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PREVIEW: SM103: A Passionate Heart That Can Smash Even Rock! Lychee and Takeshi!!

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Dec 16, 2016
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Adament/dephender usually uses the Japanese names, so why would he translate Eevee's nickname?
Jun 18, 2009
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Adamant likes translating the nicknames for whatever reason. IIRC he did the same for Lillie's Vulpix and Puni-chan.
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Sep 13, 2017
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Summaries and cast list, provided by Adamant on pocketmonsters.net

It's off to Akala Island with Takeshi and Kasumi! A passionate battle between Island Queen Lychee and former Gym Leader Takeshi, both of the Rock type Trainers, breaks out!! And then the Rocket Gang shows up...

Takeshi and Kasumi have come to Alola, and today they and all the others are going to Akala Island! After they've all helped out at Kaki's farm, they decide to go meet Island Queen Lychee, Takeshi leading the way, burning with a desire to meet her as he is. Lychee seems bewildered at how excited Takeshi is, but once she learns that he was the leader of a Rock type Gym in the Kanto region, she gets really motivated for a battle, and challenges him to one. And then the Rocket Gang show up with a powered up robot...
BigDocFan BigDocFan
Where did Team Rocket get all the material to build those robot, huh?

Don't tell me, they're going to build another Mecha Meowth once again? Mecha Meowth Mk. IV?

Anyway, following this episode ended, it sayōnara to Misty and Brock once again.
Dec 14, 2008
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Um...why do everyone expect Olivia to fall in love with Brock? Olivia is a grown woman, Brock is still a teenager. It would be weird.
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