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Strange Burgh Voice Line?


New Member
Apr 18, 2022
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I've been playing a lot of Masters recently, and Burgh (With Leavanny) is one of my highest leveled sync pairs due to my complete adoration of Unova. I noticed a unique voice line plays when you put him on a team with Iris! Instead of his usual "buzzing to come along" joke, he says "Ready for an adventure, Iris?"

This isn't listed anywhere on his quotes page, so I don't quite know what the deal with it is. I can definitely provide a video if it would be useful-- I've already recorded it for a friend of mine. I haven't heard anyone else mention it, so I figured I'd at least bring it up here out of pure curiosity. I thought it was really interesting that he mentioned her by name! Not a lot of lines are like that, as far as I've seen.


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Nov 8, 2009
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This is a new feature which DeNA added to the game from a recent update. For certain Sync Pairs that are placed on the same team (as you found out with Burgh and Iris), they'll say new lines of dialogue.

This can happen the moment you put them together or when you get to the victory screen, so you can experiment around to see more interactions!
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