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Steamknight's Stats

Discussion in 'Trainer's Stats' started by SteamKnight, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. SteamKnight

    SteamKnight Team Rocket Grunt

    Blog Posts:
    Jan 15, 2013
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    Name: Steamknight

    Money: $3000

    W/L/D: 0/0/0

    Position: Trainer

    # of Battles: 0

    Items: None

    Badges: None

    Current Pokemon:


    Tanoshi - Slowpoke
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Own Tempo - Prevents Confusion.
    Level Up Moves: Curse, Yawn, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion, Disable, Headbutt, Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt, Slack Off, Amnesia, Psychic, Rain Dance, Psych Up, Heal Pulse
    Taught Moves: None
    Nature: Modest
    Current Item Holding: None
    Obtained: Starter - January 21st, 2013
    Battles: 0
    OT: Steamknight


    Tormy - Machop
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts: Attack is increased 1.5x when statused.
    Level Up Moves: Low Kick, Leer, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Low Sweep, Foresight, Seismic Toss, Revenge, Vital Throw, Submission, Wake-Up Slap, Cross Chop, Scary Face, Dynamic Punch
    Taught Moves: None
    Nature: Bold
    Current Item Holding: None
    Obtained: Caught through story - February 10, 2013
    Battles: 0
    OT: Steamknight
    #1 SteamKnight, Jan 28, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013