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Whenever I go to the Bulbagarden Archives--even from Bulbapedia while logged in--I'm signed out of my Archives account. If I click login, I'm brought to the Editor's Hub on Bulbapedia and when I try and get back to the Archives I'm once again logged out. Basically, I can't log into my Archives account and submit photos because I'm brought to Bulbapedia every time I try.
I know this thread is old, but I dunno of anywhere else to post this. On the gallery of new images, and category pages for that matter, an amount of images do not load, while some do.
Hey new here, I was researching Pokémon's origins for nicknames. Based on Incineroar's origins I found a famous Japanese wrestler persona called Tiger Mask. It's inspired by a manga of the same name and there's been eight wrestlers who have taken up the role. I think it'd be a good addition to Incineroar's Origin section.
The process to rename images is absurdly slow. Many images are waiting for years now. Why is this happening? Is it just a matter of too few staff working on it? Or are there some valid reasons for why these requests are stuck in the queue?

Is there any way I can expedite my requests to rename images? Or should I just keep waiting a few more years?
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