too! Hope to see you around!
Sprigatito and Eevee are definitely good mon

Anywho, welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here on the forums
Yo Kimberly! Glad to have you! And I’m sure another certain magical girl enthusiast will be excited to meet you too! (@lisianthus huhu)

What’s your favorite mahou shoujo anime, if you have one? I remember when I was a junior in highschool… It’s a rough time and I wish you nothing but luck!
Ahhhh hiiii! Ahoy!! A fellow majou shoujo yesss... have you ever seen Powerpuff Girls Z? Keep your head up with school stuff, it's certainly tough LOL but such is life.. (i am lucky to have never taken chemistryε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ) I hope to see more of you around!!!!
I really like Madoka Magica and YuYuYu! Characters from those two series even appear in the Friendshipverse!
Is Friendshipverse the series you mentioned working on? : o Even if it isn’t, I hope you end up sharing your fics of your series here!

Madoka is definitely my favorite mahou shoujo anime, for reasons that will turn into an essay if I continue here LOL.
It's one of them, but the series where I'm a magical warrior is an isekai multifranchise series called Kimberly's Adventures. And yeah, I'll be sure to share some stuff soon!
Ah, a magical girl fan! And one who writes, too. It’s always nice to see one of those here, let alone both at the same time. Welcome! And good luck on your studies too, young one! From experience, it’s never easy, even for the best of us… but you’ll persevere and even thrive if you make the right choices! Which I’m sure that you will, haha.

Meanwhile, I happen to have stopped by your art thread. You’re very talented indeed, especially for someone of your age! My advice to you, from elder to youngster: keep cultivating that talent and don’t give up, no matter how much life might tempt you to. It could turn into something so much more, in so many ways for you, and not just in the ways that you might be thinking of (money). It could be your lifeline as it has for so many others with a passion for matters of the imagination. An imagination that you should be proud of, and never let go to waste.

In any case, I hope that you enjoy your stay here!
Magical girls, Eevee, and Sprigatito are honestly some of the best things out there. As a huge fan of all of those, I gotta say you seem awesome and I do hope you'll end up sticking around <3 Welcome Kimberly!!
Welcome Kimberly! Eevee's my favorite Pokémon too lol.
Those series of yours that you're working on seem really cool, I can tell you've put a lot of care into them. Looking forward to seeing more of your art as well!
Hope you'll like it here on Bulba ^^
Bonjour à toi, and welcome here ! It's nice to see new people coming here ! :bulbaWave:
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