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Special Costume Emmet & Escavalier hop aboard Pokémon Masters EX in a limited-time Costume Scout; Azelf returns to Legendary Arena

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Fans of the Train Conducting Trainer Emmet can rejoice as he makes his Special Costume debut together with Escavalier in Pokémon Masters EX, in a limited-time Costume Scout! This Sync Pair is being released with their Sync Grid expanded, and will have the ability to be raised to 6★ EX in conjunction with this sync pair scout.

Emmet Costume Scout
Players can receive up to a maximum of 4 move candy coin items as presents by using the Sync Pair Scout ×11. In addition to the regular Costume Scout, the new sync pair is also available in a Tiered Scout which requires paid gems, with the amount of gems required increasing at each tier. Tiers 5 and 10 of this scout award special tickets to use in the Ticket Scout, with the ticket at Level 10 guarenteeing a Ingo (Special Costume) & Accelgor. Don't miss your chance to use the tier scout to team up with Ingo!

The Costume Scout and Tiered Scouts will be available until May 3rd, at 10:59pm (PT), while the associated Ticket Scout will remain available until May 10th, at 10:59pm (PT).

The Curious Tea Party Continues
As of April 20th, at 11pm (PT), the final set of new missions and stages of the Curious Tea Party have now opened, unlocking the full story for players. Cilan's Battle Challenge! Round 1 and Round 2 offer a high difficulty battle, with gems and power-up candies on offer for players who can overcome this challenge.

Legendary Arena: Azelf

A powerful opponent arrives as Azelf returns to the Legendary Arena. In the Legendary Arena, trainers must complete a set of challenges using up to 30 sync pairs. New event missions have been added for this re-run of the event, offering trainers an opportunity to gain additional gems by completing specific challenges. The Legendary Arena is open right now, and can be challenged up until May 4th, 2022, at 10:59pm (PT). Azelf was last available in the Legendary Arena in May 2021.

Azelf is weak to Bug-type moves. Azelf also has passive skills that greatly reduce physical damage it takes during the first 50% of each HP bar and special damage during the second 50%, with these extending to sync moves while on Azelf's third bar. On the very hard difficulty and while the third HP bar, Azelf will have the Piercing Gaze passive skill which allows its moves to always hit.

As with all Legendary Arenas, players must have passed Chapter 2: Defeat Team Break in the main story on normal mode in order to participate in this event.


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