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GO Story?


Apr 27, 2007
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I looked up "Ingress" on Wikipedia and read this:
"The game has a complex science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative."
What are the chances Pokémon Go, that was stated to be inspired by Ingress and share developers with it, will do the same?
Sadly the current trailer didn't seem to hint at any plot or characters being involved at all. But most of the trailer was just misleading "cool" footage that wasn't really part of the game...
My interest in this game would grow significantly if there were some sort of story. I strongly doubt it and it'll probably just be catch/trade/battle/transfer (never did that before...) without anything else to it.
I guess you can discuss here the chances for this or what you would like to see if it were to have some sort of story going on...
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If there is any story, I'm sure it'll involve the fact that Pokémon are in this world when they weren't previously and will probably incorporate Hoopa and its interdimensional traveling powers LOL
A continuous open narrative is a way to keep the app interesting for a long period. I don't see why they wouldn't do it after it worked for Ingress.
^ What they said.

Probably a loose, low key base story that's just an excuse to play in the first place and will allow Ninty to milk this sucker for as long as possible like so many MMOs.

I foresee many Events...
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If it has a story, it won't be the traditional become the champion plot. I think it's story may tie in with the movie coming out about zygarde.
Nah, I don't think so.

It's an open world augmented reality game app. How could it have some plots like the games? Maybe Prof.Oak will introducing the mechanics but that's only for beginning.

Ingress may proved this wrong but the main point of Pokemon Go app has got its attention on catching wild Pokemon and trade each other socially ONLY.
Heh. If this did have a story, it would probably be half-assed anyways. Better it just doesn't have a storyline to screw it up and rely more on the gameplay, which actually doesn't look TOO bad for now.
Heh. If this did have a story, it would probably be half-assed anyways. Better it just doesn't have a storyline to screw it up and rely more on the gameplay, which actually doesn't look TOO bad for now.

I don't understand this pretentious attitude people have towards mobile gaming and their depth. Niantic Labs has already made a critically acclaimed game and had the foresight to recruit Masuda (opinions on Masuda's vision of the Pokemon World notwithstanding) to consult in game design and the construction of its world view. So as the saying goes...don't count your eggs before they hatch--or in this case, don't throw them out, given the negative attitude.

And at a $40 price point for main series games, I can almost guarantee you that whatever the quality of writing we get in Pokemon GO, it will be dollar-for-dollar worth more than the poor writing we've had to endure through XY.
I don't think i'd like a story line for Pokemon GO. I do hope that there is still depth in competitive battling like there is in the games. Such as leveling your pokemon, stats, different move sets etc.

The only sort of story line feature I'd like in the game is that each major city near you has a Gym leader you can visit to battle. I think that would be hella fun.

Has there been any news on when we might get some more information on Pokemon GO? If they're going to release it in early 2016 surely it won't be too long until we hear more information?
'I chased Mewtwo down a dark ally then got mugged for my phone. I bet the Mewtwo was working for Team Rocket.'
I have an idea that Pokemon GO will be tied into the main series' multiverse lore.

There's also something interesting in the promo video--near the end when Mewtwo was being captured, multiple people were fighting it and all cheered when it got caught....making me think that it was caught by that entire group of people and not just an individual.

Perhaps gameplay is also similar to Ingress, where the players are split into two factions trying to gain control of the most Pokemon?
Perhaps gameplay is also similar to Ingress, where the players are split into two factions trying to gain control of the most Pokemon?
If only this were the case with one faction being Team Rocket and the other being Twerp I think I would just die from sheer ecstasy.
It will probably be open ended with players making the story, but have many many arcs involving legendaries and teams
I think it would be an open world without a story, like someone said: We pay 40$ for a main story game, but Pokemon GO! won't be 40$ so we won't get a big story.
I highly doubt that this game will have a story. But if it does have a story it will probably have a cliché story. Like the magical portal powers of Hoopa are responsible for this "calamity" or something
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It might not have a story but, I mean, it's a Pokemon game that we use here in the real world. We can just create our own stories. I don't know if it's possible to stream on a phone while outside but I'm sure there will be some people who will record themselves going on an actually journey from playing this game and will upload them on YouTube...

You know, that's a good idea, being able to stream this game and broadcast it on YouTube for people to enjoy. Sounds to me like a really fun feature that can be used.
......yeah, it's pretty hard to integrate plot, complex or not, into such a reality based game like Pokemon GO, and even if they managed to do so, it mostly would be something simplistic. Though, since the trailer showed Mewtwo being pummeled by an army of trainers at what appears to be a time limit, I can kinda imagine that events at certain points in time could be possible. I can imagine that Ice Pokemon will appear at any point regardless of location in around December and an event battle in the arrival of spring where people can encounter Moltres, etc.
There probably won't be too much (if any) story, it'll just be too difficult to add to such a game where locations and such can't be nailed down. I mean just imagine: Team Galactic is plotting to destroy Times Square, pay your own airfare to travel to New York with other trainers to battle Team Galactic within 1 week of receiving this notification to progress through the story-line. A huge team up in cities to bust an evil team plan does sound pretty cool, just not as a story requirement.
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