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REVIEW: SM118: Aim for the Top Floor! The Explosive Dragon Gym!!

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May 13, 2014
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  • Why did Kiawe have to use Marowak during the fight? He's already been getting far more screen time than the rest of his Pokémon (since he is Kiawe's walking Pokémon, apparently). Couldn't he have used Turtonator (since this is supposed to be a Dragon gym) or Charizard (since he still barely uses it in battles)? The only reason why I think the writers used Marowak was for that gag, which, as much as I enjoyed, was completely redundant, since we've already seen a lot of Marowak's personality;
Marowak is the easiest to animate, and is the only one who can make a "realistic" air guitar with its bone and large arms, so the decision was a no-brainer. I agree that it was very unfair though.

To me, the episode wasn't that disappointing, as after that preview who showed that the classmates likely weren't going to battle I didn't expect much.
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Dec 3, 2018
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How can you be sure they didn't take any damage from that blow?
Because, as I've said, the move didn't make contact with them, so it couldn't directly damage them. As for the explosion caused by the move hitting the floor, well, as I've recently noticed while rewatching the battle at the slowest speed YouTube has available, the two Dragon-types got pushed away from Brave Bird after it hit, but before the explosion triggered. That tells me that the move created a shock wave on impact that sent them flying to the other side of the field. So, since it blew them away before the big bang, that means that the only they could have received damage is if this supposed shock wave dealt it. And since they're not shown to receive any damage from it, just some knockback, we can conclude that neither Druddigon, nor Zweilous received any kind of damage before the Brave Bird/Flash Cannon combo.
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Jun 26, 2019
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Ryuki, such a weird guy.
An Alolan, Kanto "gym leader", uses Unova pokemon and XY theme
Reminds me of Xy glory,so I like this ep
(Serena forever Xd!!)

Considering most of us don't want to be reminded of the failure of the Kalos League, showing off water ninja moves just months before the Alola League would be viewed as an insult towards fans above the age of six at best. I'll just bet they'll do the same before Ash takes part in, and loses, the Galar League.

The writers would still be promoting LGPE, and it would be too early to feature a Generation VIII in the anime. Yet they have the CotD use Generation V Pokémon instead, which is very confusing. There's no way it would tie to Pokémon GO, as several Generation IV Pokémon are still unreleased, and we wouldn't expect Unova to be acknowledged until Niantic releases a promotional artwork for the third anniversary in July.

Once a Pokémon holds an Everstone, it won't evolve. And since Rowlet uses it for Seed Bomb, evolution is unlikely. On the other hand, unlike Piplup, Rowlet never expressed a refusal to evolve.

Also, given Ash will soon visit Galar with a full reset to his experience as a trainer and Pikachu reverting to Level 5, I don't think the writers would want him to obtain more Z-Crystals than the ones he's got right now. A fake badge is easy to deal with because it would be forgotten by the next episode.

Okay, I gotta ask one thing? What is this concert all about? Is it related to Pokémon?
Yeah I don´t like the defeat, but it is still better than LOL Tobias