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Share Your Anime & Manga Lists

Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Nov 6, 2018
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Doesn't Matter
Hey guys, I figured it'd be a good idea to have a dedicated thread where people can post their lists of what anime and manga they've seen and read before as well as what ones they want to.

My list can be found here: ZinnLav on Anime-Planet

I really like Anime Planet, lets me not only compile what anime & manga I've seen and want to see as well as what I rate them. It also lets me make custom lists and has what characters you like and dislike, really useful site tbh.
Hopefully this means we can find others who like the same series as we do and possibly create discussions or encourage people to create threads around those series, knowing there are a few who also like it.

Let's keep this thread just to posting our lists though okay? We can discuss what's on the lists elsewhere, so this keeps it easier to find them for others.
The Sobbley Trainer
Nov 17, 2015
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My list can be found over on MAL: Soaringdylan's Anime List - MyAnimeList.net

The main reason I use MAL is because it's the first tracking site I found, and has the most integration with other stuff. I have some apps on my phone that can integrate with both the Anime & Manga lists on MAL, so it's really useful.
can't you say anything that makes sense?
Jul 2, 2019
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in no particular order
Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken
Girls’ Last Tour
Re: Zero
Angel Beats
Cautious Hero
Yuri On Ice
Saiki K.
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Carole and Tuesday
Demon Slayer
Release the Spyce
My Next Life as a Villainess
Assassination Classroom
Dropkick on my Devil
Haruhi Suzumiya
Backstreet Girls
Sep 26, 2015
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I very recently moved on over to AniList since MAL was getting kinda janky for me, for those curious here are my lists.

I really love AniList's ratings choices over MAL's (even though I still use the standard rating lol), it's a nice choice imo. Not too keen on the forum's layout though, but I'm not there for it anyway so it's whatever.
is a goat now
Oct 1, 2010
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Here's mine =) Happy to accept friens requests also. \o/
Super Cinderator
Feb 15, 2019
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I haven't bothered to make a list on one of the websites, but here's something I have compiled from what I have accomplished so far.

Pokémon: The First Movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back"
Pokémon: The Movie 2000 "The Power of One"
Pokémon: "Diance & the Cocoon of Destruction"
Pokémon: "Volcanion & the Mechanical Marvel"
Pokémon: "I Choose You!"

Hayao Miyazaki
Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
My Neighbor Totoro
Howl's Moving Castle
Castle in the Sky
Kiki's Delivery Service
Castle Cagliostro
Whisper of the Heart
From Up on Poppy Hill
Arrietty The Cat Returns

A Silent Voice (Yoshitoki Oima)
A Whisker Away (Junichi Sato)