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Stuck in the past

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May 27, 2018
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Hugh isn't a jerk though. He's a really nice and sweet guy, he just gets very furious about people treating their Pokémon badly because of what happened to his sister's Purrlion. (which in result, makes him furious against Team Plasma.)
I don't know. I found him too abrasive for my taste. Specially towards the Herdier couple.
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Oct 18, 2012
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To be fair, Hugh's mother does say that his short fuse worries her. There is supposed to be some negative irritability to him - but still, he at least focuses it in the right direction, and for understandable reasons.

Though, obviously it's not the kind of character Game Freak are interested in writing for the rival anymore, but noting that does make me kinda want to see a friend-of-the-player with an anger problem that doesn't always manage to be aimed at the villains. Go on, dramatize the friendship a little. Add some conflict. Do all of my friends have to be Care Bear worshipers sucking on cherry lollipops all the time? Friends can get into spats and have disagreements from time to time.
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Mar 28, 2019
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The place I'm stuck in Kalos, since Y is the most recent game I own. My heart is stuck in the gen 3 to 5 era, though.

I agree with the sentiment that Pokemon has changed quite a bit since it transitioned into 3D. When I went from Y to Heart Gold I was amazed that I actually needed to grind for the first gym. My memories of Emerald also indicate plenty of grinding to match up with certain leaders, which made the others I took out quickly due to type advantages feel all the more rewarding.

I know Y is an outlier, but they should really steepen the curve a little - although not so much that you have to grind very regularly. I don't like grinding, contrary to what this post says.