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Solo Run

prog rocker

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May 27, 2018
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Sometimes I like to play the games using only one Pokémon to see what I was missing in the main game because I tend to set down with 5 Pokémon (sixth space is for evolutions), and I was wondering, considering Legends's weird mechanics, if it was possible to beat the game like that...

Maybe only catching quest Pokémon or something?
Yes, it is mandatory to catch Pokemon in the story, as you need to rank up to unlock new areas, and ranking up is only achieved by completing Pokemon tasks which are only recorded after you catch the Pokemon. It's better to catch as many Pokemon as possible in order to progress.

In youtube there's some speedruns which have some advices on how to optimize time, but I personally find them too complicated and I think it's easier to play the game the way it's intended to.
While you’re required to catch a relatively large number of Pokémon to advance the story, I think it’s entirely possible to limit your party to 1 for all trainer battles and for bosses like the Nobles. The really hard part is dealing with certain incredibly tough trainer battles, including some where you’re expected to battle several Pokémon at once with only one of your own. This could prove to be a challenge even with a very tanky Pokémon, especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to keep your solo battler at or around the same level as your NPC opponents.
I don't mind overleveling, specially in cases like this.

Maybe if I catch and release almost immediately?
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