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Soundtracks in Pokémon Masters

The Key to Prowess
Oct 15, 2008
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Pokémon Masters has been presenting some amazing music. Do you have any particular favorites? Both Guzma's and Plumeria's soundtracks are quite amazing, I must say. I also like the touches that they made with the Kanto Elite Four soundtrack. Bruno's is quite amusing, I must say.
Sea Slug Pokémon
Aug 13, 2019
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While I only played Masters for a very brief moment, probably only for a week or two after launch, I still listen to its music from time to time. The battle soundtracks have been pretty good in my opinion--the non-battle ones not so much I feel--even though I'm not too keen on the fact that most of them tend to deviate quite a bit from their source (I was rather disappointed when I heard Barry's theme for the first time). They tend to rather intense and face-paced in my opinion. Songs that I like include Brendon's/Rosa's ("vs Protagonist" is what I've heard it is called, not certain if that's true), Blue's, Unova gym leader's, Barry's, Team Break's, Kahuna's, and the Johto Gym Leader's/E4's music.
the bells of joy are ringing
Jun 26, 2019
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For a mobile game, I think their soundtracks are defying my expectations. They sound more like reimaginations than remixes, and I really appreciate DeNA or whoever is making these remixes for staying true to the original still. I think my favourite so far would be the Sinnoh Battle Frontier Theme, Cynthia's Theme, and the Kahuna Battle Theme.