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PREVIEW: SM140: Akuziking Invasion! The Great Z-Move Battle!!

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All the better to give our heroes a challenge, my dear.

We have all the Trial Captains, Kahunas, Island Guardians, Royal Mask, the supporting characters, maybe even Dia, and I think the TRio's going to pitch in using that mecha they've been building up (both ways). That might be enough to handle one Guzzlord, but 2 will make 'em work harder.

As I said, I hope for a 2-parter. :)
Lets have a Blast
Hopefully Torracat will get to battle Lucario as it has the type advantage, then again Pikachu vs Mudsdale so who knows
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Gotta wonder, though, why has he never used it before...
He's been extremely secretive about his Pokémon the entire series. We literally only found out about his Braviary the moment he had to use it to save Burnet, otherwise it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't even been featured in Kukui's wedding had its existence not be made public beforehand.
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