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Shippers wanted for BulbaCast Valentines special

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Dec 29, 2002
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  1. He/Him
You must have
a) Skype (Google for it, it's a free program)
b) A microphone
c) Headphones

Additionally, a broadband connection is highly recommended, to minimize lag.

Applicants should post here, naming which ships they support strongest in debate, and which they are simply fans of. You should also name which ships you are most strongly anti.

Scott85, a.k.a. Cybercubed, if you can fill the 3 requirements above, you've got automatic acceptance. You're really the only AdvanceShipping debator of note, so that one was a no-brainer.
I'm in. This will be tomorrow, right?

I am a PokéShipper and also a HandymanShipper. Only strongly anti on OrangeShipping.
I'd like to, but I don't have any of the three items on the list. Eh, sorry.
So we're doing the Valentines Special days after Valenines day? Fair enough.
Too bad I don't have the program and can't download. xD;

And... I'm not anti ANY ship. I'm just a (pathetic) peaceful-enough Rocketshipper. ^^;
As much as I fill the requirements and want to do this,

1. I don't want to be debating or talking about anything regarding shipping in front of my roommate. :p
2. I'm gonna be back home in Los Angeles away from my computer during the weekend.
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Damnit, at this rate, we might have to call it off. Doesn't anyone know someone who fills the requirements? Preferably someone who isn't a PokéShipper primarily? How can we have an on-air debate without any conflict?
Archaic, I fit the above requirements of course, and I'd love to help you out with this.

So, yes, that means I'm actually a shipper, even though I probably don't seem like it. ^^

Ships I Support Strongest

Pikashipping - That's my favorite ship, mainly because I think Ash gets along better with Pikachu than either Misty or May, and I just think the two look great together. I love the fact that Pikachu is always on Ash's shoulder, and that it always wants to be around him to protect him. And I think Ash basically returns this favor, by doing things like protecting Pikachu from Team Rocket, and other things. Of course, I should probably add that I also believe Ash's Pikachu is a female, so that's probably why I like this ship so much. It just makes a lot of sense to me, and in my opinion, there's some strong evidence for this ship throughout the entire anime (in like - the first episode, "Pikachu's Goodbye", "Chikorita's Big Upset" and "A Scare To Remember"). To put it simply, I think Ash and Pikachu were meant to be together. And to help clarify this so that people don't think I'm crazy, I don't want them to be a couple (that would be too weird). I just think the two have a really great relationship together, and that maybe Pikachu might have a crush on Ash, but that's about it.

Altoshipping - Yet another Pokemon and human ship that I like, and this one is just too cute and adorable not to like. I mean, the powerful legendary Pokemon, Latias, falling in love with Ash. Aww, that's just so sweet. And again, I don't think they should be an actual couple. I just like the fact that Latias has a crush on Ash, and that he likes her back (not in the same way, of course).

Ships I Am A Fan Of

Pokeshipping - Well, I'm sort of neutral to it really, I don't dislike it, yet at the same time I'm not a huge fan of it. I guess you could say I just like the idea of it, but I don't look for any hints or anything (mainly because I believe that Ash doesn't exactly know what love is yet, so he couldn't feel anything towards Misty)

Advanceshipping - Again, I'm sort of neutral towards it, so I just like it and that's pretty much it. Although, I do believe that May has shown that she has a thing for Ash. I'm not really sure if she just likes him a lot or if she maybe has a secret crush (kinda like Misty does). But, anyway the episodes "Get The Show On The Road" and "The Bicker The Better" come to mind, whenever I think of May liking Ash.

Contestshipping - Ah, this one I really like, and I'm all for it actually. I'm very fond of it. So I would not mind if May and Drew ended up getting together, because they just seem like they'd be a good couple. They're both good coordinators, good trainers, and good friends. Oh yeah, and they're also very good rivals who love to compete as well.

Rocketshipping - This is another ship that I like. And although I may not like Team Rocket that much, this one just makes a lot of sense to me. There also seems to be some evidence of this ship in the anime as well, or at least there are some scenes that are shippy. Oh, and I also think Jessie and James are a great team, so they would definitely make a great couple. Even if sometimes they're mad at each other and seem like they hate each other, I think that deep down inside, Jessie and James really like each other and care for one another very much.

Ships I Dislike

Palletshipping - I strongly dislike this one, mainly because of the fact that I know Ash is definitely not gay (he couldn't be, cause he liked Giselle, remember?). So I just can't understand how anyone could support this ship, unless they're just into Yaoi and that sort of thing. However, I will say this, even though I very strongly dislike Palletshipping, I will say that I liked Ash and Gary's rivalry, which basically seemed to go from arch enemies to great friends. But, I do not think that they could be a couple in any way.

Harley/May (I don't know what this one's called) - Well, I can definitely say that I don't like this ship now. Especially since Harley was so mean to May and only wanted to trick her, just so he could win the Grand Festival. He lies and he cheats to get what he wants from May, so I really don't like this ship. Also, May finally knows the truth about Harley, so she should know not to trust him now.

And that's pretty much my list of ships that I support, like, and dislike.

Although, if I think of anymore, I will add them to the list.
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Yeah, I know, Zhen Lin...... X_X

But, I felt bad for Archaic not getting any people for that, so I thought I'd reply anyway (just in case we have a shipping Bulbacast in the future).
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