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Spinda watches Pokemon


Spinda Stan
Mar 8, 2022
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This blog will contain spoilers for Pokemon Journeys: The Series

Hi there all! :bulbaWave:

I hope this is the proper place to post this as I'm still pretty new around here, but I think it is!

I really really want to watch more of the Pokemon anime as it's something i've only slightly dipped my toes into in the past and never really ending up sticking with and I thought that a good way to make myself watch the series and keep up with it would be to blog about my thoughts on the anime and episodes here! I'm really excited to start seriously watching the show, and since I know Pokemon Journeys is more or less a soft reboot and isn't too far in yet (maybe? I have no idea what they plan to do after the champion league thing hes in now and I think hes actually quite high but it feels like it might be a little odd to reboot the series again so who knows) so I feel like its a really good time to jump in!

Now regarding myself a little bit and my experiences with Pokemon up to now
I really enjoy Pokemon - I always have, but my enjoyment for it has definitely gotten stronger over time and currently I'm loving the series. Now, my first game was Pokemon FireRed and I remember being super young at the time when it came out so I honestly hardly remember it and doubt I beat it, however what I do remember is getting Emerald a year or two after and LOVING it. When I got Emerald I was a bit older since I waited until my next birthday to get it and I actually understood what was going on, I also thought it was a direct sequel to FireRed because of team magma being red lol.

My love for emerald lasted for ages and honestly I played it over and over and over again...until I got my hands on Pokemon Colosseum which is, still to this day, my favourite Pokemon game. Because this was my third game and I thought the rest of the series was going to be like this (even more so after playing XD) I kind of grew into really liking the lore of the series. Skip ahead to now and the lore is STILL what I love about the games, even if most of the time it isn't confirmed or fan theorys, I guess I just love the world of pokemon y'know? I kind of took a break after platinum (I tried gen 5 but this was around the time I had a neck injury, so playing handhelds was hard on me, I did beat Pokemon X however it took a very long time, and I played Sun/Moon but not even to the first totem pokemon, and I didn't touch Ultra Sun/Moon at all - however I remember playing and LOVING the mystery dungeon series, as well as pokemon ranger) and jumped back in with Sword and Shield (I always play my switch docked, and I love that I can do that!) which really kicked me into researching everything I had missed and catching up on the games through watching LP's! Now with PLA out which is definitely a more lore heavy game it's sparked even MORE interest in me, which is whats leading me to want to watch the anime!

Anyway, I'm really excited to watch Pokemon Journeys and share my thoughts here, everyone seems so nice and i'm glad to have made my account and started interacting with the community more!
I have seen the first and second? episode I believe already about a week ago, and so far my main comment is oh my god I thought the Pichu Kangaskhan stuff was SO cute!

If anyone is watching along or has any of their own comments about the episodes i'm watching, let me know! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the episodes compared to mine, so don't be shy! All I ask regarding this is that you don't post about episodes that I haven't seen yet!

Also Also - there's going to be spoilers for Pokemon Journeys in here, i'll be labeling each post with the episode's i'll be talking about in bold and putting a bit of space before I write, but just know there will be spoilers for Pokémon Journeys: The Series in here
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Spinda Stan
Mar 8, 2022
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Below will be spoilers for Pokemon Journeys: The Series

The following episodes will be talked about: Settling the Scorbunny! (JN004) / Mind-Boggling Dynamax! (JN005) / Working My Way Back to Mew! (JN006) / Serving Up the Flute Cup! (JN007)

Just as a note I've already seen the first 3 episodes which is why we're starting with 004, IMO the first 3 were pretty slow but I liked the first episode the most out of all of them

JN004 - Settling the Scorbunny!

  • Let me just start off by saying I've apparently been saying Galar wrong this entire time - they definitely make it sound more like Gala while I've been saying it like gull-er..embarrassing for me ill just say that.
  • This is making me remember that Scorbunny doesn't actually look that much like a fire type...honestly I would've guessed it was normal had it not been revealed as the fire starter
  • The way I would have been so mad if this Scorbunny didn't go with them on that damn train- also this makes me think nickit is a lot cuter than I ever thought before.
Rating 4.5/10 (This episode was a little boring I can't lie)

JN005 - Mind-Boggling Dynamax!

  • Ash and Goh you had better get that damn scorbunny I swear to god...
  • I knew going into this that Ash doesn't get a Galar starter on his team and Goh was going to get scorbunny, but honestly this feels so odd to me that it's Goh not Ash, but whatever scorbunny is cute
  • What are peoples thoughts on Gigantamax and Dynamax? I'm /okay/ with them as a feature but i think in the end I kind of think Mega Evolution is just a better version of it, i'm not too into the whole just "get big" thing
  • The music in this episode kind of slaps to be honest
  • Did snorlax just eat this scorbunny what in the name of god
  • It's so funny to me that they don't nickname their Pokemon in the anime like heres my very close friend : rabbit! either way - loving scorbunny
Rating: 8/10 (I liked the music, animation, and plot of this episode, it was fun!)

JN006 - Working My Way Back to Mew

  • Ahh okay, Goh's end goal is to catch all Pokemon - interesting, I didn't actually know what his true goal was.
  • Goh just throwing balls at stuff without fighting them...me just back spamming things in PLA.
  • ROTOM SAYING NICE WHEN HE CAUGHT A POKEMON??? I'm going to be totally honest I have no idea how the Rotom phones work like is that just a female sentient Rotom like cheering him on
  • Oh okay Goh LITERALLY ball spams okay now I get what people mean by that... well like I said I'm really no better with how I played Legends so I'm okay with it - a little boring to watch but eh
  • PARASECT AND PARAS ARE DEMONS. Can't believe this episode dares make me look at those monsters
  • Oh Scorbunny helping him aim pokeballs is super cute actually - Iol at how he went from wanting to catch no Pokemon to all of them so quick.
  • I find it kind of interesting that they're calling it "Evolution Chain" rather than evolution line
  • Oh Venonat looks really cute here!
  • Love Chansey in her cute little hat..she is a WORKING WOMAN!!
  • Aw I'm loving the park this is so cute - I really enjoy the idea of him catching all the Pokemon basically just to learn about them and be friends
Rating 7/10 (Not really that much happened but I thought it was a super cute episode, and I don't mind Goh as a character - which I think might be the unpopular opinion from what ive seen online)

JN007 - Serving Up the Flute Cup!

  • Mime
  • HOENN? Why we headed back there wait this is so exciting.. I didn't expect them to go back to old regions so soon
  • Oh the flute cup girl is so cute I like her little outfit
  • What the hell Ash is going to use MR.MIME in a battle??? oh mr.mime giving Goh the look of death after saying what I thought
  • Not into Hodge's haircut or his weird shark teeth
  • Excited for the first real battle - I've enjoyed the past few episodes but felt they were a bit slow so this is nice
  • WELL. Goh did not do well with that first fight damn
  • GOH LITERALLY SUCKING SO MUCH AT BATTLING well that was less of a battle and more just 3 attacks
  • I think Mr.Mime could defeat Arceus all by themselves personally
  • Reflect working like that what in the world
  • Pikachu vs Mightyena was a really fun battle, I like how the stadium has a new sun roof ♥
  • So is Chloe actually going to be a traveling partner or a super side character because I really thought she was a traveling partner but it doesn't seem like that.
Rating 8.5/10 (Mr.mime stole the show this episode and good for them)

So here's my very first entry into this blog! I really enjoy where this series is headed so far and I like the idea that we're going to be seeing a lot of different Pokemon on screen due to Goh's goal - however I do wish we got to see each Pokemon a little bit more in depth / learned a bit more about each one before he caught it, but its still nice to see some Pokemon I wasn't really expecting. I'm interested to see what Goh ends up doing for his main team (if he ends up getting one) - I do know Ash's current team but I'm not sure if he switches them out since I know that the series is currently on the third? season I believe. I'll probably keep doing these posts in 3/4 at a time and maybe sometimes doing a look back on the episodes I've seen up to now.

Hope everyone is having a great day / night and I'll be back soon to watch more Pokemon Journeys :bulbaLove:

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Spinda Stan
Mar 8, 2022
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Below will be spoilers for Pokemon Journeys: The Series

The following episodes will be talked about: The Sinnoh Iceberg Race (JN008) / Finding a Legend! (JN009) / A Test in Paradise! (JN010) / Best Friend...Worst Nightmare! (JN011)

Hi everyone! I'm back to watch some more Pokemon Journeys tonight. I'm really interested to see where we go from the last time as there was quite a few things I still had questions about and arcs that had yet to start (like the master's league or whatever the main tourney is called, as well as any information at all on Chloe) I wanted to note as well that I'm watching the dub and not the sub, mostly for the fact that I usually put it on while cleaning or doing other things around the house. I hope these episodes do start to get more into the main plot of things as so far the anime has felt somewhat slow minus 2 or 3 episodes, although I know people say this series does have a ton of filler so who knows. I also might be adding some images into my blog posts if I find any really fun screenshots or think something is pretty / cute - so once again just a spoiler warning!!

JN008 - The Sinnoh Iceberg Race

  • Oh I want to pet a tentacool...I wonder if they make them into calamari..
  • 1647142840266.png THIS IS SO FUNNY TO ME
  • Oh I absolutely love this piplup
  • Glad Chloe is actually on the screen for more than a total of 1 minute this time.....just kidding I see
  • Piplup is making me miss Dawn I can't lie
  • Finally seeing team rocket again! Very excited about that
  • NOT INTO HOW CROAGUNK SOUNDS..I'm on piplup's side here
  • Wobbufet ♥
  • I LOVE CHINCHOU!!!! do you think all the chinchou are owned by one person or do they come together for this community event..I think goh should just steal one HAHA
  • This episode making me realize how many water Pokemon I love..like horsea..chinchou..piplup..octillery all sooo cute
  • Does pikachu really count if hes jumping across the rocks this feels like he should be banned
  • UM EMPOLEON FLYING OVER THE WATER?? HUH?? WHY ISN'T IT SWIMMING WHA IS THAT A MISTAKE..it's swimming in all the other scenes??
  • Jessie's outfit is forever timeless like she looks so good and that outfit is STILL something that would be worn today I feel
  • I know mantyke went back to get pikachu but I like the idea that they're just in here for the vibes... going slow and taking in the chinchou lights
  • Kind of love team rocket getting a random Pokemon from gacha each time, very fun idea!
  • I know we're only 8 episodes in but I feel like scorbunny will evolve soon
Rating: 8/10

I actually really enjoyed this episode! I thought the idea and plot was cute and I loved seeing team rocket again

JN009 - Finding a Legend!

  • Is Goh actually going to be catching the legendaries that feels kind of wild
  • SENTRET AW it's so cute
  • This old man's Hoothoot is so cute, I love how his little eyebrows have flopped over
  • stantler and misdreavus just kind of chilling in the corner
  • [Stantler moos]
  • Why does Stantler make cow/horse noises when its a deer
  • This episode has felt very long with very little happening I won't lie - although it is kind of emotional
  • Chad there isn't a rainbow right now use your eyes
  • The ending of this episode was not worth it I feel.
Rating: 3/10

This episode felt super long with nothing happening, the ending wasn't really worth it since Ho-Oh shows up for about 3 seconds and Chad was very annoying to me, this is my least favourite so far I think - the only reason its getting a 3 is because it was a bit emotional and I felt for the granddad...also [Stantler moos]

JN010 - A Test in Paradise!

  • I'm using Bulbapedia to get the episode names to post here and I see from the teaser image there's dragonite here so I'm going to guess this is the episode Ash gets his second Pokemon
  • I like that Dratini is considered super rare in the world..little almost legendary baby
  • I like how in under a minute Goh puts all the dragonite island sightings into his rotom and figures out an area that even the professor is like..wow!! who would have thought to have done that! Like all he did is use google maps
  • WHERE IS GOH GETTING THE MONEY TO BUY ALL THESE POKEBALLS..are they how he's getting paid to work
  • OMG team rocket is already back this is so exciting
  • OH...LITERAL BALL SPAM...OKAY... I expected them to fight it after the first two..maybe you should be investing in great balls goh
  • 1647148183929.png This queen I love her
  • Oh I'm kind of surprised they're talking about how Dragonite doesn't really look like its pre-evolutions
  • aww the Dragonair is so cute I feel bad for it I hope thats the one Ash takes
  • Dewgong misses the cute dewgong with eyelashes and so do I honestly
  • Wobbufet!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aw I like him catching this Dragonite - called it.
Rating 7/10

This was a pretty good episode! I like that Ash got his second Pokemon, and I miss that cute Dewgong - kind of wondering if Goh will ever get a second chance to catch his own Dragonite. Also extra points for team rocket showing up,

JN011 - Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!

  • ohh is it finally time for an episode where Chloe actually spends more than a minute on screen? I thought that three episodes ago and was pranked so lets see
  • WHO IS THIS KID WHAT..I'm so confused I thought Chloe lived at the lab.
  • oh god I could go for some chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes right now
  • Also I love Chloe's dress its very cute
  • Dragonite just giving out hugs shes so cute
  • Please I really thought I would get more than a minute of Chloe this episode I see I got pranked once again
  • Oh Ren actually has a name for his Magnemite, I guess people do sometimes nickname their Pokemon - the name Francois is cute!
  • omg...rip Ren..you will be missed..although I'm going to miss Francois more
  • Why in the world does Chloe have to go to school but Ash and Goh don't
  • Oh is this going to be some Chloe backstory? I'm okay with this! I've been sad she's been shoved to the side so much, I really thought she was going to be the third main traveling partner
  • I know Gengar is one of the members of Ash's team later on but I feel like it would be crazy for him to catch another Pokemon so soon...so I'm guessing Goh will catch this one? Maybe?
  • The time went ahead just now and I was SO confused on how it got so late so soon
  • I'm sorry this kids name is YEARDLEY??? What in the world
  • Interesting that they're discussing there being different schools and jobs like cartoonists in the world, I feel like this stuff is kind of just passed by in the series a lot
  • Really enjoying the relationship between Chloe and her Mom, it's very sweet
  • Mr.mime is as amazing as always
  • omg Chloe is about to get SHANKED BY GENGAR
  • Oh wow no one ended up getting the Gengar! Very surprised by that!..although Ash saying it's "really strong" and hinting it'll show up again makes me believe this is the Gengar he will catch and it'll be capable of gigantamax
Rating 9/10

This was definitely my favourite episode so far! I liked learning more about Chloe and finally seeing her on screen for once, and I enjoyed the relationship between her and her family (and yamper). I also liked them setting up Gengar coming back, it makes this episode feel the most important in the whole scheme of things so far.

And we're finished the second entry in my blog, this time with photos! I definitely enjoyed this set of episodes more than the first (minus finding a legend, which was the most boring so far) but the rest of the episodes definitely felt like they had more importance than prior ones, seems like we might be heading towards the meat of the series shortly here now that they've finally told us more about Chloe. I'm excited to watch more soon, and I'm going to place my bets now that in the next 4 episodes I think Scorbunny is going to evolve!

Thanks for reading and I hope that everyone has an amazing night/day, see you next time!
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