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Non-Mafia Spyfall II [ENDGAME]

That makes sense, I think my mind went straight to role buffs and nerfs, not anything to do with the mechanics. Thanks for explaining it!
Would you play this game again?
Yeah for sure!
What's one thing you liked, if anything?
I liked the less hostile feel that this game has compared to mafia.
What is something you disliked, if anything?
The no talking round (round 5).
If you were to play again, what do you think could be changed and / or improved for a more fun experience?
Not sure, maybe a no loopholes kinda thing?
Now this one is non game related, just guaging interest. Are there any board games you might like to see on a forum setting?
Secret Painter and Cluedo (clue in America) are suggestions from other people that I really like.
OK we got Secret Auhorian Leader, Secret Fascist and Secret Painter, I'll add my two cents by proposing Secret (Evil/Austrian) Chaplin - it's probably not as good as the others, but it works for the lolz :wynaut:
Secret Leader of Grammar-Obsessed People?

But yeah I have played Cluedo and think it could work here, I just do not remember exactly all the specifics else I would have tried hosting it years ago...
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