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Notice Shipping Holidays

I seem to recall Pixiv having dates for the game ships... I know at least Chessshipping day on Pixiv is October 10th (10/10 = To/To = Touya/Touko), if my memory is correct. I recall Ferriswheelshipping day being sometime in November, though that might have been a one-time thing.
CaféMocha Day has actually been proclaimed to be March 12th, the Japanese airdate of BW006. There was some argument over whether it was the fifth (airdate of BW005) or the twelfth, but the twelfth was eventually agreed on since BW006 was the episode where Dent cemented his decision to journey with Ash.

The discussion in question took place somewhere on DeviantArt and I don't know where, don't hurt me ;;
penguinshipping day is April 5, don't remember why ^^;
I think PalletShipping should be the day the episode aired when Gary re-gave Ash the broken Pokeball....or was it the other way around... Whatever is should be that day!
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