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Starly vs Staraptor


Starly Fan
Apr 15, 2016
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I have downloaded a few Models (Starly, Staravia, and Staraptor), and I might do a 3D Printout of a scene I have in my head, and it's somewhat poetic.

The context of the scene is:

A Staraptor is sparring against a Starly.

(Alpha) Staraptor: "You refuse to evolve? You refuse to take the easier path? It only shows you are determined to win through hard and intense training! Impress me, and I shall be your guide to defend yourself against those Beautifly, even the more aggressive ones!"

Starly: "You bet your wings, I want to win as a Starly. I don't want to feel the need to pick a fight everyday... I just want to stand up for myself."

I might do a couple of variants of the scenes, non-Shiny, and Shiny, and a mix of Shiny (Starly and Staraptor each being one or the other, such as Starly being Shiny, and Staraptor being not Shiny, and vice-versa). I don't know if this interests anyone, but, I'll post the results, once it's done.
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