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Sinnoh's Elite Four feature in ongoing Solo Events and Spotlight Scouts in Pokémon Masters EX; Cobalion returns to Legendary Arena

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Pokémon Masters EX is putting a spotlight on Sinnoh's Elite Four with the game's latest Solo Event and Spotlight Scouts. Solo Event: Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble, and associated Spotlight Scouts, will be running through until May 26th. Cabalion's Legendary Arena and the Battle Villa will both also be available until May 23rd.

Solo Event: Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble
This new event focuses on the trainers of Sinnoh's Elite Four - Aaron, Bertha, Lucian, and Flint. This event is available in-game now, and will continue until May 26th, at 10:59pm (PT). This event offers players a variety of battles to complete and stages to play through on different difficulties. By completing battles during this event, players can earn Event Voucher Y, Z, and A items, which can be exchanged for a variety of valuable items, including 5★ Sinnoh Scout Tickets, and other items available. Players can also take on event missions for additional rewards and for more story content. Different parts of this event will be unlocked over the course of the event, with new battles for players to complete.

As usual for events of this type, players will have an increased chance of receiving bonus rewards if they take on event battles using teams that feature specific sync pairs. The more of these sync pairs that players place in their lineup, the greater the bonus received. The applicable Sync Pairs and reward rates are as follows:
These bonuses stack additively, so having a team consisting of Aaron & Vespiquen, Berta & Hippowdon, and Lucian & Girafarig would grant a combined +180% (x2.8) rewards.

Area Schedule
The following areas were added to the event on May 10th, at 11pm (PT)
  • Train with Bertha: Part 1
  • Train with Bertha: Part 2
  • Bertha's Daily Training
  • Flint's Battle Challenge! Round 1
  • Flint's Battle Challenge! Round 2
The following area will be added on April 12th, at 11pm (PT)
  • Train with Lucian: Part 1
  • Train with Lucian: Part 2
  • Lucian's Daily Training
  • Bertha's Battle Challenge! Round 1
  • Bertha's Battle Challenge! Round 2
The following areas are scheduled for removal on the days indicated below, at 10:59pm (PT)
  • May 10 - Aaron's Daily Training
  • May 12 - Bertha's Daily Training
Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • The number of plays available for Aaron's Daily Training, Bertha's Daily Training, and Lucian's Daily Training are reset every day at 11:00pm (PT).
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • Leftover Event Voucher Y, Z, and A will be automatically converted to coins at a rate of 10 coins per egg at the end of the event, and sent to players' Present Boxes
Sinnoh Elite Four Spotlight Scouts

As a tie-in to the new event, three separate spotlight scouts will run over the coming weeks, giving players an opportunity to scout the main sync pairs featured in the event. All of these spotlight scout banners will be available until the end of the Solo Event, on May 26th, at 10:59pm (PT)
More information about each of these sync pairs can be found via the Bulbapedia links above. Alongside these scouts, each of these sync pairs are being released with expanded sync grids, and can also now be raised to 6★ EX, unlocking a new outfit for each character in addition to increasing their stats.

In addition to a regular scout, each of these Spotlight Scouts is also available as a Scout + Present Sync Pair Scout. These scouts are limited to a maximum of 3 each, and are only available using Paid Gems. Players will receive the following items as bonus presents for using these sync pair scouts.

1st and 2nd times
  • 5x Custom ★ Power-Up for that Sync Pair
  • 200x Custom Sync Orb for that Sync Pair
3rd time
  • 10x Custom ★ Power-Up for that Sync Pair
  • 200x Custom Sync Orb for that Sync Pair
  • 5★ Master Scout Ticket Q / R / S
The Master Scout Tickets Q / R / S from the Scout + Present can be redeemed in Guaranteed Ticket Scouts for Aaron & Vespiquen, Bertha & Hippowdon, and Lucian & Girafarig respectively.

Legendary Arena: Cabalion

A powerful opponent arrives as Cabalion returns to the Legendary Arena. In the Legendary Arena, trainers must complete a set of challenges using up to 30 sync pairs. New event missions have been added for this re-run of the event, offering trainers an opportunity to gain additional gems by completing specific challenges. The Legendary Arena is open right now, and can be challenged up until May 23rd, at 10:59pm (PT). Cabalion was last available in the Legendary Arena in September 2021.

Cabalion is weak to Fire-type moves, but is resistant to all damage thanks to the Healthy Advantage 8 passive skill. This protection can be negated by inflicting Cobalion with a status condition, although its resistance to any status condition increases each time Cobalion recovers from one, until it becomes immune.

As with all Legendary Arenas, players must have passed Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break in the main story on normal mode in order to participate in this event.

Battle Villa

The Battle Villa, a recurring event that allows players to use up to 9 sync pairs to progress through its stages, will be open until May 23rd, at 10:59pm (PT). Performing well in this challenge will allow players to obtain up to 2000 gems, as well as items to upgrade their sync pairs including cookies and lucky scrolls. To enter the Battle Villa, players must progress past Chapter 7: Where There's a Will, There's a Way (Normal) in single player mode.

Players who complete every hall in the Battle Villa will be able to skip certain halls the next time the Battle Villa opens. Halls that are skipped will still award first-time rewards, however any coin completion rewards, XP, and bonus awards will not be granted. Skipped Halls also do not count towards any associations missions.


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