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So I want to learn to cook...

Mar 22, 2010
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But I'm 12. What should I start with? I'm a vegetarian but my family aren't, and in case of failure: insert food into dog bowl.

How should I begin? I've done food tech at school but sucked at it, and want to start afresh.

I can cook Baked Beans in the Pan, or Microwave, if that helps.
Fumo Ergo Sum
Jun 4, 2010
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Well, I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but the way I did it was, see a recipe I liked, try it out. Sure, you'll screw it up sometimes, but that's how you learn. And apparently, in your case, keep the dog fed. Just the next time you feel like something, look up how it's made (or come here and ask), get the instructions and make it yourself. If you enjoy cooking, and have fun cooking, then you'll catch on really, really quickly.

Personally, I'd suggest using the stove instead of microwave when possible, just to get a little more confidence with it. And don't be afraid to experiment. Making some pasta and wonder what it'll taste like if you use milk instead of water? Well, do it! I can't guarantee it'll always end up good, but it'll always end up different, and that way you start seeing what works and doesn't for you, start to develop your own "style", so to speak.

You can always ask a parent to watch you if you feel unsure about going at it alone. But really, the best way to learn is to just go ahead and try to make something.
The Creeping Darkness
Jun 12, 2010
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I honestly first learned how to cook by watching my mom and copying what she did, eventually trying things on my own... Lots of throw aways but eventually I started figuring it out. I personally am a recipe person and can follow those directions very easily so that makes it easier for me to learn to do certain things. I'd suggest grabbing a vegetarian cook book, finding things that look tasty and not too hard to make, and just going at it. If you have questions about a particular technique the internet is an amazing resource I didn't have when I was first learning to cook, but you do. I'm sure you can youtube how to do any cooking technique you can think of.