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[SPOILERS] Which are your favorite Pokemon from Gen IX's full roster?

hands down the new legendary quartet, not quite sure how to put it into words but like. idk man they're just cool as hell yaknow? actually now that i think about it all of my favorite gen 9 mons are dark types, since i'm also liking meowscarada and roaring moon. unsurprising coming from the local dark type enjoyer, i suppose.
Probably Arboliva after having a quick look through them. I like olives/olive oil and it fits the Mediterranean theme well and works well as an elegant grass type.
1 - Clodsire
2 - Great Tusk
3 - Tinkaton
4 - Armarogue
5 - Quaquaval
6 - Meowscarada
7 - Farigiraf
8 - Rabsca
9 - Houndstone
10 - Bombirdier
Everyone except the duck’s final form, the chili peppe, and the duck’s final form.
I would say tinkaton and its pre evolutions, and Ceruledge. The tinkatink line is just another pink haired character with a hammer/axe which has been done in different animes and games before, and it is absolutely beautiful. The combination of pink and dainty with a large heavy destructive weapon is always a great combo, and the tinkatink line is no exception.

Ceruledge. I have like its design since release, and using one has helped. At first it was a bit weak, but my own ceruledge has done great in late game. I love using it and it may very well be my fav pokemon of all time now.

Miraidon. It is adorable. The animations on it are done so well, and it just has so much personality to it.
Tinkaton is too funny. It radiates raw chaotic energy and I love it.

Needless to say, there are others too, but not sure if I could pick one over the other, really.
  • Fuecoco: I loved it throughtout the year and my opinion didn't change after seeing it in game. One of the best and cutest starters. Its evolutions are great but not as God-tier as it.
  • Bellibolt: Funny, but most importantly....SQUISHYYYY, it didn't got a spot on my team but I'm looking forward to use it somehow.
  • Spidops: Very underrated, we were overdue for a humanoid aracnid and I like his old man look and threads motif.
  • Finizen & Palafin: Finizen won me over just by being a cute dolphin, that shade of blue is great. Palafin Hero is amazing, I like how buff it looks, strong personality and palette. It would have been the best of the generation if Palafin Zero didn't existed or had a bit more oomph.
  • Cetoddle: I did not expect this thing to look so adorable in game, I want to see it bouncing all day.
  • Greavard: I was lukewarm to it on prerelease, but it won me over with that dance.
  • Clodsire: It was surprisingly strong on my playthrough, and is an unoffensive design overall. The spikes that only appear when it attacks were a nice touch.
  • Iron Treads: A decent Donphan adaptation, and is fun to see moving as a floating wheel.
Dundunsparce - after years of fans speculating that Dunsparce's evolution would look majestic, there is something hilarious about it just looking like Dunsparce but with one or two more segments, an extra chin-spike and a cone on it's tail.
* Tandemaus and Maushold - I wasn't a fan of this line initially due to their bland designs, but seeing it in action makes them very cute. Plus, the idea that Tandemaus may have "did the thing" when you're not looking or even just adopted the smaller ones out of nowhere...
I don't know who was in charge of designs this gen but I generally dislike most evolutions. Like I adore the base forms but once they evolve.... ew.
Lechonk, Smolive, Pawmi, Finizen, Gimmighoul, Tarountula, Sprigatito, Quaxly, etc. are some of the pokemon I like but hate the evolutions.
The only ones I do like are the pseudo, Greavard and Fidough
So far this is my list:

1: Tinkaton (loved it when I first saw it and planned to use it ahead of playing)
2: Meowscarda (I’m really happy that it turned into this and I love it sm)
3: Smoliv (Cute and an adorable small olive)
Quaxly line (especially Quaquaval), Sprigatito line (especially Floragato), Pawmi line (especially Pawmi), Tinkatink line (especially Tinkaton), Tandemaus line, and Koraidon.
Pawmot, Houndstone, Rabsca, Primeape‘s evolution, the starters that aren’t the duck, Clodsire, etc.

Reasons are simply because I either like their designs or because they seem useful, or I actually tried them out and they were really fun to use
  • Roaring Moon, Great Tusk, Flutter Mane and Scream Tail.
  • Palafin, Fuecoco, Greavard, Cetitan and Farigiraf.
Skeledirge, Meowscarada, Kilowattrel, Miraidon, Koraidon, Palafin, Houndstone, Dachsbun, Arctibax, Farigiraf, Clodsire, Tinkaton, Chien Pao, Iron Bundle, Roaring Moon, Scream Tail, and most of these pokemon's pre evolutions
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Ho boy, do I have a lot:

  • Quaxly line - Holy shoot this line was made for me. Like,,,,,,, I don't know how to explain it, but everything about this line vibes with me. I might have to write a full essay about it.
  • Smoliv line - I have a subdued appreciation for this line, but the Smoliv evos do not disappoint. A very elegant progression.
  • Fidough and Dachsbun - Bread boy and baked bread boy..... my beloved.....
  • Tandemaus and Maushold - mice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • All of the birbs - every single one.
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