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Sneaking on the DexNav!

Simpler times ahead
Dec 6, 2008
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Oh god, got the game yesterday, somehow managed 10 hours before Brawly due to the DexNav. I have a Shroomish that I now love, when Breloom was a Pokemon I never gave a second look to. Meanwhile having the bottom screen act as a progress meter of sorts with filling in the Pokemon shadows and getting the crowns is much more addictive then the Habidex from B2W2. This is the first time in years I've spent massive time just letting the environment sink in and catch Pokemon. I'm even catching Zubats and Geodudes, something I last did in Gen 1. Gen 1!
New Member
Jun 19, 2009
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I think the DexNav is easily the greatest innovation in the Pokémon series in years, and I hope its functionality can somehow be implemented into all future games. Thanks to it, capturing the perfect Pokémon involves much less tedium and guesswork as you capture one after another just to go back and check their stats, abilities, etc. Now you can get at least a vague idea of what you're up against before you encounter it, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect Pokémon BEFORE you get into the thick of the battle. And the constantly improving Search Level gives it a wonderful sense of progression—even if the Pokémon you've detected isn't the one, encountering it still doesn't feel like a waste of time. And the ability for Pokémon to be encountered with Egg Moves as well not only helps you avoid the tedium of breeding—it adds variety to wild encounters which previously consisted of bunches of Pokémon with different stats and abilities but functionally identical movesets.

The DexNav allowed me to, for the very first time, have a team of Pokémon with all-around decent IVs, and allowed me to get Pokémon with excellent egg moves without having to wait until the postgame. I hope future games allow me to do the same.
Girl with the Ghosts
Dec 11, 2012
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I love the DexNav, and I don't feel it takes away from difficulty in the game, so it's great. I used the DexNav to get Xatu with Magic Bounce in the Safari Zone. O_O That Xatu is the shit! It OHKOs almost anything with Air Slash, Psychic, Shadow Ball or Dazzling Gleam, and bounces back pretty much every annoying move the game enemies have, including Intimidate. My Xatu defeated the entire Elite Four, Champion and Wallace BY ITSELF, and it was the lowest leveled pokemon on my team. DexNav forever!