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Stars in the Sky: A Sci-Fi RP

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Alright, quick announcement. The tech approval system I have currently seems to be working pretty well-PM me the research project you'd like to start and I'll approve it-and tell you how long it'll take to complete.

I'm aware that the RP intro is rather large-so I figured it best to remind everyone of this right now-just as the RP is getting off it's feet.
The artist formerly known as Smaug85
Race Name: Lavilione

Home System: Plebauros

Home Planet: Gerilben

Appearance: Smooth, almost wet feeling skin, brought down from their ancestors. The humanta ray, a bipedal species of the manta ray. The skin varies in color, like yellow, blue, green, pink, white, and brown. It is like skin color and race on Earth though they are unprejudiced and care nothing of color, it is considered a crime to make fun of ones color. They have large, shiny, solid black eyes, and bat like wings where there arms and fingers are wings, though the wings fold in and the fingers come together as a long, slender hand. They also have eagle like feet but no talons and a tail with a spike on the end. Though being descendants of a sea creature, when the earth grew around them and the sky became so much bigger then water, they evolved and took to the skys.

Population: about close to 7 billion

Biology: Avian. The insides are not as much meat as it is a kind of morpheous solid which can be squished and squeezed but still retain it's normal shape. They are also omnivorous and are known to eat some things such as aluminum and tin, along with plants, and some meat from animals. There bones are more susceptible to hits, though they are more cushioned because of the fluid. Their organs are almost the same as humans except their heart will glow brighter when their heart rate is faster, the heart is also located in the middle of their chest. They also have a kind of dorsal fin on the top of their head.

Advantages/Disadvantages:A's: Super senses, such as seeing from farther or sharper and attuned hearing. Super strength, can lift things like a truck, or tear off metal (which they then eat)
D's: Cannot swim (though they need to keep their eyes and skin moist) Not fast on legs and running so if you hit their wing and they have to land, they are susceptible.

Technology Level: Modern and FTL engines

Name: Hyper Drive

Purpose: To break the speed of light for faster and farther travel
Description: An engine attached to a power core, very massive, and very energy consuming.

History: The planet was first totally covered in water except for a few islands but due to the sun getting closer before settling in the middle of the galaxy, much water evaporated which caused many bad storms, making many bacteria and life extinct, the end, a lot more land, almost half was now land. Since water was now smaller and there were no more large thunderstorms in sight, the humanta rays evolved slowly into flying beings and their intellect progressed until they created many things and got to where they are today.

Project Name: Plasmahand
Technology being Research: The ability to work with compund
Description of Technology/Research: A metal dome that cannot let out radiation, mechanical arms in a fully equipped will be controlled from a safe distance and be watched by cameras.

Project Name: Defenseunit
Technology being Research: Turrets for ships
Description of Technology/Research: Researching turrets to add to ships for defense or offence when provoked.


Ship Types: One Lavilione scout ship

Ship Name: Tsavarell

Ship Type: Scout

Appearance: Like a large gray manta ray with no tall and the back ending flat with a hyper engine surrounded by three smaller engines on either side of it. There is also a raise toward the back with a window around all of it, this serves as the command center.

Weapons: none

Other: radio communications and digital communications

Military: 15%

Ground Vehicles/Weapons: A long rang assault rifle that clips to their wings and a smaller long range rifle attached to their head for better aiming
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The artist formerly known as Smaug85
I gave them a pretty big hidnerance, after flying at high speeds, they need to water their skin which they need to do very often indeed, along with the ability of it being hard to walk so flying is a priority but also hinders them along with not being able to see unless there eyes are wet, and with an absence of dear ducts for the purpose of wetting eyes, they need to wet themselves a lot.
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Alright guys, as the newly appointed Co-GM of this Roleplay, I have been tasked with informing you all of any policies discussed privately between Byzantine and myself. For now, here's what I have for you:

The default rate for the construction of Minor Military Vessels (Basic Gunships, etc.) is a maximum of five (5) Ships per Real-Life Day.

The default rate for the construction of Major Military Vessels (Any ship which is exceedingly large or bears high-powered or advanced weaponry) is a maximum of one (1) Ship per Real-Life Day.
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Yes, five Minor Military Vessels may be produced each Real-Life day; however it is preferred that their creation be referenced at some point IC that day.
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Is it too late to join?

Race Name: Steilians

Home System: The Creptonic system. It contains nine planets; only one is inhabitable.

Home Planet: Steil
Steil consists of one supercontinent, also called Steil, and a lot of ocean. A few volcanic islands also dot the planets surface, however; they are so remote that they are uninhabited. The continent is about 160 million kilometers square. In the above picture, lighter green represents plains or hills, darker green represents forests or rainforests, gray represents mountains, and tan represents deserts. However, the color only indicates what type of environment is found most often in that area; other types may exist in that general area. Five countries exist on the planet and the city of Satus has been designated as neutral territory for meetings of government officials.

*This is not a modern Steilian.
Steilians appear reptilian with scaly skin that is shades of green, tan, brown, or gray. Skin color is usually an obvious indication of where one’s ancestors lived due natural camouflage used in the past. Their eyes are solid blue, red, black, or yellow. On average, males are 7 ft tall and females 6 ft. Males have horns of varying shape and size, a feature that causes much prejudice. They usually wear clothes similar to those worn by humans except made with a hole for tails, of course. However, shoes are not worn normally as creating shoes to fit their feet is difficult. Traditionally, the barbs at the end of tails are covered. Not doing so is disrespectful as it shows lack of concern for others’ safety. Cloth and leather are common materials for covers. It is often also used to show off wealth.

Population: Approx. 9.5 billion: 3.5 billion in Basi, 2.5 billion in Hernan, 1 in Melleri, 1 billion in Kalaman, and 1.5 billion in Heloduro

Biology: Steilians evolved from large lizard-like organisms. At the price of their front claws, they gained intelligence, the ability to stand, and hands. While they may appear reptilian, they aren’t quite like Earth’s reptiles. They give birth to live babies, they are omnivorous, and they are warm-blooded. Also unlike some Earth lizards, Steilian tails don’t grow back.

All Steilians have a tail with a sharp barb that secrets poison (very harmful, but not deadly to organisms exceeding 100 lbs or so). It was used by early Steilians to kill prey. They all are immune to the poison, however; the barbs can still pierce their skin.

Advantages/Disadvantages: While Steilians have poisonous tails; their wounds take longer to heal to the nature of scaly skin. And though Steil has a relatively high population, the governments of the world are almost always divided on issues. Steil also has a lot of oil and a lot of pollution as well.

Technology Level: Earth’s level except with FTL technology, of course.

Name: SLD (Superluminal Drive)
Purpose: FTL travel
Description: The SLD propels spacecraft forward at FTL speeds. However, turning or swerving is nearly impossible. The spacecraft must stop to avoid anything in its path and stopping isn’t easy.


Project Name: Project Tether
Technology being Researched: Basic interstelar communications.
Description of Technology/Research: This project aims to establish a connection for communication to the Viator I and possibly other planets. This is being researched by Basi scientists and is funded by Hernan.
Time to Complete: 1 Real-Life Day (Started on 10/22/2010)

Project Name: Project G9
Technology Being Researched: Adaptation of land based weapons for use in spacecraft.
Description of Technology/Research: This is a top secret Heloduro project created to make gunship production possible. No other country has been informed of this.
Time to Complete: 2 Real-Life Days (10/22/2010)

The beginning of the planet Steil is debated throughout the world. Religious groups say it was been around for only about 10,000 years. Scientists say it’s been around for millions. However both agree that Steilians began their life in the area that is now the city of Satus.

In about 1000 BV (Before Valdenum), Steilians were nomads; following herds of animals to hunt them. Eventually, they discovered domestication and they began to form villages. Irrigation and building techniques were discovered and villages grew to towns and then cities. As the cities grew bigger, they created armies and governments. Cities fought over land and resources. Weapons were now made of bronze instead of stone.

Soon cities became kingdoms, and kingdoms became empires. As empires grew, so did their religions. One religion was still popular even after its empire was conquered. It was called Valdeism, worship of the creator god Valden. It was formed near the beginning of civilization. It remains the most widespread religion in Steil. The year when the first Valdeist prophet was visited by Valde, called Valdenum, was used as reference point for numbering years.

Time went on and technology advanced. Automobiles were invented and oil wells were made to supply them. Weapons got better, too. And war caused more and more casualties.

At the beginning of the previous century, in 4116 AV (After Valdenum), the leader of the democratic country, Heloduro, was assassinated and a dictator took his place. The dictator led the country to conquer all of its neighbors and its neighbors’ neighbors. To fight the spread of Heloduro, a group of countries in the southwest joined to become a democratic nation called Basi. It was led by a council of elected individuals. In the northeast, another group joined to become a theocratic monarchy called Melleri. The leader of Melleri ruled by divine right given by Valde.

Faced with two large countries defending the smaller nations around it, Heloduro was forced to stop its expansion. However, this ceasefire only lasted until 4134 a new dictator killed the first. The new dictator increased the percent of people drafted into the military and created new training programs. This, along with new weapons technology, helped Heloduro in its conquest of surrounding countries. Melleri and Basi had returned to their countries nearly ten years ago, when they had thought Heloduro’s conquest was over. Heloduro kept growing until it had its two rivals on its western border and ocean on every other side.

Heloduro choose to send part of its army to the islands of the southeast and leave another part to defend its borders. It easily defeated the developing countries on the islands but Melleri and Basi managed to push it back into the desert on the mainland. Weakened by its defeat, Heloduro was unable to stop the islands from rebelling. They formed the republic of Kalaman. Meanwhile in the northwest, a large group seceded from Melleri because they wanted religious freedom. This group grew to become Hernan, a democratic nation that later became the wealthiest country in Steil.

While this war ended in 4157, a cold war began between Basi and Heloduro. Both kept developing their armies in anticipation of war. Heloduro developed an atomic bomb, however; it was not used in a war as it was realized from tests that using it on their enemies could affect them as well. Basi, though it had no hope of creating better weapons than Heloduro, made major discoveries in the fields of astronomy, medicine, and other sciences. Basi astronauts even made it to the moon.

In 4172, war began again. Basi and Hernan fought against Heloduro. This war lasted about 10 years before another cold war began. During the false peace, the five countries established a base in Satus to be a meeting place to discuss matters that affected the entire world. The digital age also began. DVDs, CDs, the Internet, and similar things gain popularity.

The year in the year 4194, Basi scientists created a device to make spacecrafts fly faster than light. The leaders of countries discussed the matter at Satus. The leader of the Basi council, Dr. Ars Erudi, offered the other countries a chance to assist in creation of a spacecraft that would bring them to other life. Egons Insule, the president of Kalaman, pledged his countries support. The president of Hernan, Plen Dives, said his country would provide financial support. Regias Sanct, priest-king of Melleri, refused because he didn’t believe life could exist if Valde had not created it. However, the Heloduran dictator’s answer was surprising. Bellum Cruent said yes. For the first time in history, Heloduro would work alongside Basi.

In six years, the ship was complete, just in time for the turn of the century. In this century, Steil would enter the final frontier.

Fleet: One scout ship under joint ownership of Basi, Heloduro, Kalaman, and Hernan

Ship Types:

Ship Name: Viator I
Ship Type: Scout ship
Appearance: A spherical ship with four regular booster engines and one SLD engine on the bottom. One more regular engine is used at strategic angles on each side (excluding the top) to rotate the ship when necessary. Windows are placed in a ring around the ships bridge to give a nearly 360 degree view. Communication devices are put at the top of the ship. Most of the ship is devoted to the engines.
Weapons: None
Other: Basic communications and the SLD.

Military: Of the entire planets population, about 26% are in the military. In Heloduro, about 66% of the population is drafted into the military. In Basi and Hernan, 20% are in the military. And in Melleri and Kalaman, 10% are in the military.

Ground Vehicles/Weapons: Steilian military technology is about the same level as Earth’s. Military vehicles include more land vehicles than those used in the air or at sea. Artillery weapons are particularly common. All varieties of firearms are used.

Spotlight Characters:
Name: Bellum Cruent
Age: 38
Home Country: Heloduro
Occupation: Dictator of Heloduro
Description: Dark tan scales, long, straight horns, no cover for tail barb due to paranoia.

Name: Galea Obstin
Age: 29
Home Country: Basi
Occupation: Astronaut in the crew of the Viator I
Description: Light green scales, short horns.

Name: Dr. Libri Erudi
Age: 26
Home Country: Basi
Occupation: Government Scientist
Description: Dark green scales, short curled horns. Son of Dr. Ars Erudi.
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That's not a problem - as long as you aren't directly interacting with other players' characters (which you aren't at the moment, of course), there really isn't any rush.
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