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Screencaps of anime languages?


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Nov 3, 2019
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I've been combing through the anime lately to try and find examples of written language as part of a larger joint effort to translate the new Galar language (which I noticed reuses some symbols). I'm not interested in anything during/after Black/White series, but more in Orange Islands through Diamond and Pearl (people have already posted character sets for the three anime languages of Unova, one for Kalos, and one for Alola here).

According to the writers, this was around the time they began replacing the Japanese text (and English write-overs) with made-up languages to save on repainting costs for dubs in the United States, but no specific episode seems to be given as when this format was changed. The only screenshot I've found of the language they used (which appears to be a 1:1 alphabetic substitute) is here, from DP107:


The text in the top right appears to read 'ANOPTH', the Japanese name for Anorith. However, this only gives me five characters of this alphabet. Does anyone happen to know of any screenshots where this language is also shown? Alternatively, a decent repository of screenshots for episodes from around this time would be equally good.

EDIT: Apparently this style of replacing alphabets is already well-known enough to be called 'Tajirian' on this forum, but I haven't had any luck tracking down any actual translations aside from this one. Has anyone ever tried...?

EDIT 2: And, apparently, 'Tajirian' isn't so much a unique alphabet as it is whatever the writers feel like smudging on some signs. Disappointing... but back to my original question, then. Has anyone seen any other instances of this alphabet being used?
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