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Spoilers: Ruby & Sapphire's Past

May 2, 2003
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Someone should make a definitive list of plotholes closed by this revelation...
1. Odamaki mentioned that he's seen a younger Ruby before (when calling Ruby after he's run deep into the forest with his bag and other items).
2. Ruby's flashback chasing after Senri for guidance.
3. Unexplained strength of Ruby's Pokémon.
4. etc.

When looking through volume 15 again, I saw that Ruby's wardrobe in his house contains quite a number of his famous white-hair hats... And 4-year-old Ruby also wears that. I wonder what he hides underneath that...
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Jan 28, 2005
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At least we know that he actually has black hair...I bet his haircut looks a lot like his dad's...Maybe that's what he's trying to hide. XD
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Mar 8, 2005
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Zhen Lin said:
I pointed this out in some other thread already, but I'll repeat it here - you're right that Hoenn has a little further to go - this artwork clearly depicts Sceptile and we have yet to see this. No Aggron nor Milotic though...

Were there any signs of continued serialisation in Sho6 though? And what of Sho5 - any indicators that the ending comes soon?
I think that one image with Aggron and Milotic was a free give-away or might be a lucky draw prize for the Grade 6 Jan or Feb issue. Saw it on the cover of that issue in my bookstore, but didn't get it coz no chapters were featured in that issue. Actually, on that update popup of Netkun, it was there as well perhaps in the update last month, or even the month before. Anyway, on that pic, Ruby, Sapphire and Wally are huggled next to each other in front, while 5 pokemons of each of them are at the back. Ruby's five pokemons (including a Milotic), Sapphire team of six excluding Wailord (Lairon has become Aggron in this pic), and Wally's full team minus his Kecleon.

There weren't signs of continuation in Grade 6 as far as I can see. I haven't got Grade 5 yet, not sure whether I'm getting it yet, but from the update on Netkun, I assume it might involve Steven and the Elite4 of Hoenn, since it said 'That Man' will appear, and so far there aren't many 'man' in RSE that will be regarded this ambiguously.

Oh, and since Jason requested, this is the translation (not word by word from Netkun though) of the March editions on Netkun. Btw, would you mind me posting these translations on this board monthly, Ket-chan? I'll make sure that they won't contain the manually given English names I use :)

March 2005 editions

Grade 2:

A reporter has arrived at the Brontier Frontier which advertises its seven types of battles for its opening ceremony. Just when this reporter is pouring off water on a tree, something lands from above and he sees that it is the Frontier Pass which is only possessed by challengers of the Frontier.

A kid, named Emerald, then drops down from above as well to claim ownership of the pass, and the reporter sees that it is an odd looking kid with long sleeved clothes and a big hair-do, also with high boots to disguise his short-figured body.

The reporter wishes to do an interview, but then a Sudowoodo grabs him from behind, and he quickly requests help from Emerald. The kid says he shall check whether he has spare bullets left, and the reporter wonders why he's searching for bullets when he can send out a pokemon to figher. To his surprise, Emerald explains that he possesses no pokemons, and the reporter couldn't believe that a pokemon-lover doesn't.

Pointing his pistol to Sudowoodo and the reporter, Emerald grins that he doesn't love pokemons but only pokemon battles. He then starts firing as the reporter hollers in shock. Is Emerald really hitting Sudowoodo with hard bullets? In the next issue, the mischievous Emerald causes trouble in the opening ceremony of the Battle Frontier!

Grade 3:

Following their announcement to demand the handing over of Red, Green and Blue, the Beast Warrior Trio began their attacks on islands 5, 6 and 7. Meanwhle, at the Pokemon Network Center on One Island, Celio is trying to figure out the reason for the malfunctioning tranport system when residents are starting to form mobs outside the center's gates, demanding Celio to surrender Red, Green and Blue whom they saw staying at the place earlier.

Hearing the noise outside, Blue awakes from her coma, and decides that it's time for her to leave and be invovled in the battle.

Meanwhile, on Five Island, Red is still trying to figure out what Chakura means when he says the Pokedex holders attract the mysterious pokemon Deoxys. Red then sees injured people, and heads over to help them. However, the people reject him and throw rocks at him, blaming him for the tragedies on their once peaceful islands, and demanding him to leave. Without his Pokedex, Red is unable to explain his identity and can only swallow all the accusations.

Just when a disheartened Red is about to leave, something tugs at his feelings, and he finally realizes what it means when Chakura said they attract Deoxys. Flipping its four tentacles, Deoxys materliazes in front of the Red and transforms into the appearance as seen on Blue's broken Silph Scope. Pika attacks with thunderbolt, but Deoxys changes into its defense form and blocks out the attacks. And so the battle between Red and Deoxys beings.

Will this champion of the Pokemon League Tournament prevail? Follow the plot line in the next issue to know more about the fates of Red, Green and Blue!

Grade 4:

Flannery screams in horror and disbelief as the Mauville gymleader Wattson's body gets knocked into the sea following his defeat to Shizuku of Team Aqua. Winona attempts to fly over and help, but her Altaria is hit by taunt of Ushio's Sharpedo, rendering incapable of responding to commands apart from attacking. The SSS Trio has indeed pulled off an effective combination to destroy the gymleaders.

Izumi grins that SSS are the commanders of their team, and her Ludicolo starts hitting Flannery with secret power, which is able to attack whether they're in the sea or on the grass, and everywhere else. Facing an opponent who adeptly controls the power of nature, Flannery is helpless. Izumi remarks that there will need to be sacrifiers in order to expand the sea, which is the origin of nature. Boulders then begin to jag up from the ground and bolt towards Flannery.

Meanwhile, in the Art Gallery of Lilycove, Brawly is having a hard time fighting Hokage of Team Magma, and his Machoke suffers a burnt from the powerful fire attacks. Despite having its guts characteristic to boost its revenge attack, it is still basically helpless against an opponent who specializes in creating illusions.

Being cornered to the walls with hanging pictures, Brawly gasps in horror as a woman's hand extends out from the picture to grab him. Knowing that he's facing someone who never directly attacks by only using the passive form of offense, Brawly realizes that he has to be actively offensive, and flips out his nunchucks. He has his Hariyama retaliate with a fake out, and follows by an arm thrust, while he gets himself to be as one as his friend Bruno of the Elite 4.

That person will also make his appearance at the battleground between the gymleaders and Team Magma. Follow the plot in the next issue!

Grade 5:

To retrive the Red and Blue Orbs which are exerting control over Groudon and Kyogre who are rampaging on both land and sea above ground, Ruby and Sapphire have ventured off to the Seafloor Cavern.

Upon meeting TM's leader Maxie and TA's leader Archie, Ruby and Sapphire attempted right away to get the orbs back. However, the two jewels suddenly get assimilated into the bodies of the two men through their hands, and the moment they merge completely, the shadows of the two legendary titans materiliaze behind Maxie and Archie.

Being connected to the powers of Groudon and Kyogre, Maxie and Archie start firing off powerful energy blasts to Ruby and Sapphire. While the two once controlled Groudon and Kyogre, they now seem to be mentally manipulated by the two titans. Archie charges forward into Sapphire, but Ruby grabs her away just in time, and the girl instantly recalls a similar feeling in her past, knowing that she has been saved the same way before.

But it's not the time to go down the memory lane. Archie and Maxie each grabs Sapphire and Ruby, and together with the other fallen TA/TM members, the two team leaders bring everyone out of the Seafloor Cavern through the orbs' powers, while the cavern itself begins to crumble.

Meanwhile, the disaster pokemon, Absol appears before Gabby and Ty in Slateport, which is hit by heavy rains and floods. Gabby remembers that Absol has appeared both during the Mt. Chimney incident as well as the Rusturf Tunnel incident, and realizes that it has the ability to foresee disasters. She then requests that it takes the two of them to the next place which will be the center of the epic, and they start heading off.

As Archie and Maxie rise above ground via the orbs' energies, the two men suddenly deviate from each other's paths, and Ruby and Sapphire yell out to each other as they are separated.

The next issue will be the final chapter, illustrated in 30 full pages! At their final battleground, Sootopolis, when Ruby and Sapphire's hearts connect, a miracle happens. Watch out for the climax of the plot in the next issue!

Jan 5, 2003
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Brontier Frontier? o_O

Go ahead and post them. ^_^ I can't, as I can't get these magazines until a month after they come out.
Jun 10, 2004
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I can c&p the future editions here from SPPf for ya, if you like ^^;
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