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Seventh Pokétoon episode - "Blizzard on a Summer Holiday" - released on official Pokémon Kids TV Japan Youtube channel

  • Staff
The latest Pokétoon episode has been officially released on the official Pokémon Kids TV Japan Youtube channel. The episode is titled "Blizzard on a Summer Holiday".

Synopsis said:
夏休みのある日。 キーノは、友だちのリエルとクーポと会うために、ひみつきちにやってきた。 いつものようにすごしていると、急にさむくなったことに気づいた3人。 外へ出てみると、夏なのに雪がふっている!? そのげんいんをさぐるべく、3人はたんけんに出発する。

One day during the summer vacation, Kino came around to the secret base to meet his friends Rielle and Koopo. As they were spending their time as usual, the three of them noticed that it was suddenly getting cold. When they went outside, they found that it was snowing even though it was summer! The three set off on an expedition to find the source of the problem.

Kino is voiced by Shirabe Kawaguchi, Rielle is voiced by Miyu Ozawa, Koopo is voiced by Kouki Ishige, and Snorunt is voiced by Rikako Aikawa. The episode is directed by Masanobu Hiraoka. You can watch the episode below. English and Japanese subtitles are available in the video.



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