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Ships you changed your opinion on over time

Off the top of my mind...

DawnxBarry - Never really liked Barry when he first appeared in the anime back in 2009. After playing Brilliant Diamond, reading Pokemon Adventures, and re-watching Diamond and Pearl recently I started to like him. I can see why he and Dawn are popular. In the games he and Dawn were childhood friends (if you play as her), and they're both equally witty in the anime while still growing up in Twinleaf.

MayxDrew - I flip between being neutral and majorly disliking this one. I know Drew softened up near the end of Battle Frontier, but he was way too snobbish in the beginning. Kind of like a celebrity or person who might actually turn out to be a jerk behind cameras.
Not gonna lie when i first started Legends Arceus i was smitten with Adaman x Melli (I don't know their ship name though) However I just kept on seeing content of them platonically, and now i can only see them as siblings lol
I’ve had more of a drastic change, I used to ship all the time about a year ago and now I don’t ship anymore… like at all! It’s odd, but at least I won’t tear myself apart at others people’s opinions!

So it’s a good thing I stoped shipping, it actually helped with my mental health! :]
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