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SwSh Shiny Pokémon to trade

Step into my crib everything smell like Cool Water
Aug 27, 2010
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Listen up trainers, I have plenty of Shiny Pokémon to trade, which are the following:

- Shiny Blipbug x 3
- Shiny Combee (female) x 5
- Shiny Cutiefly x 4
- Shiny Larvitar
- Shiny Pupitar x 2
- Shiny Crustle x 3
- Shiny Toxel (relaxed nature)
- Shiny Toxtricity (amped form)
- Shiny Mantine
- Shiny Onix x 2
- Shiny Steelix
- Shiny Krabby x 2
- Shiny Kingler
- Shiny Coalossal x 6
- Shiny Polteageist x 2
- Shiny Gorgeist
- Shiny Drifblim x 2
- Shiny Arcanine
- Shiny Hatterene x 3
- Shiny Runerigus
- Shiny Salazzle
- Shiny Shiftry
- Shiny Whimsicott x 2
- Shiny Dreepy x 3
- Shiny Drakloak x 2
- Shiny Dragapault x 2
- Shiny Stunfisk
- Shiny Hakamo-o x 2
- Shiny Kommo-o
- Shiny Vikavault
- Shiny Pikachu
- Shiny Manetric
- Shiny G-Max Charizard x 2
- Meltan (not shiny) x 37

I'm mostly looking for other shiny Pokémon in return for mine, however, feel free to make other offers. For Meltan, I'll accept plenty of things (including mints, bottle caps, special balls, as well as Pokémon offers). Post your offers trainers.
The #1 Deerling Fan!
Aug 10, 2015
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I don't have much to offer when it comes to trading shinies, but I do have items such as bottle caps, mints, G-Max Pokemon, and Kanto starters. I'm particularly interested in the shiny Pikachu and Cutiefly.