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So what is the deal with so much promotion around Diantha?

Ryoma Maser

Jun 3, 2013
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This is something I've been noticing for a while now though it may just be me; what is the Pokémon Company's obsession with promoting Diantha so much? For those that don't know me, I personally dislike Diantha so much as a character and Champion based on her games appearance and I imagine the sentiment is the same among most people since while XY is strong in some cases, is much more weak in others especially characters except for a select few.

But despite Gen 6's negative stigma, what I find odd, you just see Diantha almost all over the place in Pokémon media if they feel need to. Let me go over some.

  • Diantha and Gardevoir have been present on the Pokémon Masters EX title screen since its launch on August 29, 2019. Despite this, they were not able to be scouted until March 31, 2021, over a year and half later. They are also the last Sync Pair that appear on the title screen to be made available for scouting.
  • Also in Masters EX, she is the first Champion to have a Mythical Pokémon but doesn't beat Lear in becoming the first Trainer to have a Mythical. She is also seems to be the first Champion to be the face of a massive event for EX, even the avatar for PMEX Twitter was changed to her, though I may be wrong for that (I know Leon was used as an Avatar, but I think it was in promotion of him being added to Masters).
  • She is one of four characters from the Kalos region (her, Serena, Lysandre and Korrina) to have an EX style not even a privilege other Kalos characters like Calem has and yet was added soon after she was.
  • She is also one of three characters from Kalos to have Special Costume (Serena, Siebold and her) and one of the quickest to get one among added characters only like Leon's Synga Suit and Summer Marnie who were released before her.
  • In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, she is currently the only human character in all of Pokémon sans the two Trainers (Red and Leaf) to be in Smash as a background in the Lumoise City Stage. And if one discounts Red, she is the only and first champion to appear in Smash that isn't a player character. Not even a feat Cynthia, one of the if not the most popular Champion was able to obtain.
  • She has the the second most amount appearances out of any Champions. Beating out Lance, Steven, Wallace, Alder, Iris (in anime, as she as only been a Champion in one episode she was not the champion for the majority of her appearances as a traveling companion). Leon will be omitted until the end of Journeys.
  • She is currently also the only Champion to battle Ash the most at two times at the time of writing (most other champions have only battle Ash once, I may be incorrect on this)
  • She is the third champion to appear in Journeys if only by proxy and not by shadows, showing up in JN026 on a magazine cover.
  • Diantha is also the only Champion to appear in both Evolutions and Generations.
  • In GOTCHA! Diantha appears in the most allotted seconds than any non-Leon or Red Champion, even getting a special close up.

I may just be seeing connections where there are none, but I find it weird for how little a presence in her own game and how little popularity Diantha has had it just feels weird to have her suddenly be like everywhere and get some weird special treatment.

Am I crazy? Maybe... Appreciate any more info of Diantha's appearances or treatment by The Pokémon Company if you can think of any as well as corrections on what I have said especially on my Anime and Masters knowledge since I know less than the main games and my research may have gone wrong.
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Torchic W. Pip

Bravo Echo Tango Alpha
Feb 15, 2021
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I may be a bit biased because I like Diantha a lot, but I think it's sort of maybe compensation for her lack of a role in XY.

In Super Smash Bros Ultimate, she is currently the only human character in all of Pokémon sans the two Trainers (Red and Leaf) to be in Smash as a background in the Lumoise City Stage.
Wait she is????? Where?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


All shall be well
Nov 2, 2021
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She's very pretty, I will give her that. Being a popular actress probably also makes it easier to justify giving her small cameos in spots like background ads or magazines.

I didn't realize she'd beaten Steven in term of anime appearance though. Then again I probably just had my selective memory glasses on the dude.
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