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Sick again


Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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I've come down with a head cold. I know it's not Covid, fortunately, as I haven't been anywhere lately where I could potentially be exposed to it (in fact, I haven't really be anywhere this week, as the weather patterns have been giving me migraines, thus I've been home all week). I know it's a head cold because I'm stuffy, have a runny nose, and I'm coughing, but all of the problems are focused in my head and nowhere else. I still have my sense of taste (even though it's weaker due to how stuffy I am), I don't have any chest pain or any other symptoms of Covid. Plus I tested myself and it came back negative so that eliminated that possibility. And as fate would have it I found some non-expired cold medicine in my bathroom drawer (probably leftover from my cold at the start of the year) so I've been taking that, which has been helping as my coughing has become significantly less frequent, along with some zinc lozenges to help speed up the process, so I'm pretty decently equipped for this. I'm still miserable but I'll take a head cold over Covid any day. Just giving an update on the dorkus maximus.