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Mafia: Sockpuppet Mafia 2016 - Endgame (TOWN WIN) - 10/16/2016

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Oct 4, 2012
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Just want note. I'll give a proper response to everything after work today. I was busy after work yesterday so I could not get on, but I should be able to get on today.
Cameras don't lie
Sep 28, 2016
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VOTE: Alucard.

I had like this whole post ready and I was like sweet ok time to post this let's go but then my browser decides to be a jerk and dies on me. Ok well here we go again

So in regards to the whole "led to Saturn's death" thing, we were going to have a no lynch at the time and pretty strong cases were being made against both. Neither seemed like they were getting on, neither posted a defense, and since cases were made against both I didn't want a no lynch so I decided to unvote Troll lord and hope for the best....... which turned out to not be the best.

As for the vanilla claiming thing to Yellow puppet guy, I was getting suspicious of him because of his vanilla claim because I'm pretty sure at this time we weren't aware of the existence of so many vanilla-like roles and so here I am thinking I'm the only vanilla and Yellow puppet is saying he's vanilla and meanwhile I'm trying to do my best to believe the guy but like conspiracy theories are running through my brain and so I had to just confirm it by contacting him privately and seeing what he had to say to me. After the existence of other vanilla-like people came out that made me feel better about saying it publicly myself, so I did, and I also came clean about contacting Yellow puppet guy too. It wasn't really meant to be some big dark secret, I was just too nervous at first to claim publicly in thread about being vanilla since it would've first off been random as fuck (like "hey so yeah I'm another vanilla, anyway carry on") and second Yellow puppet guy was just known as the sole vanilla at the time so yeah.

Being a photographer doesn't really grant me anything special, god I wish it did. Give me some special abilities, I welcome it hell yeah. Wouldn't mind like, time travel or somethin like that.... yeah... but ahem the same could be technically said for you and Vulpix couldn't it. You guys were straightup vanilla neighbors (obviously town so that can't be disputed but anyway that's beside the point) but you could've really had something different I mean you're like. What, in some kind of army? You manipulate fire? You're a dangerous dude, I've looked you up, I know about you man. And Vulpix too. That candy lovin creature bless their heart.
Servant of Hellsing
Oct 4, 2012
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Alright I am splitting this up by days so as to avoid an oversized post. Here is Day one!

The votes, make it stoooooop!

Vote: BlazingVulpix

I refuse to be an easy joke lynch.
Yellow guy’s vote on Vulpix at 6:08 PM. It was after this I decided to vote the puppet. I was the next post.

UNVOTE: Mareep

VOTE: Yellow Guy

What fun to have a prey that fights back~
My vote putting pressure on him at 7:25 PM

I don't like it

And yet the rest of us do.
His first response to me and my response to that.

Roy (dad?) voted me first. Don't think he's suspicious for that.

Then blazing voted me which is a little more suspicious.

Then Alucard jumped on the wagon which is really suspicious and brings a bit of alarm.

And I am vanilla. I figured I would claim right out of the gate since I don't have a role that will make a big impact on the game.

I don't necessarily think you're scum. However, it doesn't make you look well jumping on a joke wagon. And the only reason I'm keeping my vote is because someone has voted you since I voted you. So now only one other person needs to vote you for a no lynch and to save me.

In my mind, it makes more sense to claim vanilla right out of the gate (which I actually am) so that protects me a bit more than not claiming would. Although, I do admit, I might have made a mistake that affects the town overall since Mafia probably won't go after me so maybe claiming wasn't the best thing to do. Also, what does a

"Vanillish" look like?

EDIT: Let me clarify myself because I noticed I said something that can easily be taken out of context. I don't think Mafia will go after me because they know what role I am and I don't have a PR or any real role at that.
As you can see from there he gives these two nice posts. I quite liked them and that is why I unvoted him after them.

BlazingVulpix said:
*Vulpix bounces back into the room and looks up at @Yellow Guy endearingly with her cute face* You don't think I'm scum, do you? *Vulpix looks at the ground then back up again* Well... claiming Vanilla right out of the gate is more than a little suspicious in itself. *Vulpix frowns* You don't look like a Vanillish.
The fox had already voted the puppet by this time. And it is only a while after that he bothered to say he found the claim suspicious. I also didn’t like this at all. I don’t see this as a joke.

Confirming yup yup

Boy I sure love being stuck in these sorts of life and death games, I love em. And with a bunch of... ahem, if you'll pardon me, pretty suspicious group of people here-- nah, definitely not looking at the mole creature with the crazy pick-axe-- but getting to this voting business.

If we gotta vote and whatnot, and I'd sure as hell it rather not be my ass on the line, but I also don't think there's anything really uhhh... weird with the talking Yellow puppet guy? Yellow Guy seems pretty genuine in my book, but hell I barely know you, you barely know me. Either way

VOTE: BlazingVulpix.
And here we have Adam voting vulpix. Note he gives absolutely no reason, but rather seems to jump on the fox more likely to buddy the puppet.

UNVOTE: yellow guy

VOTE: Blazingvulpix

I've been provided enough fun by the puppet. However the fire breathing fox seems quite bloodthirsty. Can't have anyone else like that here.

And considering my own abilities being so low grade a few useless ones in the bunch doesn't seem strange. A simple conclusion anyone can come to.
Again I did not like the post calling him suspicious. There was also the fact that he was the second vote on the puppet, immediately putting him ahead of others, after he had claimed vanilla. So I hope you can see why I found the fox suspicious at the time. Also because people seem to believe that I vote and unvote quickly. This vote was at 10:56 AM. That is hours and a few posts from the puppet and the fox at the time.

*Vulpix stops and looks to the side thoughtfully* That is assuming a no-lynch is possible. This game might have a random lynch system in place to deal with draws.

Either way, I'll help you out.

Unvote: Yellow Guy

*Vulpix smiles reassuringly* mine was only a joke vote. No need to be worried about it.

I am of two minds here. First is that you early claimed to stop the cop (if we have one) from checking you Night 1 *Vulpix ponders this* This does seem like a likely scenario.


If you are telling us the truth *Vulpix pauses to study Yellow Guy before continuing* And the mafia believe you, they'll have no reason to NK you... and we'd rather lose a Vanilla than a cop.

*Vulpix gasps and looks hurt* This... This seems like more than a joke vote. *Vulpix growls and lowers her head in a threatening manner* Explain!


*Vulpix snarls* I am being ganged up on here and I don't like it! You, Alucard! Are you mafia? Is that why you are voting a poor defenceless Vulpix?!
Here is his first response. He just brushes it off as a joke vote despite saying vanilla is a suspicious claim. And his response to me “I’m ganging up on him.”

Oh geez don't look at me like that with those puppy eyes-- whoa crap you just growled at me, oh god! Well, look-- the Yellow puppet guy seems like he's telling the truth and all I've got here is my gut feeling. For now.

Dude that sounded kind of freaky what the hell
Adam has a gut feeling here. I may have had poor and little logic, but at least I was going off of something.

A 3:7 ratio would mean we are royally screwed. I highly doubt that all of those who voted the talking Yellow puppet guy are bad, that'd be nuts.

Okay, assuming there's mmm 2 mafia in the bunch of us-- and also assuming that the Yellow puppet guy is telling the truth about being vanilla, it's a pretty dangerous mentality in my opinion to be like "hey we can afford to lose him since he's vanilla but not the cop because of the ability" I mean there's probably only 8 of us. A hit's a hit. Like yeah a cop's vital, but still when the other thought is said out loud-- doesn't sound too good.

Sounds like something the father of a puppet would say.
Now let’s remember that Adam contacted the puppet to make sure he is really a vanilla. Why would he feel the need to do that? And of course there is still the lack of reason of voting vulpix.

It's quite clear foxes don't know logic very well. If he is truly a vanilla then true the mafia wouldn't waste the effort unless his voice itself is a threat. However a mafia goon is vanilla as well, and only a complete moron would admit to being a mafia goon. This logic dictates that there is no reason that cop should not check a vanilla. Also such a simple claim is so simple for mafia to fake. The logic behind your vote is quite lacking and is clearly grasping at straws.
Me still pushing the little fox.

yeah and it better sure the hell not be me Damn that'd be one good doctor if they prevented it, and I don't exactly know too many trustworthy docs. We'll lose a townie, but by this point they sure aren't going to go for the Yellow puppet talking guy and I just can't see him lying about being vanilla. Also you, uh, you care to share some of that candy because I am damn hungry. You don't wanna hear my stomach rumble. Sounds like a monster in there.

@Mr. Saturn ??? I feel like I'm tripping here.

Even with so few of us, there's still probably a godfather right, like a ringleader?
He is the only one to think there would be a godfather amongst mafia. Also again still nothing on vulpix to justify his vote. And the mentioning of Saturn. Why?

Ya got somethin' to say, buddy? This pick-axe is for digging only!

But y' ain't gonna vote him? Eh... the guy's bloodthirsty in general so I guess it's not got much to do with you.

@Mareep! Hey, you there! Got any thoughts?
This was at 4:27 PM

*Vulpix offers candy to Adam then turns to confront those that would do her harm.*

Couple of things are wrong about these statements. There was no logic behind my vote, and I didn't jump on any bandwagon. *Vulpix paws the dirt* My vote was a joke vote, nothing more. However, there does appear to be a bandwagon forming... and it's quite suspicious in and of itself...

*Vulpix ponders this for a moment*

Vote: Alucard.

Alucard is basing a serious argument off of a joke vote, and is pressing a case that makes no sense at all.
Strangely enough the fox only saw me as a threat despite Adam voting him as well. Unfortunately that means nothing. However this post of his was 4:31 PM so he may not have been influenced by the mole. Overall point is that I was the one speaking the most and actually pushing, and thus he went after me avoiding the quiet one of Adam. And he continues to not give any kind of response, and tries to use the joke vote defense again.

Funny because I seem to be the only one even attempting any kind of case. If not you or me then who do you suggest or are you going to suggest yellow guy again? How about those that have no logic in voting you or is it just because you're afraid due to clear fact that unlike the others I pose a threat.
And here I kept pushing. I wanted a response that wasn’t growling and just “it was a joke vote”.

*Vulpix narrows her eyes* I'm not afraid of anything. I would rather not leave the stage so soon, but eliminating me isn't going to do much to sway the course of the game, regardless!

I think there is at least 4 votes against me... *Vulpix pauses to count on her paws then continues* and not a single one of them has a logical case against me.

With that kind of bandwagon, at least one or more of the voters has to be scum... *Vulpix paws the ground gently* And I think you have to be one of them.
Still no attempts at a proper defense. Again me being the most active has lead to me being the target of being automatic scum. And again I was the only one with a semblance of a case on the fox. And still no true attempts at a defense.

I didn't see Resetti's post as it came through while I was typing my post. *Vulpix shakes her head sadly*

Yet you give us no reason to believe you are not our enemy. Saying a case has no logic and yet not providing proper counter to anything makes your accusations moot. And I'm still anxious to here a response to my question. What makes me your choice when I actually provided reasoning. What about those that did not?
More pushing. I wanted more from him and he did not deliever.

This is the thing that makes the mafia team so powerful. I can't defend something that doesn't exist. The most I can tell you is that I am not scum.

*Vulpix ponders this for a moment*

Assuming you were town, do you have any reason to believe my word? Probably not. But my word is all I have. However...

You were the one that stood out the most. Your reasoning reaks of scumminess. *Vulpix looks thoughtful for a moment then shrugs* I'm probably not going to last until the night, so I hope those that remain take heed of this occurrence.
I disagree clearly that I stood out due to reasoning. It was no doubt due to activity, and without a doubt that is also what made me stick out to everyone. And here was Adam hiding in plain sight.

Good question, I guess there doesn't have to be a cop. Guess it's more or less wishful thinking, I don't know. It just seems like it'd be likely, but don't ask for any facts or anything to back it up, I'm fresh out.

Nah dude, we're cool. We are so cool, you just take your crazy pick-axe and put it to the side there, see, the side really far away and never pick it back up. Thanks, you're a pal.

It may have been intended as a joke vote, but I think the big issue here is that the Yellow talking puppet already had a vote placed on him so you could've chosen someone else without it posing a threat to their immediate safety, yada yada. So I can see where the serious argument is coming from based off of a supposed joke vote. Oh, and thanks for the candy, god I was so hungry. Now I need a drink.

Them's fightin' words buddy.

Mmm, nah, I think I like... not... being turned into gray dust... yeah...
The closest we see to Adam giving any semblance of a reason. His reason, because the fox was the second vote on someone. And then he basically twists my reason at the same time, when it is far from just what I was voting for. Not to mention two parts of this quote are jokes, and his tone hides plenty of his words from everyone.

So giving reason behind a vote is scummy while voting for no reason is not. My my my we have all been playing wrong then. I guess we should lynch for no reason.
More pushing.

@Alucard. Hold on a second you voted Yellow guy after seeing the votes on him initially, so, what's up with that. Are you okay with majority votes no matter who it's on or was that just a "look the fire is burning hotter underneath you now what'll you do about it" type-a thing.
Adam questions me. I responded to this and you’ll see it as you continue to read.

Talk about twisting my words and not addressing a single thing that was in my post...
More accusations and lack of defense.

One vote=no pressure

Two votes inRVS=no pressure due to being easy to tie

Three votes or more =pressure.


That puppet gave a nice reaction so I decided I believe him for now. I didn't like the fox's reasoning so now I'm voting him and I don't like his reactions at all.

I'm not twisting anything. You're not answering me properly nor even giving a proper defense or reason to believe you're town. Notice how no one jumps to your aid. You have yet to convince anyone apparently.
More pushing by me. And also the response to Adam. The fact that I unvoted after the puppet gave two posts that were solid and calm should be more than enough evidence to show that it was clearly for pressure. Not to mention unlike the fox it had no reasoning. If he had given responses like the fox then I would have never unvoted him, but he gave nice responses so I felt he was not worthy of a lynch.

I have nothing to defend. I've done nothing to warrant four votes against me, other than a joke vote against Yellow Guy. A joke vote that was withdrawn when I got tired of it.

That in and of itself should clue people in as to how silly this bandwagon is.
Joke vote defense again.

And I repeat that you have given no reason for us to not vote you. What makes you less deserving of a vote than anyone else?
More pushing, and the last push before the phase ended.

Oh, and speaking of joke votes, I should probably withdraw mine. UNVOTE: BlazingVulpix since, while shooting fire at someone isn't exactly a nice way to greet them, I don't really have any reason they're plotting to kill someone tonight. Not that I have any evidence that they're not plotting to kill someone tonight, but innocent until proven guilty and all that.
And we all know the reason for this one. Not sure why I quoted it.

Anyways that is Day one facts. Night one is coming next, and maybe Day 2 with it.
Servant of Hellsing
Oct 4, 2012
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Night one and Day two for you Roy. More on the way. It'll all be done by morning.

Oh fuck sorry Vulpix... damn. Pretty interesting, the whole 'neighbors' deal, though. I guess. So basically you could both be town, you could be of your own faction (maybe? seems unlikely with so few of us), or you are bad news. Basically we can't trust you fully either way is what I'm getting at.

Saturn my man did you even try to defend our fox friend too much that was like a total landslide.

Did you two speak to each other in your little private QT? Or is that information classified? Like was anything said in there that made you more iffy on Vulpix's alignment or were you going solely off of the thread.

Also nice point about our Troll buddy, I was kinda thinking the same thing myself after rereading everything a few moments ago. Does seem like a... mmm shady move. Got my eye on you Troll lord.

Amen to that.
Immediately spreads suspicion on Roy. And pushing Saturn to speak. While it seems like a nice response and push, by the end of day two it does not.

It does seem clear it was a joke vote and there was five hours between his unvote and the update. However it also is a fact he was quiet. So the true question is: @Lord of the Trolls why did you unvote the firefox? And why did you not post more either?
Me pushing for an explanation because no one wants risk a mislynch.

@Yellow Guy Do you still think Alucard is suspicious for putting that vote on you before (albeit he took it off but that's besides the point right now) or was it justified?
Strange how he decides to suddenly ask the puppet this. Almost like he is trying to make me look suspicious.

Not so much by him voting me anymore but that being said, he is my top scum read. And I will explain why when I have more time. Most likely tomorrow.

And regarding Lord of trolls, his unvote is a bit suspicious but as of now, Alucard is my top scum read.
The puppet’s first mention of suspecting me.

I did try. But your speech is definitely the most difficult. The text style is also hard on my eyes and stranger text styles I just have trouble reading.

@Adam Stanheight What is your opinion on everything?
Me pushing adam to speak.

What are your opinions on others?
I believe this one was pushing Garrus for more, or maybe it was you Roy.

Have you no other thoughts?

@Mareep! I don't believe we've seen any sheep in this game outside of the voting process. And I don't remember any of those being of the shocking kind.
Pushing both trolls and mareep. Clearly I did a lot of pushing early one when I was not quite as busy with ghouls.


Time to explain why Alucard is my top scum read.

Ok so here he's the post that starts off the game. The first vote of the game as well. I figured this was just a joke vote so I didn't pay much to it.

At this point I already have 2 votes (My dad's and Vulpix's) on me excluding his, then he jumps on the joke wagon with a joke vote. However it's possible he saw that I already had two votes on me and figured I'd be a easy joke lynch. Now keep in mind that while this was after I claimed, this was before I went in depth with explaining my claim.

Now the Vulpix wagon has 2 votes which put my wagon in danger of not being an easy lynch.

And this is where I explained my claim.

Now this is where my wagon and Vulpix's were tied. Both at 3 votes.

Now this is where Vulpix's wagon pulls ahead. Maybe Alucard thought since after I explained my claim, he thought I was vanilla, and some the votes were tied, he figured he'd jump wagons in hopes of lynching a better role.

Referring to the bit in the bold, so are you saying that Vulpix's logic is that a cop should check a vanilla? Or was that an accidental double negative? Also, looking back, it's quite clear Vulpix's vote on me was a joke vote just like yours was. I didn't like it, but don't make it seem like something it wasn't.

Their initial vote on me was a joke vote just like yours, and the things Vulpix said after that, I don't think saying those things really deserved the amount of votes they got.

Your reasoning wasn't that strong in my opinion. Now it was day 1 so I didn't expect to see excellent reasoning but I think your reasoning wasn't really reasoning at all. Just Vulpix joke voted me (once again, like you did) then said things about my role.

I'm gonna be honest, I didn't jump to their aid because I was afraid some of that wagon would go back on me. I didn't want to be in danger of getting lynched again.

His vote switching could've very well been done to get reactions and info. Doesn't mean he's not Maf. And if he is, doesn't mean he vote switched to get info and reactions either.

I think I'm going to vote for Alucard next day phase.

Posting this now to generate discussion and also I put too much time into this post to wait to post it.

I bolded some stuff for you to note.

I already explained this before. Honestly you should listen to others.

1 vote=no pressure.

2 votes in rvs=no pressure since they are easy to tie.

3 or more votes at any point=pressure=reactions=how you catch mafia. You must get reactions out of others so that you can see if they'll slip up. That's also why the reasoning did not appear to be serious. I merely was testing your reaction, which I ended up being satisfied with, as well as the others. I admittedly was surprised no one bothered to question it that much.

I think we need to define easy lynch.

Easy Lynch-a townie so scummy that one basically has to do nothing to lynch them.

In other words a simple vanilla claim is not an easy lynch, especially with so few around. You act as though this a game full of amazing roles that would make yours out of place.

I repeat since it's already become clear that you don't listen after the first time-I was merely satisfied with the entertainment you provided. I even said that when I changed my decision. The little fox on the other hand was unsatisfying. I did not agree with what he was saying at all.

I think you misunderstood me. I was pointing out why claiming vanilla does not prevent the cop checking them. Look above at the foxes second quote at the bold. He talked about using a vanilla claim to avoid a cop check. A miller would fit that role not vanilla.

I did not realize I apparently control everyone else's votes. There were three other votes on him, I however seemed to be the only one even using any kind of solid reasoning. Yet what makes those without that kept their votes any different? What makes them better than me? Please share because I am just waiting with curiosity. Oh and note what you said here.

Remember what you said above. It was D1. There wasn't much to go off of. And it wasn't the strongest reasoning. However it was better than nothing or actually lynching for no reason at all. And you act as though the fox proved he was an ally, when he didn't try other than saying exactly what you said. That there was no reasoning. However he could have given a calm response like you, or refuted my reasoning, or even claimed. Yet he did nothing but throw at the same ridiculous lackluster response that gave no reason to trust him.

......That is the scummiest thing I've heard this whole game. Someone who is not willing to risk their life does not belong on the battlefield!

Oh then if not for that, why did I do it? An easy lynch? I didn't have to do anything for that. I unvoted you, and another unvoted you still leaving the little fox with three votes. And if that troll still unvoted him, then still with two votes. I don't remember anyone else with as many votes. I could have sat and watched it all like you and most of the other did, but instead I actually face up against the dangers and tried something.

Oh I just can't wait for that.

Hahhahahahahaha you're doing that now? Why didn't you bother with that during the day? Oh wait because you were concerned only for yourself correct, and not for the whole town. Such selfishness is nothing but harmful.
The puppet and mine’s first show down.

This all requires some more smoking. And I'm almost all outta cigarettes.

Well, hmm, obviously the Vulpix lynch was a big mistake. Well-intended on most our parts, presumably, but a mistake. Of course with that we've now got some more stuff to look at at least, such as Troll's sudden taking off the vote (still pretty captial-s shady imo) and now we've got some of the Yellow puppet talking guy's thoughts on you which are pretty intriguing to say the least. Yeah at this point in time the person I feel like I'll probably be inclined to vote this upcoming day phase is Troll lord.

Although honestly I feel like if I had a gun to my head-- no one actually put a gun to my head, please-- and had to choose two players that I feel like I trust the most at this point then I'd pick Alucard and Garrus. Alucard did do the vote thing with the Yellow puppet that can be seemingly a teensy bit weird but I can also understand what he's saying what with his explanations and he overall at least seems like he's trying to do what's best for the greater good. Garrus well, I don't exactly have a big reason at all for this one I just feel like this guy needs a good drink and also seems trustworthy. To an extent. And remember no guns to my head.

You allowed to copy & paste that or... did I miss that in the rules... in which case... forget the idea. Bit weird though, that you two were intertwined with your roles and Vulpix didn't try to reach out to you when they were getting pelted with votes.

And oh yeah @Mr. Saturn what do you think of resident self proclaimed pretty boy Roy after accusing him of fear-mongering?
Look buddying Saturn. But more than that is that he say’s the puppet makes intriguing points, yet at the same time calls me town. This is fluffing up both of us.

I just don't like how you kept jumping on wagons and voting people. Just didn't sit well with me.

By easy lynch, I meant easy as in there were already three votes on Vulpix by the time you voted for them.

And hold on there about the selfishness talk. Let me be clear, that while my main concern was not getting lynched (which I see as playing smart) and also, I don't think I ever said I thought Vulpix was town. I would risk my life in the game if I were absolutely sure the person I was defending was town. However, it was Day 1 so there wasn't really any time to tell if anyone was town.

Lol also that last quote... Dude come on, I explained why I posted it at night. And are you saying I'm trying to generate discussion during the night phase because I'm only concerned for myself? That doesn't really make sense.

Also one more thing, you kept on saying how atleast you tried to have reasoning and logic behind your vote. And atleast you had reasoning while others had little to no logic, well I'm trying to provide reasoning and logic for a vote I'm planning since we still don't know a lot about the players in this game yet, but I basically get made fun of for it.

And what did you expect me to do? Just vote mareep and leave my vote on them the whole time. Leave my vote on you? Or unvote you and not do anything with my vote. And I wouldn't call two wagons a lot of wagons. And it wasn't really jumping considering I didn't say "vote yellow guy oh look now blazingvulpix has three votes so let's vote them instead" I waited for responses. If he would have given a suitable response then i would have unvoted him. But he didn't try.

And they were all jokes. Though I repeat: three or more votes causes pressure. Especially if there's even a bit of reasoning behind it. Thus I opted to pressure someone and to push for a reaction.

And there is the hypocrisy of your case on me. It's easy to prosecute someone after the fact. There's a mislynch-anyone part of it can easily be portrayed as scummy. If you didn't believe he's town, then how can you prosecute me for going after someone I wasn't seeing as town. While there are never any solid reads D1, one starts to get inklings. And its still prudent to try to prevent mislynches. However typical behavior D1 is truly just-someone finds reasoning that starts off weak, leads a lynch because it's D1 and there really is no better reasoning. And of course who is most likely to get prosecuted the next day-those that were part of the lynch.

Why didn't you try during the day then? Mafia are less likely to target a vanilla than they are others in hopes of hitting doc or cop. So please answer why only now. After defending yourself you disappeared.

Not making fun of you. That's just me trying to sound like my character, so apologies if it came off that way. I am however pointing out the flaws in your argument against me, which is of course a proper defense. Calmly responding and pointing out what doesn't make sense. Though I'm curious what your thoughts are on the other players. So far you've only concentrated on me and Lord of the Trolls. What about Roy Mustang who let his neighbor be lynched? What about the other two votes on vulpix? If anyone is looking for an easy lynch, it's you. I posted more than most, and actually took risks. Was my case weak? Yes. I was aware of that, however no one went against it, nor tried, and it was the best at the time. It also leaves us with others to look at.

Doesn't matter after the fact, but I had planned on asking Roy why he did not defend his neighbor, which he answered before anyone had to ask. Though what about the others on vulpix? Why did they not unvote him? Yet your only concentration is on me because I was the last vote on vulpix. However despite my number, no matter how weak it was, I gave reasoning, while others were jokes that never left. People watched him lynched, and that becomes just as important as lynching him.
Our second fight.

I voted Vulpix at first because the Yellow puppet guy's lynch didn't set well with me. Also due to the fact that Vulpix added a vote on Yellow puppet's slow-growing bandwagon at the time-- while it was supposed to be a joke vote, they could've chosen someone else to put that vote on so it was just difficult to convince me that it was a true joke vote rather than trying to subtly hop on a wagon.
Funny how he only slightly mentioned this kind of reasoning at all during the day phase, and when it had appeared at all it was quite late in the phase.

Okay that's fair.

Honestly, I didn't really think I would need to reappear after I defended myself. I didn't really have anything to add. I figured I'd post my reasoning for being suspicious of you after I knew for sure that Vulpix was town.

To be fair to Roy, he didn't know if Vulpix was town. And also from what he said, they didn't really get far into conversation. As far as Adam and Garrus goes, I actually have neutral reads on them. Mr. Resetti and Mr. Saturn I'd like to see more of. Mareep! Definitely needs to be more active.

Ok I changed my mind about voting you. Your defense makes a lot of sense. Sorry about this whole thing. It's just that atleast 1 person in the Vulpix wagon has to be Mafia. I'd be really surprised if that wasn't the case. I just thought I'd go for the one that made the most noise because I thought that was the one who had the most evidence on them. (Maybe evidence is the wrong word, but it was the only one I could think of.)

That sounds bad. Everyone should always stick around after defending themselves. Even commenting on the tiniest things can lead us to success.

I wasn't actually accusing Roy-I was just saying that there is a lot more to look at-and he would have been one, though he beat us to the punch and answered the obvious question about him. Mr. Saturn has at least posted in the night phase, but @Mr. Resetti hasn't posted since I think early D1. And I don't think Mareep has posted at all. I agree that I would like to hear more from them.

Well the more posts someone has the easier it is to build a case. It's why inactives are such a pain since they have basically nothing to use against them, and the actives fight amongst each other, like currently. Hopefully D2 will yield more results. On the bandwagon, like most of the others, I'm most suspicious of Lord of Trolls. I would like to hear more from him, but the unvote is still just so strange.

@Lord of the Trolls Did you think vulpix was town when you unvoted him? And if you didn't feel confident enough that he was mafia, to leave your vote on, then why let the lynch happen? Do you not trust your own judgement?

((And now that I've fallen massively out of character. I'm going to have to work hard to get back into character.))
And the end of it, in which the puppet agrees that my defense is solid. More pushing from our inactive because he had finally posted. I didn’t realized I pushed trolls so much. Well that looks bad. Oh well.

Ok the kill on Mareep is kind of weird but I guess maybe they thought Mareep was cop and that's why they were being so quiet? Weird. Super weird.

VOTE: Lord of the Trolls.

Feeling pretty okay about this, as okay as one can feel anyhow, but I'm also pondering some other things so yeah I'm thinking and this may be subject to change.
Well he jumped on him quick. Let us be honest here. That unvote was scummy as could be, and the only thing any mafia partner in their right mind would do is bus their partner. Especially since Trolls was clearly highly inactive. And here Adam felt pretty good about it. This is his second time mentioning feeling on voting someone. The first was the fox.

Mareep! ran out of
View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vtkGtXtDlQA

Vote: Lord of the trolls

Best person to vote at the moment. After being one of my scum reads, I am now leaning towards town with Alucard.
Look I’m town.

@Lord of the Trolls

Who is your top suspect right now? Same question to @Mr. Resetti and @Mr. Saturn since we haven't heard much from you two on the aftermath of the Vulpix lynch and further reads as a result. And in the case of that mole, we haven't heard much of an opinion period.

I find it strange that nobody has defended the troll in the slightest, just like with Vulpix. He already has 3/8 votes + Alucard finding him suspicious last phase and I was going to add my own until I saw how big the majority was. 5/8 people suspecting him and not even a subtle defense from anyone... I'm no stranger to seeing scapegoating, and I wonder if that is what scum is doing here with Lord of the Trolls in letting him take all the heat. And I'm not ready to add to the fire just yet because of that.

Rule number 8 sounds like I can't share since it was a host-started communication, but even though Vulpix didn't reach out, if they had I still probably would not have done much since there was no reason for me to explicitly trust them as just a "neighbor."
You my dear Roy are the one who thinks the build up on Trolls is strange.

Discounting any other factors and the fact that I know I am clear, there would be a 50/50 chance for either alignment. I would like to believe that my behavior will make my alignment as town easy to see as the game continues, assuming I live long enough. I need to find out if any of the scum here are responsible for my friend in Central's death and may them pay, so I intend to take them down and prove that I am town in the process.

For that reason, I really want to hear from the people who haven't spoken this phase, because something feels off about the bandwagon on Troll to me.
Again with the bandwagon on Trolls being strange.

Ok, no more Mr. Nice Mole.

I agree with Roy Mustard or whatever yer name is; this lynch so far is fishy. It stinks of mafia!


Now I don't necessarily believe Roy is town, no siree. He seemed too willing to let Vulpix get lynched. Even if he wasn't sure the other was a town neighbor-totally understandable-to be that willing to stand by and let it happen? If mafia, probably just saw an easy as pie lynch and let it happen.

I shoulda spoke up about the Vulpix lynch, but I wasn't exactly available. Old Reset center needed me and all that.

ANYWAY! Why would the Lord of the Trolls back off last minute if he was mafia? To take spotlight off him? That just attracted attention! And 'sides, it was an easy lynch for scum to jump on or heck, at the very least, let happen. Taking his vote off wouldn'ta done scum any favors. Make him look good, maybe? We see that it's done the opposite!

SO WHAT AM I DONG YOU ASK? What's the point of all this jabbering?!

Vote: Garrus Vakkarian

You voted Vulpix for a reason that wasn't exactly... eh, enough of a "good case", so to speak. And now you're awful quick to jump on Lord of the Trolls. Yer also awful vague. You point out there's a good chance there's not two town neighbors but you don't wanna take the actual plunge in really saying it one way or the other.
The mole makes some solid points on Garrus, and I wanted a response from him.

You don't believe he could have his own personal goals.

You're sounding quite indecisive here.

You don't believe it could just be a foolish mistake on his part?

Not quite. We killed a townie. The first ones to be persecuted are those that were part of the slaughter. Simple fact. So why would the enemy wish to join us under scrutiny being they would know if they were killing a villager or not. They have even more of a reason to avoid the situation than even a simple villager.

Now then. I do not doubt that that troll will be the finalist today unless something more comes to light, but as the man in blue said. We must hear more from others. No point in wasting daylight, as much of an annoyance it is.

So I'll become like our departed friend and follow the mole.

VOTE: Garrus Vakarian

I really am not a fan of indecisiveness. It makes things quite boring. As does such straight minded thinking. Opens up no possibilities.
Please note that I seemed positive at the time that Trolls would be the lynch. This was before the case on Saturn. I make it quite clear that I merely am voting to pressure for a response.

There's a saying among humans.

Allow this old merc hunter to fill you on where he's shooting from. Because I've been hunted before. I've been pinned down in a building with every major merc gang in the Terminus Systems gunning for my head. I've fought the toughest Krogan in the galaxy to a draw. So when you vote for me, you'd better be packing incendiaries.

  1. Vulpix's first vote was for Yellow Guy, a player who already had one vote against him right from the start. In fact, this was her first post. At the time we didn't know that she and Roy were neighbors so my assumption was that she was hurriedly jumping in aggresively. I have my suspicions that Roy might have asked her to vote with him to help rid the game of a town member very easily, given they had that shared connection from the beginning, but I don't have enough to say one way or the other. You'll note however that my first vote was against Roy, not against Vulpix. I only changed my mind later on when Vulpix became easily flipped. It looked to me like she was just trying to backpedal from an aggressive first vote. And, notably, Roy unvoted as well shortly thereafter.
  2. My suspicions of Lord of the Trolls stems from their own indecisiveness actually. By their own admission . I'm more interested in applying pressure to see what kind of response we can get. I wouldn't call it an interogation so much as an interview.
  3. The only reason I'm indecisive about Roy is that my suspicion of him is purely for meta logic and that is a bad practice to have. He and Vulpix voted similarly and seemed to have been in sync. She turned out to be town, but the role PM still opened the suspicion that he was Mafia. That alone was odd to me. It's possible my gut is telling me the truth. Back when I was just a lowly C-sec grunt I cost us big time with the takedown of a notorious godfather. He played me right to the end and I have never wanted to repeat that mistake. But I need something to go on. Even Saren needed evidence against him before we could take him down. A wise Commander taught me that it's not about the results, but making sure you do it the right way.
I'm more than willing to perch up here in this balcony and survey the sights, and defend myself when necessary. I'm the #1 recommended squadmate to take against the Collectors after all. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I am on the hunt, but you don't get results from being a hothead quick shooter who jumps at everything that seems out of place. That's how you get good men, friends, brothers in arms killed.

Now, Alucard. I also noticed that you jumped on the Yellow Guy bandwagon yourself. But you were also quick to swing towards Vulpix. And now here you are jumping in to vote for me. You want to talk indecisive, look in a mirror. Wait, can you even see anything in it?

UNVOTE: Lord of the Trolls

VOTE: Alucard
Now look at that beautiful post with a nice clear defense. Why should I continue voting him after that? Especially since this:

VOTE: Mr. Saturn

I'm having serious second thoughts about Lord of the Trolls at this point, and I don't want to lose any more potential allies. For a refresher on why I'm ready to snap my finger toward Mr. Saturn, my reasons are pretty much the same as my thoughts last phase:

Also, @Garrus Vakarian I can see why you're suspicious of me, but the fact of the matter is that Vulpix and I barely spoke to each other. All we had was greetings. Without being able to post the QT I have no proof and I know that, but I'm not the type to turn my back on someone I think I can trust. And unfortunately, I didn't think I could trust Vulpix after seeing her quick jump to add a 3rd vote to Yellow Guy and her lackluster responses to questioning. I had hoped she was really scum, since that would mean one enemy down and it would pretty much confirm me as town and thus narrow down the list of suspects. There's really nothing more I can say about what happened to my neighbor as I've explained my actions thoroughly.
You made nice points about Saturn and I wanted to hear from him. I honestly didn’t even notice the points till you well, pointed them out. Pun not intended.

Come now really? If you are going to vote me, at least find something new on me, and not something I've already explained. And jumping on you? Hardly. You are my first vote today and most likely won't be my last. I merely want to get everyone to speak as much as I can. Which I thought I made very clear upon voting you, but it would seem you have hearing issues. I suggest removing that helmet, it might help to improve your hearing.

Now then let's see who else we can get to speak up more. I guess I'll follow the one in blue. I like his reasoning and I do want to hear more from the strange creature.

UNVOTE: Garrus Vakarian

VOTE: Mr. Saturn
My vote.

Mr. Indecisive keeps jumping on bandwagons.

Is that all you have to say? Did you go back and re-read what I said? And considering you unvoted the troll can i assume you no long believe he is our enemy?
Look I continued to push him. While I unvoted him, under not circumstances did I back off.

From what we've heard from Saturn, he's a strange little dude-- make a good drinking buddy probably-- he seems to be attempting to be reasonably helpful in a cryptic but still understandable way. Assuming Saturn comes in and follows through with what he said he'd do, he at least gave a good enough reason for wanting to vote Troll lord. Idk I just wouldn't feel as good about voting Saturn rather than Troll. Gives me a bad vibe.
And this is where things relating to Saturn get strange He was questioning the thing himself before was he not? And yet here he is saying the thing is town. If anything I feel he was buddying him for the fact of buddying a townie. And please note that he says he is town but never truly does much to prevent the lynch.

And feelings on others?
Me pushing someone.

Sorry I conked out, then reread the thread, and voila here we are.

Okay just to make a quick timeline of things that happened Day 1 (hell it'll probably help me out so just. yeah) mixed in with my thoughts...

Day 1:

Alucard waltzs in, votes Mareep (not serious, a rather tame joke vote and it's an obvious one).

Self proclaimed pretty boy Roy is second to vote, takes a jab at puppets, then proceeds to vote our puppet buddy Yellow guy (a joke vote).

Yellow puppet guy claims vanilla as a defense against this one vote. Or at least that's how this looks. Bit of a whacky thing to do but it happened, it so happened.

Saturn comes in, joke votes angry mole Resetti. Prefers to say nothing about the vanilla claim? Had nothing to say about it? Hm. Ok

Here comes Vulpix, who along with Roy, votes Yellow guy. When looking back on this, it does seem kind of weird that two neighbors vote the same person and-- according to them-- had not consulted the other about it. Like what are the odds of that. @Roy Mustang you absolutely positive you're telling the truth about just 'greeting' each other in your QT.

Yellow guy votes Vulpix. Begins to worry about the votes. Little did he know two neighbors were voting him. Dun dun dun.

Alucard marches in, decides the Yellow puppet guy wagon looks fun and jumps right on, promptly voting him too.

Garrus posts, is the first to acknowledge Yellow guy's vanilla claim (expresses doubt on it?), then votes Roy as a joke vote.

Angry mole arrives, warns Saturn for voting him, disappears.

Troll Lord is here and votes Vulpix, but not as a joke from what I can tell being that he says "shooting fire at someone when greeting them is suspicious" but he's also a troll lord so like. ok. Either way his unvote so late still strikes me as prettty suspicious.

Alucard thinks Vulpix is bloodthirsty, votes Vulpix instead of Yellow guy.

Vulpix unvotes Yellow guy, claims it was a joke and nothing more.

Roy follows, and Yellow guy then unvotes Vulpix.

Saturns comes back, accuses Roy of fear mongering, votes him, and leaves us all with some questions.

Garrus decides Vulpix seems scummy, votes.

Speaking of Saturn, he did mention the fear mongering thing again so it wasn't just like a one time brought up ordeal so I'm still thinking a case against Saturn is a pretty shallow one if there is one.
Calling the case shallow, defending Saturn, and basically pushing he is town. He seems much too positive about this.

I think you have things out of order. Was I not the third or fourth to vote the firefox. And I don't quite remember anyone save for the troll unvoting him.

As for @Mr. Saturn It is as good as any reason being he doesn't seem interested enough to refute the blue one's claim. @Lord of the Trolls likewise is not refuting anyone either. Being quiet has nothing good to it.
More pushing from your favorite vampire.

I didn't include myself in there, but I voted after Troll lord, then you voted, so yeah that'd make you about the fourth to vote at that time. Yellow puppet did unvote Vulpix

How much time is left in this phase btw because there's at least probably still sufficient time to hear from Saturn. I personally wouldn't feel right voting him, but I don't have like concrete evidence or anything of him being totally trustworthy so it's all in my gut here at this point.
More “I do not wish to vote Saturn” and yet he hardly does anything.

Ok but if it was a serious vote then why pick Roy, whose was probably a joke vote (unless it wasn't which would be some pretty important news), but not either Vulpix or Alucard or myself who also voted Yellow puppet guy after the wagon started?

I am quite curious to this as well. The first voter usually seems the least suspicious of them all. And here we are once again with Garrus saying he does not trust Roy. Yet he's not voting today.

Also it would seem I misread some of your post earlier Mr. Stanheight. Apologies for that.
These were actually us just agreeing on a very good point.

It's a bit frustrating that both both of the majority votes right now haven't spoken up at all this phase when we have less than 24 hours to come to a decision...

There are were only 10 people/animals/creatures here to begin with, so I don't see why it's so strange that we voted for Yellow Guy. It was not a planned act, and I can assure you that I never said a word in that QT after my initial hello, much less any kind of persuasion to vote Yellow Guy. It's possible that Vulpix followed my vote just because we were neighbors, but whatever the reason, that was solely Vulpix's decision.

But he never pushed it hard; if he truly had a gut feeling that Vulpix was town, then it makes no sense to not try to push an alternative lynch harder to try to save the person you townread while also trying to lynch someone you don't. It's awfully easy to say later on that "boing, Vulpix wasn't threatening" to look good when he had voted me and made little-to-no effort to save his gut townread. Even aside from that - while I may be biased because it concerns me - his "fearmongering" reason is a bit ridiculous, in my humble opinion. If speculating on setup and the reasons that may explain why this game is explicitly stated to contain bastard mechanics is considered scummy, then yes, I suppose I am the scummiest alchemist this side of Kimblee . But I see no downside to doing so when it doesn't prevent scumhunting nor would it really affect our objective of eliminating all of our opposition (as cult or scum... both would need to go down).

When I voted, there was no bandwagon because I was the very first vote on that puppet. So I also don't see how that vote made sense if it really wasn't a joke.
You Roy pushing why your case is solid.

I should point out that I did switch my vote to the more suspicious Vulpix. I have never been a fan of joke votes and every time I investigate a situation I do so seriously. If you vote I will count it. If you don't mean it, don't put someone's life on the line.
Not sure why I quoted this.

Unless you choose to hide, to move your vote is a simple task.

We are at a tie and before the end of the phase, the question is which creature should we lynch? Neither is responding and the reasons for votes are probably around equal, at least in my view.
Please note I posted this at 4:35 PM

Maybe they've gone like Sidonis and are in hiding. I hear there's a a guy on the Citadel, a criminal they call Fade who can help people disappear.

Are you implying that our enemy kidnapped them? That would make no sense. How would they manage that?
This is what came after. As you can see Garrus did not give me a response to my question, just a confusing statement.

Alright that seems a bit more likely now that you've brought it to light. That's probably how it went down, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here..... for now.... but I got my eye on you.

Well when you put it that way it sounds pretty damn bad on his part actually. I'm gonna need to do another reread of this thread, can you believe this? I can't.

Dunno what a Kimblee is but it sounds pretty god-awful. Mmm you raise a compelling point there, it did say that didn't it. And truthfully there's really nothing fearmongery about discussing the setup because I mean hell if anything it's more helpful probably. Speaking of, in a game of this size, there's probably zero to no chance of anyone being aligned with themselves right that'd be weird wouldn't it.

Shit that is cutthroat. I mean I still find it kind of mmmm questionable to choose Roy when there were others aplenty but I guess... there was a reason..?

And oh fuck Alucard's right ok well

UNVOTE: Lord of the Trolls.

To untie the votes and because at this point I'm feeling pretty ok about either one of them. I really hope one of our suspects arrives and starts talkin sometime soon because the lamp is on and it is hot.
For someone so positive that Saturn was town, he seems quite fine unvoting Trolls and letting the thing die. Why not push me to switch to trolls? This was made at 9:32 PM. The update was around 7 AM so there was time. This was also the only post other than Garrus after my question of who were going to lynch. As for the buddying Saturn, I can only imagine the point of that was to make him self look more town for not suspecting town, and yet the day ended in his favor.
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Oct 4, 2012
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Aw dammit, sorry Saturn. How many sucks does it take to actually hit mafia. @Lord of the Trolls I'm putting you in the hotspot and asking for some of your thoughts thus far now gimme that good stuff pal.

Pretty high I'd say.
Suddenly Adam is asking Trolls stuff. And look at that wording. Interesting how it’s not “You are clearly scum” kind of wording. It’s pushing for him to speak.

Is this all you have to say? I would still like to hear from you about this:

This would imply silencing considering we were discussing the silence of the top two votees. It is very clear that it was not Saturns role restriction preventing him from speaking. So do you believe the two were silenced. I believe you may have mentioned it once earlier before this post too. What does this mean?
Me continuing to push Garrus.

It wasn't restricting him though so it isn't that bad.

As for this subject of vanillas. I don't think the puppet is lying. Small games should never have too many PRs as they would break the game.
Ah one of the lovely hints to my role.

@Roy Mustang I think it's highly likely because I'm also a vanilla. Unfortunately. I had actually told this to Yellow puppet guy privately like... in the night I think? Whenever it was, anyway, and I told him privately because I was nervous about stating it in thread thinking it might seem suspicious of me to claim vanilla like right out of the blue and due to the fact another one was out in the open claiming it but since it's come to light that there's probably three of us and that's not so strange in a game this size (assumedly)(makes the 'I don't know grunt') I better just say it out here so if there's a doc they... with a heavy heart I say this... don't protect me.

But moving on from my vanilla claim, it's making me hungry for vanilla wafers or something, Alucard is making me really question our boy Garrus. Is he insinuating that there's some kind of silencer out there or something because that seems pretty slim considering the size of the game? Like I don't know. I could very well be wrong, someone tell me if this seems really off, but it just seems like it'd be.
Adam suddenly question Garrus. Why only now during the night phase though? He didn’t bother earlier. Maybe trying to get town cred, or distance himself from Garrus being he was the nightkill that night.

With such weak roles I believe I just can't see lies about vanillas.

VOTE:Lord of trolls

Been inactive for over the allowed time and still in. Maybe active in the mafia QT?
First post of the new day. Look who I voted. Oh and no I did not move my vote at all that day. At the time I honestly believed Adam because I figured Resetti might be the other one. Didn’t seem that strange at the time, and that was a mistake on my part. But once again I mention weak roles thinking of my own.

Garrus was a good man, I'm very disappointed to see him go down like this. Another person to avenge...

To begin, I'd like to remove one potential suspect from the pile: myself. I was Garrus's copcheck and we had been in contact since D2. We had hoped to look like we disagreed a lot in-thread in order to avoid dying, but clearly that didn't work unfortunately. I've contacted the hosts to find out if I can post our conversation for proof and some other things since it wasn't host-started. So basically, unless you think I'm a godfather neighbor, I think it's best we work under the (correct) assumption that I am town and thus narrow down our list of suspects to 5/6 people here, making our odds 40% (2/5) of hitting scum without taking anything else into account.

Now then, some thoughts on all who remain living here.

1) Adam Stanheight - has claimed vanilla and that he contacted Yellow Guy about it early on. @Yellow Guy is this true? And to @Adam Stanheight did you talk about anything else or receive any response from our puppet friend here? And why does you being vanilla make you believe Yellow Guy? So many vanillas (and, let's be honest here, neighbors are barely anything better than vanilla too) and yet we've seen the existence of a lightning rod, which seems to me to imply that scum has to have some kind of ability. Notable actions include unvoting Lord of Trolls last phase, untying the votes as a result and allowing Mr. Saturn to be lynched. However, I find that to actually seem town-like in that Adam had to know it would reflect poorly on him if he knew Saturn was town, and a no-lynch wouldn't really have hurt scum to just let happen. In fact, it may have helped since we'd have even less to go on this phase. Additionally - while I disagree about the vanilla situation - I can kind of buy Adam being vanilla just because I have no idea who Adam Stanheight is and he seems to have no extraordinary abilities for a human, and his believing other vanilla claims seems actually looks okay to me too since it'd be fairly easy bait for scum to try to paint a "me vs them" with the claims. --- LEANING TOWN

2) Alucard. - One of the most active players here. Willing to move his vote around freely in order to get information. It was this brashness that lead me to town-read him, but I'm having some second thoughts. Jumped on the Yellow Guy bandwagon in D1 only to remove the vote fairly quickly afterward onto BlazingVulpix, who died and was town. Had some extensive back-and-forth with Yellow Guy at one point during N1; not sure if that could be faked if they're scumbuddies, and Yellow Guy's reactions sounded pretty not-planned. In D2, Alucard followed Mr. Resetti's vote and voted Garrus for indecisiveness. And yet, it took only one post from Garrus for Alucard to then unvote and follow my vote on Mr. Saturn. Basically, all of Alucard's final votes have been on town, though that definitely can happen to town just as it can scum. Interestingly, all of his votes seem to have been following other peoples' minus this phase's vote... He claims to be one of the only people making cases, but mainly he has used the reasoning of others when making his votes. Garrus had told me privately that he found Alucard suspicious for reasons like that. There's also the fact that I could see the NK on Garrus making since with scum!Alucard since a) Garrus suspected him, even in-thread and b) I think Alucard knew that Garrus wasn't really on anyone's scumlist and therefore taking him out was like killing two birds with one stone. His case on Trolls seems like taking an easy potshot, and if one is scum, I don't think the other is. --- COULD BE SCUM

3) Lord of the Trolls - By far our most inactive suspect here. His BlazingVulpix vote I actually kind of townread in hindsight given that the bandwagon had already formed at that point and I'd imagine that the kind of person who seems to avoid the thread like him wouldn't want that kind of attention of hopping on the wagon. His unvote is a little more dubious, but it is true that it drew more attention to him, so if scum wanted to avoid attention, it really may have been better to simply let the vote go and blend in with the wagon. His answers to questioning were essentially "mainly here to watch things unfold and say witty comments," and I wonder if scum would really be so flippant about that and the fact that he actually had a majority vote at one point during D2. He has never spoke up again since N1. @Lord of the Trolls what are your thoughts now? --- KIND OF NULL

4) Mr. Resetti - Started off seeming like he'd maybe be active, but instead comes and goes with few posts. Voted and unvoted (all in the same post) Mr. Saturn during early D1, but then didn't do anything noteworthy after that. His only other action of note was voting Garrus during D2, which could be construed as a Lord of Trolls defense, if you think Trolls could be scum. So all of his votes have been on town. The fact that he hardly ever posts and his case on Garrus was fairly weak and seemed tacked on makes me suspect him. --- LEANING SCUM

5) Yellow Guy - Was the victim of an early bandwagon on D1, but votes ended up moving toward Vulpix instead. Claimed vanilla immediately after my joke vote, later saying that claiming early should make it believable (which, let's be real here... that's exactly what scum would want, but the way he brought it up himself makes it sort of null). I also have no idea about Yellow Guy's history, but a quick search seems to not show any remarkable abilities, so maybe he is vanilla. Interacted a substantial amount with Alucard in N1, and again, I believe it was genuine frustration from his side. Voted Lord of the Trolls in D2 as the 3rd vote on the wagon, which gives me a town vibe. Though he does seem to be a lot more quiet when conversation has moved away from him. --- LEANING TOWN


- I don't think that both Adam and Yellow Guy can be scum together

- Also don't think that Yellow Guy and Alucard can be scumbuddies together either

- I think the scum is likely two of the Alucard/Lord of the Trolls/Mr. Resetti bunch

I'm still trying to think things through, and I'll also wait and see if I can post my private conversation in case that can help in some way. A massclaim may help though.
This was you giving thoughts on players. You point out how all my votes were on town. The irony is that Adam’s unvoting is no different than voting Saturn himself. He was also on the vulpix lynch, and was just as at fault for Saturn as us.

Looking forward to hearing from Ms. Oldbag about the situation. But in the meantime, I did some thinking, and I believe this has the highest chance of hitting scum...

VOTE: Mr. Resetti
You believing that the mole was more likely scum than the old bag.

@Roy Mustang i would appreciate if you didn't twist my words. Making cases was what I said during night one or at most early D2 when I was the only one making cases. As for my unvotes-why bother leaving my votes for long periods of time when they give nice responses. I thought I made that clear. If you notice the timing of unvotes from me are after very nice solid posts. I agreed with your vote on Saturn and wanted him to speak up. If the other ha not unvoted trolls then I was planning to change my own vote to trolls.
Me responding to you, and pointing out faults in your post. Some of which you later agreed with.

By the way I feel it prudent to admit this now since it's no use now. As you noticed I've been supportive of the vanilla claims from D1 because I believe they are necessary due to such weak power roles. I am a two time doctor. N1 I actually protected Adam night one on a whim that maybe he was the cop. And Roy n2 due to believing he might be town enough looking that mafia would want to rid of him. Clearly I was wrong.

No idea what happened with that first post
Me showing my skeletons.

Now, upon reading the thread, I think the most suspicious person is Mr. resetti.Here, the whippersnapper prods someone for inactivity, which is very hypocritical since he had made no contribution to the thread at this point.

So, his only content post was a wishy-washy "I agree with him but I'm covering my back in case he's scum", one read, and a vote on a townie. This all seems mighty suspicious, if you ask me.

Vote: Mr. Resetti
While the quotes are not present here, I would like to note there was maybe two or three that she had in this post. The point? Simple, someone mentioned somewhere, later in the game. I believe it was you. That she did not quote me, and yet she did not quote anyone really, unless it is not in this current set of quotes I have.

An what are your thoughts on others? Your spot is quite suspicious in itself.
Me pushing the old woman.

If ya remember, y' also didn't wanna go after Lord of the Trolls. I wasn't "defending" him or nothin'. I was just adding onto my point of finding that Garrus guy suspicious, which I now see was completely off the tracks.

Hey, us moles aren't exactly social creatures! I know, I know. No excuse, but onto the point; it was day 1 and not much happens on day 1. Pretty much all that was goin on was suspicion onto Yellow Guy and then suspicion went onto Vulpix. And I said I wasn't exactly available during that whole event.

Vote: Wendy Oldbag

now that we see Garrus Vakkarian was a townie, my thoughts on Lord of the Trolls has taken a U-turn. And old lady ya seem a bit quick to go after me. You read the thread? Well how come I don't see anythin' else from you? No other thoughts?
The mole pushing her, and explaining himself.

Isn't that hypocritical. We haven't seen much from you either.
And me pointing out hypocrisy.

Admittedly I did not remember when exactly you had said the cases point, so fair enough there. I don't agree with your second point though about the unvotes; I don't understand why you unvoted Garrus during D2 when his response to your vote was fairly short and even I wouldn't have found it satisfying if I truly suspected him, and you continued to call him out for being indecisive after that point.

At this point, we really just might need a massclaim from the few people who haven't. It's interesting that the doctor would be 2x while the cop is 1x, though I suppose I could understand that balance-wise. What I don't get, however, is how this could be the final phase of the game. If the game could end this phase, that means that there would be no opportunity for a doctor to protect anyone and even have just a chance to save us one more phase if we mislynch. It makes me wonder if there's a doctor at all, unless it could be the last phase if we mislynch and hit the doctor... I guess if that might explain it, I can buy your doctor claim for now. And I feel much more confident in Mr. Resetti being scum than you anyway.

No, I certainly do remember. But of course I'm going to look at things differently toward you - a strange mole that I do not know the alignment of and have seen not many substantial posts from - than toward myself when I know I am town. Also, why exactly does Garrus's alignment cause you to now scumread the Lord of the Trolls/Wendy Oldbag slot that you previously did not? What is the connection between the two exactly?
Just another post from you that agrees and disagrees with me as well as pushing the mole.

You want other thoughts?! Fine here we go!!

Like Roy said the mafia no doubt has an ability. But I think that one of the vanillas is mafia too. Roy is off the hook, so that leaves the Adam Steinheight fellow and Yellow Guy. Yellow Guy came out with it pretty darn early, which works in his favor. At the same time it can also be seen as a way of him trying to get off the hook at the start...

Adam Steinheight unvoted Lord of the Trolls last phase which was... I dunno, odd. But I can understand wantin to get a lynch and all. No lynches ain't my style.

If I had to lean one way or the other with these two, I'd be more willin to bet Yellow Guy is a townie. But!! I don't wanna say for certain yet since I'm still skeptical for a few reasons which I won't elaborate on yet.

You said the case thing during day 1 here:

Vulpix was the second to vote Yellow Guy and took the vote off when called on it. Can that really be called a case?

And yer a 2x doctor?? Why would there be a 2x doctor in a game with a whole buncha vanillas and 1x cop. This is kind ofa hypothetical question, I wanna hear thoughts on this.

Well basically put I found it strange how quick Garrus was to vote Lord of the Trolls. Cop probably had good intuition an' all plus any ounce of me wantin' to believe in (meh... not really "believe" but not "defend" either. There's gotta be better word fort his but eh.) the Troll is gone.
The mole responding to pushing. I really am not sure why I quoted some of this.

I did say 2 shot. I used up all my shots unfortunately. This you can see how I have no opportunity to protect myself.

To me the wording of Harris seemed honest. We just have different views clearly. And truly I didn't think he needed further pushing.
Me pointing out the issue with something you said. I also do not know how Garrus became Harris.

And my claim!!? Well I'm a *heavy sigh* 1x phase resetter. Can y' believe me, Mr. "Don't reset yer darn game" Resseti can reset the phase.

Exactly what does that do?
Ah the start of my confusion on a role I was not understanding.

Hmm. The same goes for you, dearie.

I think yellow guy's claim comes off as suspicious because it makes little sense to claim so early on, and he only seems to post when the discussion involves him, which is a more Mafia-orientated thing to do. However, it could just be a sign of being busy. Leaning scum.

Alucard gives mixed readings to me, and I shall have to wade through a large amount of text to get a read on him. Since he's been under a lot of suspicion, I shall do a post one him once I've eaten.

Roy's been generally townie. His posts come across as town, and although he could easily be lying about being Garrus's cop check, nobody as of yet has counterclaimed it. I would say town.

Adam is another one I have to read in more detail.

I already stated my reads on the crazy axe-wielding mole, his other posts aren't helpful. He reeks of hypocricy.

As for my predecessor, I can say that he's definitely been genuinely inactive, as my role has a high number of shots and yet none have been used.
The old woman giving thoughts.

Exactly what is your role?
Me pushing for her claim.

Well let's say if I used it this phase it'd be like the phase never even happened. A no lynch would occur, the previous person nightkilled (in this case Garrus) would come back as if he were never killed and the phase would be Night 2 again.
More explanation of his role.

I'm a 3x tracker.
Why did I quote the obvious.

That contradicts itself if you're making it like this phase never happened then why would it make night 2 never happen?
More me being confused about the mole’s role.


Adam Stanheight - vanilla

Alucard. - 2x doctor

Wendy Oldbag - 3x tracker

Mr. Resetti - 1x phase resetter

Roy Mustang - neighbor

Yellow Guy - vanilla

BlazingVulpix - neighbor

Garrus Vakarian - 1x cop

Mareep! - 1x lightning rod

Mr. Saturn - post-restricted vanilla

Top set is those still alive; bottom is the dearly departed. And that's everyone who is/was in the game in these two lists.

The only thing that really sticks out as especially odd is the 3x tracker claim, in my opinion. If town-aligned, it's not very useful when it would only be able to pick up on two players' actions (cop and doctor, assuming the doc claim is legitimate) and both are/were likely town, unless one of the vanillas are lying. But even if one vanilla was lying, that means that only one action in the game would have been scum and traceable for a tracker. That means all we had was a single copcheck to work with for information, essentially. On the flip side... tracker would help scum here because they could pick up the power roles. It would also attract the lightning rod. I'm also finding the x-shots very strange in general (1x cop, 2x doc, 3x tracker), but not sure what can be gleamed from that, if anything.

As for @Mr. Resetti 's claim, it certainly fits his history and background at the Reset Center. And that would explain the notice about "bastard mechanics" because I'm sure such an ability would be considered bastard by many people. Would it be best for him to use it and reset the phase? If nothing happens, then he's a liar. If it works, we get back a confirmed town player and keep our selves in the game for a while with a safety net. It seems like a win-win to me. For the moment...

UNVOTE: Mr. Resetti

VOTE: Wendy Oldbag
Oh look you switched your vote.

Since it would go back to night 2 the kill wouldn't have ever happened. The mafia would have to redo the kill so then Garrus would come back.

I'm more than willin' to prove my ability and all if that's what everyone feels is best.
More explanation.

Adam did contact me yes. He speaks the truth.
The puppet confirming the Adam. Why did I quote this?

Two questions for you: 1) what use is a lightning rod without a doctor. That's what is so great about it that it attracts everything. Thus working to be a surekill successful protect assuming there is no strongman kill. Without it it's just a chaotic bodyguard.

2) How does using his role clear the mole? Mafia could use it too. It's more of a neutral chaotic role. Unless the cop had died before outing a mafia claim I do not see how it does anything but repeat what happened. Gives mafia another chance to ind out more information if it restores shot and. Arely gives town a chance.
Ah more confusion. Oh and the way I saw it possible for the mole’s role to help mafia.

My track works on the kill, too. That's invaluable for town, because if someone suspicious (or a claimed passive) visits the person who dies, that's essentially a cop check. Don't underestimate me.

Surely the reset could have useful Mafia implications too? Kill a vanilla, reset, new shot at a PR. I would say that resetti's role working is no indiction of his alignment.

That's helpful to know.
…Well it just looks bad when mafia agrees with someone.

The role PM of Mareep! explicitly stated that "factional kills" were not able to be redirected to the lightning rod if they had used their ability. Here it is for reference:

So as long as the mafia nightkill is counted as a factional kill (which it 99% has to be, since it doesn't look like any other means of killing is in this game) it doesn't sound like it would have worked as surefire protection for Mareep! for the night.

How would it benefit scum, though? It would reset everything that just happened, and it wouldn't really buy any time for scum. We would be repeating the same actions if we had managed to lynch scum and scum reset the phase to "save" them (since, if we knew they were scum before the reset because of the flip, of course we'd lynch them again) so it would not affect anything for scum really. It benefits town more because it gives us a phase with a confirmed townie who died to give their thoughts before they presumably will die again.

Right, I forgot about kills being trackable... that complicates things. Just to be sure I have all the facts, do you know if this is the ability that Lord of the Trolls had when he was here, or is it specific to you as Wendy Oldbag?
This post of yours makes it clear that I didn’t read the sheep’s role in detail. And also you disagreeing about the mole’s role.

So, having looked at the thread in more detail, I have this to say:

Adam looks town. His posts and votes seem thought out and genuine, and he has contributed well.

Alucard looked very good on day one. He has made some good points throughout the game, and so has yellow guy. However, he seems to be sheeping votes a lot, especially in the later phases. I'm leaning scum on him, but less so than yellow guy because a doctor claim seems entirely reasonable. One thing that does strike me as odd about Alucard is this:

I disagree with this. To me, a few low grade abilities (is 2-shot doc really low-grade in such a small game anyway?) is usually indicative of a few powerful town roles, for balance. That, or we're dealing with a massively underpowered Mafia. Having said that, godfather seems unlikely in a game with only a 1-shot cop, so I'm willing to take Roy's claim as true.

Given that I was explicitly told that LotT didn't track anyone, I can safely assume that he had that ability too.
Interesting thing about mafias. To lynch one you must build a case that others are willing to follow, or in the words of the old woman, sheep. She quoted a post of mine here, and tried to make it looks as though I was lying.

Tracker wouldn't fit a troll or an old woman with bad hips.

I already explained, and scum themeselves pointed out how The moles role could be used for mafia. And why wouldn't he use it D2 or N1 or even N2 and help any of those dead townies? Why only when he's on the chopppung block. We could have redone either of the two day phases.

Lastly I cannot protect myself, and only a two shot. I consider that a rather weak doctor role.

And a lightning rod that only attracts non kill actions? That's nothing save for a chaotic role. Town would not be left with a mere 1xcop as defense against mafia.

Also interesting note if the old woman is not lying. Switch hers and the miles rokes and they fit each other. Moles use their noses and go underground, perfect for tracker. And resetting a phase would fit a troll due to their mischievous nature. The others I've seen that aren't mischievous are complete morons. Tracker is not firing at all for a troll.

Oh and let's not forget most of the time that mafia can send in actions for each other.
Me explaining more of my role. Pointing out how unfitting the tracker was for the old woman. Just a random tidbit. And some other stuff that you can read. And my positivity that the old woman was scum.

Wha? C'mon, my name is Mr. Resetti!

Probably cause there ain't no tracker! I'm usin' my ability this phase but if the Oldbag gets lynched next time then we'd see what their ability is.

I was waitin' for a right opportunity. Now that there's the possibility of the game ending and mafia winning, this will give us some extra time to think things over.

You're only using it now that you have no choice! All the other phases would have been better opportunities. You could have made it to where we lynched trolls D2!

Hey now, you sound like someone who resets your game after one teensy thing goes wrong! You run around on some flowers and you think y' gotta reset all of a sudden?


Nah, now let me take a deep breath.

Alright let's say I made some... bad choices. Maybe I shoulda done somethin' before, but does that make me inherently scummy? 'Sides I hate to say it, but Mr. Saturn wasn't all that, y'know, active. He didn't even speak up in his own defense. An' I wasn't bout to use my reset on day 1. I thought it'd be best to save it for another time. That was my basic thinkin' with my ability.

Anywho, how could my ability have made it so we lynch the Troll on day 2?

Resetting day 2. Then the whole lynch would not have happened and we could have done something more proper. To add on: Yes it is scummy to not have had used it until you are forced to. At this point you're just using it to talk your and allow you partner to talk their way out of being lynched not that it will work.

And you still haven't used it considering we only got a vote count. Unless you were lying about what it does.

It says it'll work when the game updates.

I wouldn'ta used it then probably. At that point I wasn't suspicious of Lord of the Trolls. It's hard to say what would've happened but all I can say is it's too late to think about those "what if's" now.

Who is my supposed partner? Wendy Oldbag?
A scuffle between the mole and I. I did not agree with the fact he waited so long to use his role, clearly. And to me it was scummy.

Hey sorry for being absent the majority of the phase, I'm gonna have to make a better post with my thoughts more put together sometime soon but just to piece some things together at the moment and more importantly

VOTE: Wendy Oldbag.

Not buying a 3x tracker in a game of this size, and with so many of us who don't have ahem useful roles n'all. Like tracking kills, sure, but a 3x tracker... to be lucky enough to track a kill like, ok, maybe once in the game... sounds like it isn't likely at all and Troll lord before was on my list-- not that that part's any fault of your own, lady. But it still sorta coincides right now. I'm really mainly finding the claim to be super suspicious, like major. Seems so unlikely.

Alucard being a 2x doctor is believable enough and hey dude shoutout for having my back the first night. I can see a 2x doc for this, and Alucard in general is someone I've been inclined to trust anyhow. So put two in two together there and voila I got someone who I can easily believe.

Roy is pretty much easily cleared at this point in time I really don't gotta say too much on that (um, we cool... since I kinda busted your chops before... whoops) which is nice. However with that information raises some questions in my opinion like ok so we've got myself, a vanilla... two town aligned neighbors, both with no abilities of their own so they're pretty much vanillas, Yellow puppet who claimed vanilla... and Saturn, who had a post restriction but otherwise was also a vanilla. I'm getting some weird almost unexplained vibes from Yellow puppet guy at this point idk from his overall absence in thread, not much contribution, and our interaction privately.

Mr. Resetti who was pretty inactive before keep the pick axe away remember that man seems to be telling the truth although it's a gut feeling until proven true. The ability definitely suits him, so like, doesn't seem like a lie? And it sounds damn useful if it'll actually reset the phase so it'll be one hell of a benefit to us. Sure he could've used it before but that's also a tough decision to make so I can kinda sorta see why it took him till now to choose to use it. Just hope he is telling the truth and it's not all some sick ruse.
Ah look at Adam buddying up to me some more. This is just a post to basically jump on the kill scum train, and repeats what others have said, or point out the obvious. It adds nothing really.
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Oct 4, 2012
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The dead brought back to life... reminds me of a half-pint kid I know...

All right, Resetti has proven his ability so I'm also inclined to believe that he is truly town. As I said before, I see no benefit to such an ability for scum, and it worked exactly as he said. Given the nature of it, I can buy town being relatively weak if he's town, and that leads me to believe that Oldbag is scum with 3x tracker. Tracker can also be aligned to both sides, so it is not an insta-clear even if the claim is true. And Lord of the Trolls was clearly present during N1 since he had addressed his unvote then; why not use his ability? Perhaps he found a replacement in Oldbag because he couldn't take the heat as scum.

If Oldbag is scum, that leaves one more... Alucard's doctor claim is un-counterclaimed and risky with as common as doctors. Both shots being used up is convenient for a fakeclaim, but the reset ability makes sense with only a 2x doctor and using it early may make sense if you can't be sure you'd live long enough to make use of it. And it is possible that Garrus's first death was to cast suspicion on Alucard, since Alucard was another person who wasn't highly suspected at that point aside from by Garrus himself. So I can't fully agree with our turian ally in finding Alucard to be one of the most likely scum, but the possibility is there so I wouldn't advocate overlooking it either.

So that would leave our two vanilla friends: Adam Stanheight and my not!son Yellow Guy.

Of the two, I'd guess that Yellow Guy would be mafia more than Adam. Yellow Guy went from being very active early on (with some fairly large posts too) to almost nothing at all (including not even voting during D3 when the game's fate really rested on that phase before the reset was brought to light). While he was the original vanilla claimer, he also was quick to say that being first should make it look good, which is almost so-obviously scummy that I had townread the action before (in a "how could mafia possibly say that" type of way)... but not now. Adam has been much more involved throughout the game, and the way he PM'd Yellow Guy about his own vanilla claim and was quick to believe that more vanillas are possible give me a town vibe. Additionally, Ms. Oldbag said she found Yellow Guy more suspicious than Alucard... and yet went on to only bring up posts from Alucard instead. It may be an attempt at distancing from scum allies.

It may be best if everyone gives their top two most likely scum so that we can see if there is anyone that we mostly agree on as a good lynch. And so that no matter who dies this night, we at least had some thoughts from them in case it could be helpful.
Something interesting here. You mention the old woman putting suspicion on the puppet. And I think I mistated something in my previous post due to thinking of this one. However, the point here is I pointed out some questionable things Adam did early on. Interesting enough, he seemed to be the only one she didn't attack. Instead she attacked the mole, I, and the puppet. All the obvious targets, letting Adam continue to slip under the radar.
Welcome back Garrus, I'd offer some of Vulpix's leftover candy to celebrate where did they get that from anyway gimme that stash but I'm almost all out. It's so good.

Mmm hmm so definitely my top scum reads at this point are for sure Yellow puppet guy (I trusted you before man.... thought we were vanilla buds... I trusted you... damn) and the old lady. The possibility of old lady being a 3x tracker is so slim I could probably stick a sheet of paper through. Plus there's not much of a use for a tracker in a game where there's so many vanilla-like roles, let alone a 3x one. Ok it'd be one thing if she were a 1x-- even then that'd be sketchy as fuck-- but c'mon a 3x... not buying it. I will eat my shirt if she told the truth about it. Also mafia can be trackers right so maybe if she's mafia, which we're thinking at this point, then yeah I could see the 3x then but only then.

My thoughts exactly on a very suspicious Yellow puppet guy move. You're his dad for christ's sake and you're thinking he's scummy, it speaks volumes.
Here Adam starts putting more suspicion on the puppet.
If the old bag is not a mafia then we're all complete morons. The only use of her is her interactions.

As for why I would use my ability right away: As Roy pointed out, I wasn't sure when I would die or if I would. I cannot protect myself as I already stated and two mislynches with the nightkills put us straight into a possible last phase. I rather try to prevent that kind of situation before it happens. Not to mention there is no way to know how successful I will be unless it is I and a single ally against a single enemy, but what are the chances of that. And even then they could just kill me and win. There is no formula for being assured. The enemy will go after those we do not expect them to go after. Prime example is you yourself. Despite the slight suspicion on you in thread, the enemy chose you over someone everyone trusted. Most likely since they knew the doctor would not be protecting you and that the doctor would think of you as the enemy or enough of a potential mislynch to not be targeted by the enemy. In that kind of case the enemy is clearly thinking ahead.
I wonder if I was still pushing for her death. Oh look I was. And explaining why I used my ability first two nights.
Okay, let me explain my inactiveness. This week was spirit week at my school and yesterday was homecoming. So those things kept me more busy than I would've liked.

It's really funny that you point out my absense, but in this same post (cut it out but you said it my man.) you apologized for being absent. Little bit hypocrital but hey, I guess we all are sometimes right? (Meh don't know about that.) Also I like how you think I'm scummy from our interactions privately yet you're the one who asked if I was really vanilla and didn't want to ask in thread for some reason. And when I asked why didn't you want to ask in thread, you sidestepped the question and just said it would be "iffy". And asked if I had contact with anyone else privately. Those things are all way more suspicious than the things I said (you can reveal them if you want).
Just for funzies lets add on the fact that you've basically been buddying me the whole game and were involved in both town lynches. (On the Vulpix wagon, unvoted Lord of the Trolls so Saturn would get lynched.) I contacted my top town read at the time (not going to reveal them unless they want to be revealed.) after our PMs and told them that I was really suspicious of you. You contacted me and claimed vanilla before Saturn flipped Vanilla. Once I saw that, that really raised my suspicions.

I may have been quick to say that, however I also was quick to say that claiming might not have been the best idea because the Mafia wouldn't go after me. So I looked at it from both sides. Or atleast tried.

Okay, so Mr. Resetti proved his role and is most likely town. Garrus is obviously town. My dad (hi dad) seems to be town. Wendy's claim rubs me the wrong way (just like it did with everyone else it seems.)
And @Adam Stanheight you are right, we aren't vanilla buds...because I don't believe you are vanilla. I am.

Also I just reread the rules, and I can copy and paste my conversation with Adam since it didn't have anything to do with the hosts if anyone is interested.
The puppet fighting his counterclaim.
Please do.
This was my last post until the next night. I pushed for us to have all information. I did explain upon returning that the reason I was gone was because I was busy with work. Like others have had in the game, I had things outside of the game. To add on there is a major flaw with the avoiding being on the old woman lynch. That flaw is: What is the point? She was not a bomb, so why avoid it? There is no point in avoiding it at all.
Sure thing!

Adam: Ok this will seem probably like a strange and maybe pointless thing to ask but I don't want to just straight up ask in thread, anyway getting down to the meat of the point here, are you really a vanilla? Alright you probably wouldn't tell me if you weren't but try to be as honest as possible with me dude. Let's scratch each others backs here.

Me: Gonna be honest, your question is a bit suspicious, but yes I am. It kind of sucks because I don't have a role but also pretty good since I don't have to carry the stress of handling a role.

Me again: Hey, why didn't you want to post that question in thread? Also, what did you mean by "Let's scratch each other's back" what were you trying to imply?

Adam: Yeah I kind of figured that it would seem a little weird of me to bring this up privately rather than in thread but at the same time I was too iffy about doing it in thread so I decided to do it here instead. Next best way s'all.

Well the reason I even asked and had this doubt at all is because I'm also vanilla-- heyyy vanilla buddies-- and I went through some process of thoughts such as;

'Yellow puppet's vanilla too ok that's not too weird --> maybe it is kind of weird and maybe he's actually godfather and just claimed vanilla --> nah why would he do that so suddenly that's probably not the case'

So as you can see the last thought process there is my current and final one on the matter especially now because you seem all genuine when you're talking about it, your posts, and I don't see the godfather conspiracy theory anymore. Unless you're playing me very well in which case don't kill me lol. But no really I believe the claim now. Well as much as someone can since vanilla can be proved about as well as area 51

Have you privately been in contact with anyone else or are you not willing to disclose this info to me... I'd get that. Totally get that.

I haven't been in contact with anyone else.

That was the last time we talked privately. We haven't pmed since Wednesday.
You've been pretty quiet dude for a while now, I was gone for like a majority of the phase and even then I went in and tried to gather my thoughts to the best of my ability and voted. Like you didn't have to post an essay or nothin but you could've voted and given like a sentence of reasoning or anything. You really haven't given much indication on who you've been suspecting, who you trust, what you think we should do next, nothing. Pretty much the most activity we've seen from you is from day 1 and that's because of your early claim.

Uhhh I kind of said the reason in thread on why I didn't claim publicly at that point in time. I said it when I admitted to claiming to you privately so it's not a secret. I felt iffy because at the time I was feeling it would bring suspicion onto me claiming vanilla first of all clearly out of the blue but then when so many vanilla-like roles came outta the wood work I figured why the fuck not and took the plunge because it really was for the best at that point. I asked if you were privately in contact with anyone else because a) you were being quiet in thread so I was wondering if maybe you were doing stuff behind the scenes or something and b) if you were going to tell the person you were hypothetically in contact with about my claim.

So I trusted your vanilla claim early (because there was no reason at the time really not to) and that's considered buddying what. Um okay. This is so obvious but I obviously would not have done either of those things had I known they were really town like how idiotic would I have to be. If anything doesn't that make me look more innocent than anything? Hell at least I'm trying things here, going after the people I think are scummy regardless of the outcome because god don't we know how its been working out but as we can see we're at least starting to get some results. I don't really have anything to say about when I claimed that's pure coincidence let's say I was hypothetically mafia as you're implying how would I know Saturn was vanilla unless you're now thinking a rolecop exists or something? I'm ummm confused.

Yeah ok I can get that.

Ouch wow ok. So we're not vanilla buds anymore. That was sadly short lived. Unfortunately we can't be 1 vanilla bud and 1 mafia godfather bud. Btw I'm the vanilla bud in this equation because I'm not lying about my role here like I will cover myself in peanut butter to seal the conviction.
I've explained why I was inactive. I can go further into detail but this obviously isn't the place for that. And I said I suspected Alucard and even tried to go after him and generate discussion. Now I'm suspicious of you and Wendy. And I haven't given my thoughts on what I think we should do next because I was inactive. Let me take the time now to do that. I think our best shot of hitting scum would be to lynch Wendy. We should look into doing that come daytime.

Ok fair enough.

The way you've interacted with me starting way early into the game up until your suspicions of me, I kind of got a buddying vibe from you. That doesn't have to be scummy, townies can buddy, but I figured I'd just point it out. I was trying things too. I went after Alucard and tried to get something going because I was suspicious of them like I pointed out earlier in this post. I'm not implying you knew Saturn was vanilla. I'm more so implying that you're Mafia and claimed vanilla to me because you thought there couldn't be a lot of vanillas in the game maybe, and when Saturn flipped, maybe that poked a hole through your plans.

I knoooowww :( and if you really are vanilla, then I apologize for breaking our buddyship up because of suspicions, (I'm tired of all this vanilla on vanilla violence.)but I can assure you (well I can atleast assure myself) that I am in fact 100% authentic all natural vanilla. I'm the one. The only. Bud.
Ok I totally get the old lady being a suspect because a 3x town tracker is just not making any sense. Hold up speaking of the old lady did she ever say whether or not she's used her ability yet on anyone @Wendy Oldbag and also is your name really Oldbag I gotta know. Yeah well we can both agree on that I definitely say our target the upcoming phase should be Oldbag.

I'm not really sure where this buddying thing is going, like if you think I was buddying or something or not what does it make you think like why does that seem scummy and what impact does this make the whole buddying thing isn't making sense to me. I mean I'll say right now that it wasn't my intention and I don't really see how it came off that way especially since at one point in time I clearly had a little doubt on you regardless on how much I expressed it in thread or not but I cast it aside due to all the vanilla like roles that showed up. I mean it seemed silly to not believe your vanilla claim at the time, so naturally I was going to believe it and not vote you because why would I hop onto a wagon if your claim seems legit and you aren't seeming scummy at the time that'd be weird.

Well I am vanilla and it's too late to apologize dude our vanilla buddyship is broken man it's broken! It could've been so much! We could've gone vanilla buddy shopping together, watched vanilla buddy movies, but no, it's ruined! What am I, artificially flavored then Hate to say it friend but I'm the all naturale vanilla here and there'll be only one way of proving it.
And the rest is just their fight.
Servant of Hellsing
Oct 4, 2012
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About Oldbag, I feel like I should articulate what I was trying to say about the connection between Lightning Rod and Tracker before (a phase or two ago) better. The Lightning Rod could not attract the nightkill, we know that as a fact from the role PM. So it being able to attract doctor would have absolutely no benefit to town since it would not make for a sure-fire protection/NK target combo. Attracting the copcheck wouldn't be much help to town. Attracting a town!tracker wouldn't either since it would essentially waste 1x of it. All of these would make the Lightning Rod pretty much worthless as a town role.

BUT... attracting a scum tracker would. Tracker could be used by mafia to find power roles (or, as close to power roles as we've got in this game, underpowered as they are). Being able to attract that for a night to prevent scum from getting info would be pro-town. And that's if Oldbag is really a tracker at all, of course. I still fail to see any obvious connection with a lord of trolls and tracking. And if that's the case, then she's lying anyway.

VOTE: @Wendy Oldbag


Also, @Alucard. could you explain how your ability fits you? I did some research just to check on things, and I'm not really seeing it. But admittedly, I am not familiar with your history and had to rely solely on research. The lack of a death last night makes me believe you probably are the doctor and thus town, but I suppose it is possible scum!Alucard could have no-killed purposely to lead us to accept his doctor claim (thinking he protected someone) or that scum wanted to confuse us with a purposeful no-kill in general (as ridiculous a move as I think that would be for scum).

And if the latter were true, I think that'd be somewhat incriminating for Yellow Guy since he pointed out the possibility of inactive scum, perhaps to lead us down that line of thinking. But if he and Oldbag are scum, then he was really quick to vote her this phase, which makes it hard to tell who would be scumbuddies with whom.
You asking about my role which I later responded to. Also you ask Resetti to further explain his role. Please note this.

Maybe he raises them as a vampire townee instead of having them outright die?

However, Alucard already said that he used up all of his doctor charges.
Not sure why I quoted this.

Okay slow down!

For starters I was more than active enough during the night phase, and sent in my action to protect Garrus during that night phase. Logic behind it: I figured either they would kill Roy so that Garrus would be the remaining townie and lead a lynch on me-or they would kill Garrus to frame me out of worry. I figured the latter would be the more likely case due to the fact that Roy is-no offense-more flippy floppy.

I wasn't on during the day phase because I was busy doing my job of killing ghouls, which can be quite exhausting so I was passing out after I finished daily.

And speaking of my job: I am the servant and protector of my master Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. It is in my duty to protect her, even if it costs my life. Which I would guess is why I cannot protect myself. And before you say bodyguard would make sense-it is not just her who I protect. I protect all of you pathetic humans, and puppets, and whatever else from the threat of vampires out there. My job is to protect humans from the world of vampires. That is what an agent of Hellsing does. Protects humans from vampires. We eliminate the threats, and attempt to save those being attacked. And being a special kind of vampire myself-it makes sense that my life would not so easily be lost whilst protecting others from enemies.

Did I miss answering anything else? Or do I need to clarify something for all of you?

Oh and while again this is just words, I asked D2 who you preferred to kill, and I repeat if Trolls had not been unvoted then I would have changed my vote to him to assure a lynch. I also was ready to lynch him, or rater the old woman D3. Not once did I ever say the role is town, and I considered it a highly likely scum role from N1. Call that distancing if you want.

Now then anything else that I missed?
Explanation of my role. Also important to note is I told the whole thread that I protected Garrus that night. To add on this was before we knew that the reset gives back roles. I believe I may have actually questioned that fact in thread earlier before the role had been used. So clearly I knew it somehow. It wasn’t until after I posted this that the mole told us that it restores uses.

For one thing doctor is easy to fake. For another, a 2x doc is still bizarre to me. Why 2? Why does the cop only have 1 and doc gets 2? Docs usually protect cops, right? In a game like this with so many supposed vanillas, it doesn't feel right.

Ah well. it says that any abilities used that phase would be reset. So I suppose it means that if Alucard did use it that last phase (which he says he did I think) then yesiree he woulda gotten that ability back. So protectin' Garrus isn't odd or nothin'.

Well there's only like 10 of us here and I can see the doc getting more than the cop in a situation like this just because of that fact it seems more evened out to me but I'll just throw my hands up right now and say that I wouldn't know anymore about that than the rest of you. Like the cop can check someone and get that back and an answer is there boom, but the doc can use their ability and depending on who they used it on, nothing might not happen because voila it might've been the wrong person they decided to use it on because bang someone died anyway. So just because of that fact I can see why the doc would have 2x rather than the cop.

Ahhg I need to really think about this because I'm still not trusting Yellow puppet guy. I'm not exactly given convincing reasons to. Of course to his defense like there's not a fuck ton for him to defend himself with like such is the pain of being a vanilla.... OR so he claims he is. But now I gotta think about this with Alucard, but admittedly I'm just more inclined to trust Alucard because what he's saying makes sense really, like how his ability fits and stuff. And could mafia really have just forgotten/been so inactive to put in a kill? That seems so. Much less.... likely. Uuuuugh! This is too damn much here, someone play calming sounds of the ocean or something.

I was thinking because you would be just one more confirmed person-- like it'd be between you and Roy. Alucard could've been a choice too I guess since he said he was doc and you'd think mafia would realize that with the phase reset and all then he'd get his protect back for the night n'all... so hm. Maybe it is actually more likely that mafia really was just inactive and forgot to put in a kill. Idk, I'm honestly still perplexed by their first N1 kill on the sheep (we hardly knew ye). Making some strange moves here.

Also someone may have asked this already and I could've missed it but was Resetti's ability a 1x?
Adam buddied me a lot….

And exactly who would that be. Those with active roles were me, you, mareep, resetti, and mafia. Mareep is dead, you used your action n1, resettie used his, and mafia isn't going to kill mafia. I'm under too much fire for them to care, and I can't protect myself anyways. So who am I going to protect? Mafia? It's a matter of trying to figure out who mafia planned on killing this way we get more leeway. And now we do, especially in the case of possible mislynch.

And on me being 2x and cop being 1x. My ability has a higher chance of failing. It also does not give information since for all we know the mafia was inactive. Though if you need some special reason for me to be a 2x, then maybe it is because I can convert others to be vampires like me. And no I am not a converter clearly otherwise the game would be over. Point is if one is a virgin I can convert them into my little follower, and maybe it is due to that, and the fact that I have Seras my little cop that I got two time. I just believe it is more likely though that I am two time because doc is that different from cop.
Me pointing out things.

Honestly I don't know.

I do not doubt yours or Roy's alignment, but that is all.

I still don't trust the mole because I still do not like that he waited until we forced him to use his ability. It also doubled as pushing back the lynch on the old woman. Though I may just be overthinking things.

In the end I would think that due to that logic it has to be one of the vanillas. Which would make sense considering so far we have a pretty weak town compared to mafia who had a JOAT, and who knows what else. It is also admittedly strange that the only truly confirmed vanilla had a post restriction, and yet the puppet does not and nor does the other. Add on that the neighbors are basically vanilla as well due to the fact that let's face it: If you're neighbors then you cannot trust your partner right away. At that point and considering everything else now, it does start becoming strange to have two normal vanillas.
Going against the mole.

Ok that legit sucks. Remember when I said I contacted another player about Adam? Well that player was Mr. Resetti. I contacted him around the time most people were leaning on scum with him. Contacted him and took the risk because at the time, there was no one else that I though I could trust. And I thought I could trust him the most. I can copy and paste our PMs if that's what you guys would like.

Also, I am extremely confident in lynching Adam now. Mr resetti died and he was one of the people who were questioning Adam the most in this chat. Don't remember if he stated that he found Adam suspicious in the thread but he did say he was strange in our PM convo.

Plus, he was on the Vulpix wagon, and unvoted Lord (who was scum) to vote Mr. Saturn (who was town) and only voted Wendy when it was pretty clear she was going to get lynched anyway.

Vote: Adamstanheight

If anyone has anymore questions for me to answer, I'd be glad to answer them.
The puppet mentions PMs.

Please do. It would be quite useful for us to make our decisions.

@Yellow Guy Mind adding all of us actually so we can all see first hand. Also is Adam suddenly psychic. I do not see why he would kill the mole for suspecting him privately unless I am missing something here.

I feel I should further explain this: I said possible. Yellow claimed vanilla, trolls looked scummy, you were a neighbor, and clearly I am not cop. From there my choices were the mole, Adam, Garrus, the sheep...I think that was it. So I figured from what I knew, I had a one in four chance of protecting the cop if the cop was not all the other living players. Adam was a whim. As I said previously. Just wanted to clarify being it looks like he might end up making it seem like something more.

Your point? I drink blood from medical bags and merely do what my master orders. And she's human. The cop who I converted is human. I'm also quite fond of Walter. I especially love watching him fight. And for protection I'm very capable. But if you need further protection information-when my master was young her uncle tried to kill her. I saved her life. That was the day she awakened me and became my master.
Me making sure to push to have all information available. Also more information on my role, or well rather possible reasons for it.

I didn't mean Adam knew Resetti and I were in contact, I'm saying Resetti said he was strange and questioned him on this PUBLIC thread. Not PM. I believe I never said anything of the like about Adam knowing we were in contact. And I'm saying maybe he killed him because of the questioning, once again, in this wonderful PUBLIC thread.

And yes I will add everyone.

Would anyone like me to add them to my convo with Adam as well?

Might as well.

I don't really remember anyone questioning you or Adam truly until I came out with my role.

Do you remember when this one that the questioning happened?
This was my last post for that day. It had more information pushing. I didn’t want us to make a mistake after all. After this I was offline due to having things to do in real life, such as dinner with my master.

You know, I was going to wait to do this until we had some more facts, but I'm apparently in a Yellow Guy phase right now.

I'm seeing a lot of finger pointing and accusations being flung around from Yellow Guy but everyone seems to be questioning it. It gives the impression of a dead man floundering for some final safe minutes of life.


Normally I'd be quick to continue pressing Alucard, but there's something that happened here that makes me second guess myself again. Alucard's last post in the night showed his suspicions for Resetti, and then Resetti died. If he was Mafia he could have pressed for a lynch in the day or he wouldn't have made a comment about his suspicions when he was about to kill him.

It feels like it had too much danger to be countered in the day phase for it to be a sound strategy. I'll hold off on pressing Alucard for now.

Thank you for adding me; I see that the conversation did in fact exist and was legitimate.

Yes, Adam is technically indirectly responsible for his lynch, but I don't know that we would've gotten Trolls out. Alucard says that he would have voted Trolls to force that lynch had the tie kept up, but that's a variable that we don't know for certain.

I have to be honest, this explanation makes no sense to me. Not trusting anyone... yet putting your faith in someone who hadn't posted a whole lot to have an opinion on one way or another? Maybe I could understand if you had thought that Resetti's inactivity might be indicative of him being cop, but just that the simple fact that he was quiet being what led you to find him most trustworthy isn't very logical to me.

VOTE: Yellow Guy

No answers have satisfied me, and at this point I'm actually willing to accept both Adam and Alucard being more likely town over Yellow Guy. I think the odds are in our favor for this one.

Sure, if you think it'll help. We could always use more bad guys voting for their deaths. Would have saved a lot of trouble with Cerberus if the Illusive Man had realized how insane he was.

Not bad and not a guy.

Vote: Yellow Guy

Hopefully, what happened this phase really does help the town when it comes to LYLO next day. Get Adam. He's not a clean vanilla bud.

Goodbye friends.
And you all hammering the puppet.

Calling it now that you survive so Adam can assure my lynch. Tell me what makes him more town.
Well this was clearly wrong. Maybe Adam realized that it would be too obvious if he let Garrus live, and worried that Garrus would lynch him instead. Also me questioning so I could defend myself before the day phase.

Since I've received no response- to whoever survives the night phase-please don't go immediately voting me thus ending the game since Adam will hammer. I'm currently at work and have been all day, an have been busy since after my last post yesterday. I would like to be able to build myself a defense because I have stuff I would like to point out in my defense. I can't do this till after work though.

This is the second time I had been ignored, clearly. The first during Day 2. Remember me asking everyone who they wanted to lynch? No one talks to the vampire unless it is with hatred though.

So it all comes down to this phase... All right, I already have an idea of who I will probably be voting for various reasons. However, I intend to give everything a look again just to be sure I haven't overlooked anything game-changing.

But in the meantime, @Alucard. and @Adam Stanheight if you could please both explain why you are not mafia or just some kind of a defense, that would be great.

For something to respond to, I'll outline some of the reasons that first come to mind that both of you could be in my eyes.


- Notably was silent during the Wendy Oldbag lynch when we hit scum. On that topic, you acted critical of tracker not fitting Oldbag or Trolls... and yet you continued to push Resetti both after his claim and even somewhat after he reset the phase. The latter of which was immediately before he died, which may have been to look like you weren't responsible.

- Oldbag seemed to want to interact with you, which feels like distancing when she had to know she was going to be next on the chopping block when she subbed in.

- The no-kill on the new!N2 would only benefit you as mafia. True, you could have been doctor and got the protect right. But nobody still alive at that point would have been foolish enough - in my humble opinion - to try to kill Garrus-the-most-confirmed-town (and your supposed protect) when he was the likeliest choice to be protected and the phase was reset entirely. Nobody was inactive enough to make that a likely reason either. The person who would benefit from a purposeful no-kill would be you, to keep up the doctor charade at a point where town returned from the brink of disaster and you were being suspected.

- Despite your explanations, doctor still feels very off to me for you. Everything else we've seen has fit the person fairly well, but doctor feels forced. So you have people you need to protect? Many of us here do. I do. But I'm not doctor even though I'm not a blood-sucking vampire.

- Doctor claim was 2x, conveniently claimed at a time when two night phases had already passed.

- These last phases, you seemed to have become far more sheep-y in your votes, with little at all in the way of cases made.
And now to answer this.

-Again I was not able to get online.

-She also interacted with the mole and accused the puppet. She notably ignored the two cleared townies, and did not accuse Adam. Funny how the only one outside of the cleared townies she did not accuse of being possible scum was him.

-Here is the issue with the nokill. Why risk it? Think about it. Say I killed the mole that night. Day phase would be you, I, Adam, the puppet, Garrus, and the old woman. We lynch her, nightkill is you or Garrus. Day phase is the survivor, I, and the counterclaiming vanillas. In that case it would be easier to mislynch a single vanilla rather than fight one on one against one in this current phase. Especially since after the mislynch, another nightkill and mafia win. So why no kill and risk it? Couldn’t I have just faked getting the protect wrong again if I was mafia faking the kill?

-Why would doctor who cannot protect themselves nor have unlimited shots come out any earlier? That is asking for a nightkill. Also you and the fox were neighbors due to using fire. That’s it. How does that make less sense than having a job that protects others, hell less sense than saving the life of my master. Please do explain how my role makes less sense than that.

-….How have I been sheepy? Day 3 I was the first to vote the old woman, and kept that vote the whole time. Day 3 2.0 I was not on due to being with work. Day 4 I didn’t vote due to wanting to have all the information, and the phase ended earlier due to everyone hammering the puppet. And now we are on Day 5. If you want to include Day 2, I made it clear my vote on Garrus was for pressure. And I repeat that in mafia one makes a case that others want to follow. Thus they sheep the one who made the case, and I had found your case on Saturn Day 2 to be solid. If we go back to Day 1. The vote on the puppet was pressure. The vote on the fox had reasoning and was the only one to vote with reasoning.

Now then anything else I missed? Any other things I need to defend myself against.
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Oct 2, 2015
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Greetings! It is I, your official vote tallier, the Count, here for the final official vote count of the game. Isn't this exciting!

Let us count the votes together, one last time.

Alucard: One! One vote! (Adam Stanheight)

...well, that was not all it was cracked up to be.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun being the official vote tallier, but I suppose it had to end at some point. Guess my number is up.


Phase ends in 12 hours and 57 minutes.
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Sep 23, 2016
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I have read through your phase-by-phase account, Alucard, as well as the responses from both you and Adam along with another look through the thread entirely. And the thing is, both of your defenses are reasonable, which is the kind of issue that has led to this do-or-die situation in the first place since there are no obvious slip-ups from anyone as far as I can tell. Both of you I can see as mafia.

But in the end, the way things have happened seem to benefit Alucard most as scum. Given Adam's play throughout the game, I don't think he would have taken the unnecessary risks that he would have had to if he was scum (the unvote on Trolls, hell, even keeping me alive over Garrus this phase when Garrus was the most vocal opponent of Alucard). The no-kill that one phase may not even have been planned by you as scum, Alucard; I think it may even have been an accident since Ms. Oldbag was clearly not very active during that timeframe to put in a kill, and you've even admitted to having outside obligations for much of the daytime. I think it's very feasible that you fully intended to kill someone but either forgot or didn't have time, thus creating the happy accident for you, the "doctor" who would've reclaimed a use from the reset. Adam was pretty active in that timeframe, and a purposeful no-kill wouldn't benefit him at all (since it would just make you look good) and I think he would be less likely than you to have missed a kill given the time.

But if you were doctor? Things would be different. But I don't think there is a doctor in this game. The lightning rod ability excludes factional kills. It makes little sense to me for the lightning rod to not be able to attract both that and the doctor protect, if it exists. There's also the fact that nobody here is an obvious doctor. I have a hard time believing that of everyone here, our hosts determined that the Count Dracula-esque gunslinger would make for the best doctor. I am limited in only being able to rely on your explanation plus research, but I don't think the two line up. Adam the photographer as vanilla is strange too, but that's a little more believable since, in the end, he is just a normal human with no special abilities. It's even possible that the phase reset was meant to be our "doctor" role.

Alucard being suspected so heavily in the last half of the game in particular leads me to think that there is indeed a reason for it. And if I didn't act upon that and ended up costing us the game as a result, I would feel even more personally responsible than I already would for just losing if it happened.


Vampires don't like the sun. But I'm about to light this one up with a blaze as bright as the sun itself.

VOTE: Alucard.

If you are truly town, I won't ask for forgiveness. But I have to act on what has been in the back of my mind for many phases now.
Oct 2, 2015
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It came down to the final three. Alucard looked the most suspicious... they were a vampire, please!
The other two ganged up on them and called it a night. Both of them survived the night. The threat was gone.

Dear Alucard., you are the 2x Watcher. Two night phases within the game, you can select a player and learn which other players targetted said player with their night action.

You are allied with the Mafia and win when all factions opposing you are eliminated while at least one member of your faction is alive.
Alucard. was lynched. They were the Mafia 2x Watcher.
Dear Adam Stanheight, you are Vanilla. Your only power is your vote so use it wisely.

You are allied with the Town and win when all factions opposing you are eliminated while at least one member of your faction is alive.

Dear Roy Mustang, you are the Neighbor. You share a Neighbor QT with BlazingVulpix, in which you are allowed to talk outside the game thread. Neither of you knows the alignment of the other, though.

You are allied with the Town and win when all factions opposing you are eliminated while at least one member of your faction is alive.
Adam Stanheight and Roy Mustang survived to endgame.
Congratulations to town for winning the game!

Non-sockuppet accounts can now post as well. You are not allowed to reveal your identities until November 1st, though.

Host questions and comments are going to be posted soon from my main account.
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Nov 18, 2014
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Well, the big host comment here is that in the original setup, Adam Stanheight was supposed to be a 1x or 2x Tracker due to is photography skills, hence the need for the Mafia Ninja.
The game started during my Sabbath and my holiday season began shortly thereafter, so I didn't catch the mistake until it was too late in the game.

Yellow Guy was a Vanilla because he joined at, almost literally, the last minute and that was a role that could be added to the game without breaking it.

...anything else I'm missing?
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Nov 18, 2014
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Jun 9, 2012
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Hosting questions:
Did you enjoy the game?
What did you think of the setup?
What did you think of the balance and the mechanics?
If you would like to change a single thing in this game, what would it be?

Notes on the game:
The setup was a product of miscommunication between hosts in the last days before the game begun, as well as a result of too many people signing up late. When we first started discussing setup we only had 6 people signed up, so the setup had to be role-light (role-heavy doesn't really work with 6 people). We got 4 people signing up around September 30th, so we had to come up with new mechanics.

Mr. Resetti made me think of adding the 1x Phase Restter mechanic as a reference to CrackFox's Animal Crossing: New Leaf game back in 2014, where Mr. Resetti had this exact role, played by Oswin. I liked the idea of adding a single revive into the game, although it made the game bastard. Although roles were assigned to people without RNG which can count as bastard as well, although we did it with taking only sockpuppet characters into consideration, no intention of getting a specific mafia team.

The miscommunication was on Adam Stanheight. Maniacal Engineer suggested 2x Tracker, I liked the idea, then I forgot about it and he was not around but I wanted to start the game a.s.a.p. in October 1st and rolled with Vanilla.
Yellow Guy was a Vanilla because they signed up extremely late and I had no idea what role to give them.

In any case, I'd like to thank all the players for joining my game, as well as my co-hosts. Couldn't have happened without you all :)

EDIT: I came in writing this detailed post which also included the links to the QTs only to find out ME has already ninja'd me for all of it with much less words :p
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Sep 23, 2016
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I have to say, that is a huge relief to see that I didn't screw up big time. Seeing just "Endgame" in the title with no indicator of who won made me start to doubt my vote though, so it was a trick and then a treat. Congratulations to town!

@Alucard. you played a good game; that doctor claim really had me going back and forth since it seemed so risky to claim something so common and I couldn't say with any certainty what actually caused that no-kill. And your early vote of Lord of the Trolls at one point kept making me doubt things too.

@Garrus Vakarian I had a good time working with you, and your suspicion of Alucard is what really cemented things this last phase for me. You were right on target that whole time.

Did you enjoy the game?
Absolutely; not knowing the identities of everyone made for a nice change of pace. And despite being relatively small, the game was fairly active and had some nice surprises to keep things interesting.
What did you think of the setup?
Having the sockpuppets really made the game, it was very fun to see the cast assembled here.
What did you think of the balance and the mechanics?
Since things came down to being so close, it seems balanced to me. Not having the tracker only gave town one informative role with a single usage, but no tracker also made the 1x ninja for scum weak, plus the roleblock, so it actually seemed to work out in the end. And the phase reset seemed balanced as well!
If you would like to change a single thing in this game, what would it be?
Honestly, I have no complaints. It was a great game. It might have been interesting to have even more players, but maybe we'll see how that would turn out if there's another sockpuppet game in the future.
Would you participate in a game like this in the future?
You can count me in a whole year early, I'd be signing up in a heartbeat.

Thank you to all the hosts for a wonderful job hosting!
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Sep 7, 2016
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*bites Alucard*

Did you enjoy the game?

I wasn't in the game long enough to really get into it, but I did follow it as it progressed.

What did you think of the setup?

A bit role light, honestly but you guys do have a good explanation for that.

If you would like to change a single thing in this game, what would it be?

More players, more roles. The game only lasted half way through the month. Would have been nice to have enough players so that we would have had to worry about hitting that timelimit.

Would you participate in a game like this in the future?

Yes. I kinda enjoyed not knowing who some players are. I would love to play this kind of game again, some day.

I must admit that it's disappointing that we're limited to one of these a year though.
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Jun 9, 2012
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I have to say, that is a huge relief to see that I didn't screw up big time. Seeing just "Endgame" in the title with no indicator of who won made me start to doubt my vote though, so it was a trick and then a treat. Congratulations to town!
My bad I should've added TOWN WIN right away but forgot.

I fell for this once in Gameshow Mafia where the teams were US/UK Gameshows and when I saw the endgame I thought we (town) won when it was the mafia :)
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