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Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

The Outrage

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May 4, 2007
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You know, for those battle/contest questions that aren't really big enough for a thread.

Basically anything that isn't actually a team rate but is related to battling but is not big enough for a thread goes here.

This includes:

-Questions about single Pokemon strategies ("what moveset would be good for this Pokemon", "what would this Pokemon be good for"). Make sure to check Smogon's strategydex first before asking.

-EVing questions

Questions about what to use for an incomplete team belong here.

Helpful links: (READ BEFORE ASKING)
If these links don't answer your question, feel free to post them here.

How to EV Train your Pokemon - Azurilland
-Read that before asking any EV questions, if you still don't get it, ask.

Smogon's move articles
-If your question concerns a move ruling, make sure to check out its equivalent article here, or on Bulbapedia.

Basic definitions in competitive battling
-A useful link for those new to competitive battling.

An explanation of the tiers
-A Bulbapedia link that explains the purpose of each tier pretty well.

The Smogon tiers
-Most competitive players play by Smogon's rules, so here's the list of tiers for further reference.

Metalkid's IV calculator
-A very reliable IV calculator. Please make sure that all EVs are wiped off the Pokemon in question. Also, you will not get an accurate reading for low leveled Pokemon.

Pokémon Showdown's "All vs. One" Defensive Calculator
-A damage calculator to see which how well certain Pokemon defend against the common sets of the metagames.

Pokémon Showdown's "One Vs. All" Calculator
-A damage calculator to see which pokemon are the most effective in attacking the common sets of the metagames.

Hidden Power calculator / Legal Hidden Power combinations for unbreedable Pokemon
-The former works just like a typical HP calculator, as well as providing all possible IV combinations when given a type and attack power. The latter link lists legal IV combinations for unbreedable Pokemon (mostly legendary Pokemon) if you need them, and remember that Special Defense is listed last, not speed.
Please note that since G7 Hidden power has had a few changes..
  1. Bottle caps. Due to the now Possible IV training you can have any Hidden Power type with all 31 IVs as using Bottle caps do NOT effect the Type for Hidden Power. This is only a cosmetic effect for in game purposes.
  2. Due to Legendary Pokémon and certain event Pokémon having guaranteed 3 perfect IVs. It is impossible for these Pokémon to have Hidden Power Fighting.
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Different sites agree and disagree on what goes where, but Smogon is the biggest site, so most of the official unofficial tiering of Pokemon goes there.

Just remember, these tiers are based on usage, and just because something is UU, does not always mean it sucks.


Click on the specific tier for Pokemon.
"Boah" refers to the mixed wall breaker Tyranitar set that was created in 3rd gen.

252 HP, 188 SAtk, 68 Spd
- Crunch/Dark Pulse
- Focus Punch
- Thunderbolt/Ice Beam
- Substitute

Those HP EVs allow creation of 101 HP Substitutes, which survive a single Seismic Toss from what it usually comes in on, Blissey. The sub allows you to Focus Punch Blissey and 2HKO her.

Quiet nature: 304 Atk vs 130 Def & 714 HP (150 base power): 502 - 592 (70.31% - 82.91%)
Brave nature: 334 Atk vs 130 Def & 714 HP (150 base power): 552 - 650 (77.31% - 91.04%)

Either Crunch or Dark Pulse can be selected as your STAB move with Brave and Quiet natures, respectively. The last slot can either be Thunderbolt, or Ice Beam for better type coverage (Skarmory, Gyarados, and bulky Waters; or Hippowdown, Gliscor, and Celebi). The Spd EVs still allow it to get outpace neutral base 60s Spd Pokemon. This allows Tyranitar to get a sub out before Weezing can hit it with a Will-O-Wisp. The rest of the EVs are added to SAtk as it helps against walls leaning towards physical defense like Hippo, Gliscor, and Celebi.
I believe that it's Naughty with 4 Attack, 252 Special Attack and 252 Speed.
No thought seems to be put in EV spreads anymore ;-;. Ah well, if that's what it is, and it works, then that's what it is.
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It does look like most sweepers get 4/252/252 spreads. I'm not sure what else would work on Chain Chomp, though.
I would think that the optimized ChainChomp spread would be 16 Atk/252 SAtk/240 Spd since all Garchomp needs to do is reach 300 Spd to outpace neutral base 100s. Not that different, but the extra 3 Atk might help after you SD.
So...let me get this straight. I can take a pokemon of any level and enter it into a WiFi battle, and make the settings so that it's at level 100? This raises a lot of questions for me...first off, is this correct, or am I missing something? If so, how do you do it? And finally, does this make leveling up pokemon manually (for the sake of anything but learning moves and evolving) completely obsolete now?
When you connect to Wi-Fi, the battle options are Level 100, Level 50 and something that implies Pokémon of any level, the name of which escapes me. If you select one of the first two, all Pokémon will be set to that level until the battle is over.
And finally, does this make leveling up pokemon manually (for the sake of anything but learning moves and evolving) completely obsolete now?

As far as I know, no. This method ignores things like EVs, so it's better to max those out. Once that happens, however, and you're satisfied with the moves, I think you'll be fine using that feature.
I don't think Natures matter directly, but just in case, it'd be best to use a Nature with a favorite Poffin flavor that matches the kind of Contest you want to go to.

Tough Contest = +Def Nature
Smart Contest = +SDef
Cool Contest = +Atk
Cute Contest = +Spd
Beauty Contest = +SAtk
Garchomp counter

I was thinking of using a choicebanded mamoswine as my garchomp counter. I was thinking something like this

Evs 252hp/252atk/4def

Ice shard
Stone Edge
ice fang/peck

What do you guys think?
Actually I was reading serebii and SkittyonWailord suggested 252def/252atk Garchomp can't ko without sd and mamo one shots back
Just a question about the sub-forum itself. What do I do in this situation?:

So I posted a thread with my team a little while ago, it's fallen down the list and I, the OP, was the last to post in it. However, since then, I've made large changes to the team (such as switching most of the members to different Pokemon, item changes, moveset and role changes, etc.). I want to share what I have, but this seems to be in a bit of a gray area. I don't want to double post to move it up the list for obvious reasons, and I don't want to make an edit to my old post that no one will see either. So what do I do in this situation? I don't think I can just post a new thread, as it's still technically the same team, just drastically changed. Unless that's okay to do, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

So is there a "legal" way around this, or am I just out of luck?
Most people in RMTs just tend to bump. I mean if you honestly need more help, just a friendly little bump won't hurt. Even if you get a warn, you can always argue that, and also that it is done in other RMTs.

Also maybe you can also edit the title after the bump to show that its different, but technically the same team and you still need more help.

Also actually edit the changes on your first post.
Please note: The thread is from 4 years ago.
Please take the age of this thread into consideration in writing your reply. Depending on what exactly you wanted to say, you may want to consider if it would be better to post a new thread instead.
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