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Review SM104: Poni Island Research Project! Search for the Island King!!

All life matters. Not matter age or skin color!
Jan 8, 2016
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Isnt it strange that she already has her Z-Ring despite not chosen by the island gardian yet?
Aug 14, 2008
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I thought this was a great introductory episode. The fact that each of the kids has set themselves a "project" for their stay on Poni means that they will get their chance in the spotlight more organically than just happening to have a designated episode. I'm glad Kukui has buggered off for a bit as well. Almost feels like a good old kids-travelling-alone journey of yore!

Hapu'u is brilliant. I love her self-reliance and prickliness, I think she will make a fantastic foil for Satoshi during this arc. I thought it was pretty clearly insinuated that her grandfather is dead, or else why would there have been an in-between King and why would she be living alone? I wonder why they've chosen to leave her grandmother out of it, as she was very much still alive when I played UM...

Plumeri is <3 I love the Skull-dan. Can't wait for more.
A soldier of kindness
May 13, 2010
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I feel like I always watch the episodes on Thursday's or Friday, even with the schedule having changed.

I thought this was a nice set up episode. We get a foreshadow of what to expect by everyone telling us their projects on Poni Island.

Mamane made me smile for some reason every time he spoke. I don't know why, but I like that little kid. Kaki is always a treasure, and I love just love Marowak (always been one of my favorite Pokemon since the first game.)

It sounds like Hapu'u's grandfather must be dead. Everyone except Maname spoke of him in past tense.

Its cute to me that Suiren writes to all her friends via letter that she meets and looks up to.

I liked that Lillie brought up the event about her mother in the earlier part of this episode.

Was it just me or was Joy-san super funny this episode?

The new ending song is beautiful. Love it.

The episode was a set up episode so it wasn't meant to do much but introduce new plots, foreshadow, and a new character and did all of it very well.

I look forward to the new episodes this year will bring.
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