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Shrine of the Third Eye: The Wishlist Thread.

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Jun 17, 2008
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Shrine of the Third Eye
The Wishlist Thread

Deep in the forest south of Fizzytopia's central city lies a cobbled path, winding through the tranquil woodlands. At the end of the path, through a tall redwood torii stands a beautiful temple, its architecture similar to the fabled towers of Ecruteak, with cherry trees in perpetual blossom, the pink petals blowing through the outer gardens. At the entrance stand two Gardevoir, their arms adorn with red ribbons and sashes around their waists.

As you approach, the pair bow to greet you, before offering you a pair of wooden plaques and guiding you inside to the walls, where many similar plates hang. Painted on the left wall, with delicate strokes, an image of a Mimikyu among company. Carved on the right wall, with stunning craftsmanship, a relief of a Togekiss, wings spread wide over a mound of fruit. Beside each mural, in flowing calligraphy, a notice, seemingly written by the psychic maidens tending to the shrine.

"You are free to place your wishes on the ema provided.
Be kind and courteous, not greedy and scheming.
The Third Eye will open for those who help fulfil your dreams.
The Third Eye will reward you for your generosity."

In the centre, at the back, an obsidian sculpture of the Wish pokemon Jirachi stands, each facet lovingly polished, while a simple oak offering box lies below. Taking a look at your wooden plaques, you find them to fit each of the two walls, and a charcoal rod at a table beside the statue.

Wishlist Rules

1) You have two ema, or wooden plaques, each of which represent a seperate wishlist. The ema with the Mimikyu, the Memakyu, is for your pokemon wishlist. The ema with the Togekiss, the Emakiss, is for your material or item wishlist.

2) You may claim one post, and only one, for your wishlist, which will be linked to in the opening post just below. You may edit your post as you please.

3) In the spirit of keeping with the shrine policy, you are discouraged from prioritising any pokemon or item in our wishlist. You are writing a wishlist, not a shopping list. If you have pokemon you wish to trade with others, you should contact anyone who may be interested.

As you place your ema on the walls, you turn to the offering box. Thankful for the service provided, you place a few notes of money into the box, before bowing to the grateful tenders of the shrine before leaving. Your donation will help keep the shrine as tranquil as it was when you visited.

Wishlist Users


-Missingno. Master
-Gemini Spark
-Ex-Admiral Insane
-Brave Saix
-Marion Ette
-Median Dia


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Jul 27, 2019
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Shadow's eyes gleamed as he beheld the shrine. While a troublemaker who loved causing chaos, there was indeed something he always respected. He prayed briefly, then started writing his wishes, in no particular order.
For Pokemon he only specified the first stage. Shadow believed a big part of the joy of being a Trainer was in raising your companions. However, he wasn't one to look a gift Ponyta in the mouth. He listed many Pokemon, and worried if he looked greedy, as the shrine warned against. He only meant the rather long list to show a variety of possibilities. So long as he had any Pokemon, he could make do. These were just the ones he favored, and even then it might or might not be a complete list.

Absol (Either)
Riolu (♀)
Litten (♂)
Froakie (Either)
Sandile (Either)
Pawniard (Either, male preferred)
Purrloin (♀)
Cacnea (♂)
Shuppet (♂) Acquired from Adoption Center on 8/26/2019
Mime Jr (♂)
Drowzee (Either)
Rockruff (Either)
Rotom (Either)
Kecleon (Either, female preferred)
Croagunk (Either)
Pancham (♂)
Mawile (♀)
Sneasel (Either)
Vulpix ♀
Fennekin ♀

He got to the Emakiss, and considered the items he could use, or even just wanted. Pokeballs were easy to decide on, but everything else was tricky to decide on. After all, he had to account for both battles AND Contests as a Trainer. But more importantly, he wouldn't use items that overly endangered his beloved companions. Furthermore, he wanted them safe. And Evolve them, and raise them... He also wanted them happy and healthy, obviously. He listed everything he could think of, anything he could genuinely use.

Luxury Balls
Dark Balls
Cyber Balls
Any uniquely designed Pokeballs, really
Rare Candies
Safety Goggles
Protective Pads
Bright Powder
Razor Claw
Scope Lens
Shell Bell
Assault Vest
Soothe Bell
Dark Lance
Ruby Pendant
Unicorn Horn
Scarecrow Vest
Plague Doctor Mask
Mummy Bandages
Vampire Cape
Werewolf Claws
Zombie Mask
Superhero Cape
Contest Scarves of any color
TMs and Move items
Rotom items
Up-Grade & Dubious Disc
Darkinium Z
Firium Z
Rockium Z
Lycanium Z
Incinium Z

Shadow looked it all over, smiled, then placed the Memakyu and Emakiss in their respective places.
Before he leaves, he pauses and prays again, both requesting what he desired and giving thanks to whoever was in charge regardless.
He also makes a mental note to come back to cross off anything he acquired.
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Aug 6, 2019
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Danny stared at the shrine. It gives me anything I want? he thought. He began to inscribe a wooden plaque, with the Pokemon he wished to find. He felt that maybe he was being greedy. For that, he decided to not ask for only a few items. "Whoever's in charge will think I'm greedy." he said.
Snivy (Female)
Alolan Sandshrew
Trubbish (Male)
Fennekin (Female)
He picked up the other plaque, and inscribed two words:
Ice Stone.
Rare Candies

He placed both plaques were they were supposed to be, then stared at the shrine for a minute, before turning and leaving.
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Nov 2, 2019
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Jake carefully took the two plaques given to him. He had never been so quiet. The Trainer inscribed his wishes on the plaques, leaving behind the bright blue glow of his aura, a sign of his status as an Aura Guardian-in-training.

Wishlist has been relocated to UPN, find it here.

Jake hung up his plaques and took one last look at them before making a peace sign and leaving. He silently thought Thank you to the guard Gardevoir on his way out, as he knew that Gardevoir were telepathic.
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Oct 7, 2019
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Dracen wandered aimlessly, gazing at the plaques in his hands. He had thought hard about what to put on them. At first, he had had no idea. Now, he thought he knew. He pulled the charcoal and began to write.
He set the ema gently into its slot. He stepped back. "I don't think that counts as "greedy and scheming", do you?" He turned to his Gible, who shrugged and yapped bemusedly. Dracen tossed the other ema into his right hand and began to write again, slowly scraping one word onto the plaque in his cramped, loopy writing.
He set this ema into its plaque, bowed to the Jirachi statue, and left quickly.
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Jan 20, 2020
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Zain observed the shrine and the plaques with a certain careful air. He thought long and hard, and decided he only desired one thing from each of the plaques.

Rockruff (Male),
Honedge (Male),

Lycanium Z

With a bemused, content smile and intrigued look in his eyes Zain bowed respectfully to the shrine and walked away.
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