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Notice Say hello to two new shipping mods!

Feb 19, 2009
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  1. She/Her
Being the head of a section is hard work, and I always appreciate whatever help I can get. @Aestivate; and @Highway Unicorn; two mods who have always done a great job modding their own sections, have expressed interest in helping out modding Shippers' Paradise.

So...here they are! Aestivate and Highway Unicorn are now Shippers' Paradise mods. I hope you'll all join me in welcoming them to the section. Congrats you two! :)
Nice. Aestivate wasted no time in helping out it seems. Became a shipper's paradise and already helped sort out the situation in the Advanceshipping thread. Good Job. :D

Good Luck to both of you though.
Wow,that's cool! Congratulation for both of you!
Awesome, Aestivate was pretty helpful for pointing out what were pointless posts. Hopefully the amount of confusion would decrease
I'm happy Aestivate is a ship mod now. She seems to have really good judgement. Welcome! I don't know highway unicorn but I hope you're like aestivate when actually dealing with problems.
Highway Unicorn has been very helpful to me personally with problems occuring in the Pokémon Anime section. With that in mind I'm sure she'll do a great job for you guys in SP. Aestivate goes without saying.
Hey everyone, and thank you for the welcome :) I thought I'd pop in and say something since I mostly lurk here nowadays, but I'm still very much a shipper, myself just look at my avatar so no worries, I know what I'm doing here ;)
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