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Preview SM095: Wela Volcano, Golone, Golonya, and the Mountaineers!

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Now we know that Kenyu Horiuchi is doing the narrator. And yet another no Team rocket episode here.

Makes it all the more enjoyable

Can't help but get the feeling of deja vu, the plot sounds similar to Hooked on Onix from Advanged Generation
Tell me about it. It looks like we are going to see all Alola form of Geodude evolution line here.

I think its good as we haven't seen the entire Geodude line in a single episode in ages, wonder if Golem will start shooting Geodude as it has been said in the Pokedex
A Pokédex freak like me is wondering if Graveler will get its first-ever entry in this episode? Yeah. Despite the anime's 21-year run, Graveler is yet to receive a Pokédex entry in the anime.
Cant one of the Golems be a Totem? Just like the Samdrew episode with Lillie?
I see the hikers from SM034 are returning
Looking at how much Metang seems to be involved, Sophocles seems like he could be having some focus here... maybe he can get an Electrium Z?
I see the hikers from SM034 are returning
I highly doubt, they going to troll the Ash and the other by photo-bombing once more except in different way.

Will anyone get a rockium-z from z-crystal?
Wasn't Ash already got that in the earlier season after complete the trial with Olivia and it had been replaced with Lycanium z ever since then?

Also, if you thought Sophocles will get Z-Crystal like Lillie, that chance will be 0.00005% as I stated before Ash's Classmate 85% of them are not like to battle very much except in some occasionally event happen. So don't expecting very much.
What are those stones?
I highly suspected it is definitely fire stones since is inside the Volcano. I'm sure that make sense, right?

Also, if the episode is going to happen something like in episode 80 scenario. I may think Ash and the other will get one of those fire stone and carry back to school for Samson Oak, which may allow his Kantoian Vulpix to evolve into Ninetales.

But as always, I don't want to expect very much from it, because in the end, disappointment is always going to occurs.
They're really making an effort to show off that Ride Metang's involvement. Makes me all the more curious what's going on.
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