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Spam Points

The First Time A Counter Reached 50
♪ Salamence was meant to Fly! ♫
Oct 27, 2015
Reaction score
NMLewis: 50
Oricorio: 32
Sightnado: 19
Calvin ッ: 16
Moon Umbreon: 12
Rainami: 12
Contrainer: 9
ryan massey: 9
prog rocker: 2
rango: 2
dig: 1
Thread mark, because why not?
Cool cat
Jan 20, 2019
Reaction score
Oricorio: 422
Neosquid: 295
NMLewis: 196
MunchlaxKing88: 89
Vulpix037: 61
Contrainer: 50
Sightnado: 41
rango: 37
Calvin ッ: 21
ryan massey: 12
Pikadex: 11
im_the_rhyhorn: 7
BackSet: 6
CrazyCreeperKid: 6
UnofficialBlaine: 6
Parissong: 4
ThatAsianInTheCorner: 4
Greninjaman: 3
prog rocker: 3
dig: 1
FriendlyHougan: 1
Kiratwig: 1
The End...?
Pokemon: Weapon
Aug 21, 2017
Reaction score
And that's a wrap!

In 1st place is: Oricorio with 440 points

In 2nd place is: Neosquid with 308 points

In 3rd place is: NMLewis with 196 points

In 4th place is: MunchlaxKing88 with 90 points

In 5th place is: Vulpix037 with 61 points

In 6th place is: Contrainer with 50 points

In 7th place is: Sightnado with 45 points (this post counts, haha)

In 8th place is: rango with 37 points

In 9th place is: Calvin with 21 points

In 10th place is: Pikadex with 14 points

In 11th place is: ryan massey with 12 points

In 12th place is: im_the_rhyhorn with 7 points

In 13th, 14th, and 15th place are: BackSet, CrazyCreeperKid and UnofficialBlaine with 6 points each

In 16th and 17th place are: Parissong and ThatAsianInTheCorner with 4 points each

In 18th and 19th place are: Greninjaman and prog rocker with 3 points each

In 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd place are: dig, FriendlyHougen, Kiratwig, and Max1996 with 1 point each

That's it for this edition of Villager News Spam Points! Congratulations to Oricorio for winning this round! See you guys again after I go through the point resetting ritual
Round Two
Pokemon: Weapon
Aug 21, 2017
Reaction score
Ok, ritual's done, now we can begin round two

Sightnado: 1