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Contest Stunfisk vs Slowbro


beseech the stars
Dec 19, 2011
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The two most derpy Pokemon in existence (in my opinion) face off! Not only are they derpy, but the have other things in common. They live in the water, and are both very bulky.

-Which one has a better design?
-Which one is more useful?
-Which one would win in a fight?

I prefer Stunfisk. I admit that Slowbro is generally more useful, and would probably win in a fight. But Stunfisk has a better design and has all around more win. It's not that I don't love Slowbro, I do, I just like Stunfisk more.

I'm apparently Lord and Master of all Stunfisk too.

And 1000th post! Yay!
Better design: Stunfisk (Slowbro's just a bipedal Slowpoke with a shell biting its tail)
More Useful: Slowbro (having access to both Ice Beam and Flamethrower is pretty darn useful)
Who would win: Slowbro (it's a bit faster than Stunfisk and has more power)

But none of them compare to the queen of derp:

Actually, Stunfisk is a little faster than Slowbro. It might be able to win in a fight, now that I think about it.
Which one has a better design slowbro, i just like it better
-Which one is more useful Stunfisk, I think
-Which one would win in a fight Stunfisk, would shock slowbro in to submission
Slowbro looks far better and is far more useful. Who would win in a fight? I don't know, Slowbro has better stats but could be destroyed by Stunfisk's electric attacks.
I like both, but I'll go with Slowbro, as I like Water-types better, and it has a larger movepool. Also, Galarian Slowbro>>>>>Galarian Stunfisk.
I like both as well, but I'm giving this one to Stunfisk as I think it pulls off the cute and derpy mix better, imo. As for their Galarian counterparts, I'm not too keen on either one, but still giving it to Stunfisk on that as well; it's Galarian cousin's design is just really clever, whereas G.Slowbro's design is just too boring to me.
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