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Shiny dex entry

Dec 27, 2012
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So I caught a shiny Magikarp earlier today and in the Pokedex, it fulfilled the entries for both male AND female shiny Magikarp (so basically there are entries for male and female versions of each species, and for Magikarp the shiny entries for both genders appeared after finding the shiny). As most players may have noticed by now, for each Pokemon entry there are separate entries for males and females (giving incentive for the serious players to catch both genders of each Pokemon).

My question is, for others who have found shiny Magikarp and went through a similar process of completing gender entries, when you evolved your shiny Magikarp, did both entries for male and female shiny Gyarados get fulfilled, regardless of whether both vanilla Gyarados entries were fulfilled or not? My specific situation is that I only have the female Gyarados entry. My shiny Magikarp is female. I would naturally save my next 400 Magikarp candies for a male Magikarp to fill the male Gyarados entry. But with the shiny Magikarp in hand now, I want to be sure that the evolution will fulfill both shiny Gyarados entries if possible.

To be clear, I'll map it out:
  • Magikarp entry: male/shiny male/female/shiny female all completed
  • (Current) Gyarados entry: male not completed, female completed
I'm sure that if I have both Gyarados entries prior to evolving the shiny, both entries for shiny Gyarados would be fulfilled, like Magikarp. But with my current case, I'm worried that if I evolve shiny Magikarp without the vanilla male Gyarados entry completed prior, the dex will only show the shiny female Gyarados entry. The ideal case for me would be:
  • Gyarados entry: male not completed, shiny male/female/shiny female completed
The above does seem a little off though, imo. So I was wondering if anyone who has gone through something similar can confirm for me whether having a male Gyarados prior is necessary for fulfilling both entries with one shiny or that I can go ahead and go through with the evolution, and worry about the male Gyarados later.
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Nov 19, 2015
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Haven't evolved the 1 shiny Magikarp I have so don't know about Gyrados but do have credit for both male and female shiny Magikarp. Can tell you the system is broke as I have both male and female Venasaur and Charizard and only have credit in my dex for female. Don't have credit for either on Butterfree but I got a male. That's about as far as I got but I am sure more are wrong.